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The popularity of real money games has been on the rise for a few years now, where users have to pay some money for an entry fee or bet to get a higher amount in reward or cashback benefits.The three main categories of online gaming are e-sports, mobile-centric/casual games, and real money games (RMG). There are further categories in RMG, such as rummy, poker, daily fantasy sports, and quizzes

As things stand right now, the Internet is buzzing with a whole host of options as far as real money games are concerned. You have the chance to play real money games online on the WinZO app as we offer a whole host of real money games catered to your preference. All you need to do is to download the WinZO app, tap on the game of your choice and start playing, start winning.

Now, here we need to understand that real money games can be exciting and rewarding, but at the same time players have to be vigilant and always cautious and be adherent to responsible gaming practices. The best way is to stick to a budget so that you always cut losses and do not be too addicted to any game.

It is also important to play on reputable and secure platforms, such as WinZO, which prioritize the safety and security of their users. By following these guidelines, you can enjoy the thrill of real money games while minimizing the risks involved.

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Match 3D

Match 3D

This is a fun and engaging game where you have to power through challenging levels by sorting out and matching identical items together.

Candy Battle

Candy Battle

In this game, you need to make fruit combinations of two or more fruits in order to earn extra points. Play Candy Battle game online and win real money.

Fruit Samurai

Fruit Samurai

An arcade game where you need to swipe your screen to chop the bouncing fruits while escaping from explosives.

Crowd City

Crowd City

Crowd city is all about getting the biggest crowd in town. You can start the game with a single character and the brief is to gain power by converting other followers to your cause.


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Free Cell is perhaps one of the best games as far as online card games are concerned. It is similar to solitaire but is played with a 52-card deck.



Solitaire is another extremely popular single-player card game. However, you can play this game even with your friends. It is also a time-based game and tests your skills.

Cardjack Puzzle

Cardjack Puzzle

Another very popular card game, Cardjack Puzzle is another version of solitaire where a player can choose any of the four lanes to play a card and create a stack.

WinZO Rummy

WinZO Rummy

A game of skill, tact and a lot of patience, the objective to play Rummy online is simple. The player has to win the money in the middle of the board basis.


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Bricky Blitz

Bricky Blitz

Bricky Blitz is all about a game of coloured blocks. It is an interesting Tetris or 10×10 style puzzle game where the player needs to stack precious blocks in rows.

2048 Balls


In this game, you slide numbered tiles on a grid to make a tile with the number 2048 by combining them.



Chess is a classic strategy game that has been played for centuries and remains one of the most popular board games globally. Here are some key aspects of the chess strategy game.


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Fingers is an addictive arcade game where players must use their finger to navigate through a series of challenging obstacles, testing their reflexes and precision.

bubble shooter

Bubble Shooter

This classic puzzle game requires players to shoot colored bubbles from a cannon, matching three or more bubbles of the same color.

snake rush

Snake Rush

Snake Rush is a fast-paced arcade game where the motive of the players is to control a snake, collecting food while avoiding obstacles to score points and climb the leaderboard.

stupid birds

Stupid Birds

In this challenging and addictive arcade game, the aim of the players is to help clumsy birds fly through obstacles to reach their goal.

block smasher

Block Smasher

Block Smasher is an arcade game where players need to break through a wall of blocks as they control a paddle and bounce a ball to destroy all the blocks without letting it fall.

crazy monsters

Crazy Monsters

In this arcade game, players help a group of adorable monsters defend their territory by launching them at invading enemies using slingshots and collect power-ups.


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metro furfer

Metro Surfer

Metro Surfer is an endless runner game where players navigate through a subway system, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins while riding a hoverboard.

mr racer

Mr Racer

Mr Racer is a racing game where players speed down a highway, avoiding obstacles and other vehicles while collecting coins and power-ups to increase their score.

mine runner

Mine Runner

Mine Runner is an endless runner game where players navigate through a treacherous mine, dodging obstacles and collecting gems while running as far as possible.

bear run

Bear Run

Bear Run is an endless runner game where players help a cute bear run through a forest, dodging obstacles and collecting coins while trying to get as far as possible.


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Pool game


Played with a cue stick, pool is a classic table game where colored balls are hit into pockets. The objective is to sink all of your balls before your opponent does.

Stump IT

Stump IT

Stump It is a thrilling mobile sports game where players need to hit the stumps with a ball before the batters return to their screens. Simple yet exciting!



Archery game involves using a bow and arrow to hit a target. Players aim for the center of the target to earn more points. It requires focus, precision, and skill.

tennis toons

Tennis Toons

Tennis Toon is a cartoon-style sports game that simulates tennis. It features exaggerated characters and physics, and players can compete in various modes.



Basketball is a team sport played on a court with two hoops. The objective is to shoot a ball through the opposing team's hoop while preventing them from doing the same.

world of tennis

World of Tennis

Tennis is a racket sport that is played on a court with a net. The aim here is to hit a ball back and forth over the net and making it difficult for the opponent to return.

penalty shoot

Penalty Shoot

Penalty shoot is a soccer game element where a player has a chance to score a goal from a designated spot after a foul. The goalkeeper tries to prevent the goal.


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snakes and ladders

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is a classic board game played by rolling dice and moving game pieces along a numbered grid. Ladders boost progress while snakes hinder.



Carrom is a popular indoor game that originated in India. With simple rules and quick gameplay, it's a fun way to spend time with family and friends while improving hand-eye coordination.



Checkers is a two-player board game played on a checkered board with pieces that move diagonally. The objective is to capture all of the opponent's pieces.



Ludo is an age-old classic board game that involves rolling dice and moving pieces around a cross-shaped board where you need to be the first to get all your pieces to the center.

freestyle carrom

Freestyle Carrom

The objective of the tabletop game is to knock other discs into pockets by flicking little discs with your fingertips. It's a game that moves quickly and calls for talent and planning.



Chess is a two-player board game of strategy that is played on a checkered board with several pieces that can move in different ways. The goal is to checkmate the other player's king.


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alien tttack

Alien Attack

In this game, Earth's last hope is in your hands. You need to take control of the spaceship and protect the planet from swarms of aliens.

space hunter

Space Hunter

Space Hunter is an online game where players pilot a spaceship through space, collecting resources, upgrading their ship, and battling enemies.

street fight

Street Fight

Street Fight is an online game where players fight against opponents using martial arts and weapons. Players can choose characters with unique abilities to move through sets.

plane vs missile

Plane vs Missile

The arcade game 'Plane vs. Missile' depicts a conflict between planes and missiles. Numerous missiles are chasing after our go aircraft. The missiles are more rapid.

guns and bottles

Guns and Bottles

In Guns and Bottles, players shoot rotating bottles to score points. Aiming accurately at the target is important to achieve a high score in this game.

space warrior

Space Warrior

Space Warriors is an online game where players control spaceships and battle against alien invaders. Players have to upgrade their ships and weapons to survive.

dead kill

Dead Kill

Dead Kill is an intense first-person shooter game where players battle against waves of zombies to stay alive. It requires quick reflexes and strategic thinking.

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Win Real Cash on WinZO

On WinZO, there are more than 100 real money games. If you swing towards online slots, we have you covered, if you like the thrill of instant games, we have them as well. With numerous options, all you need to do is to find the perfect game on the WinZO app. Apart from these, you will also be able to play and indulge yourself in the most popular card and table real money games on the WinZO app.

We have segregated all the different games in their respective slots and you can find these under sections that include - Casual, Card Games, Strategy, Arcade, Sports, Racing, Cricket, Board Games, and Action.

Best Games to Play With Friends And Win Cash

Here is a list of the top real money games in India that have been quite popular recently because of their gameplay and the amazing earning potential provided by online gaming platforms to gamers all over India. The WinZO app provides players with a wide range of entertainment options and hence, you can always tap in and enjoy any one of our hundreds of real money earning games. All you need to do now, you can find the game that floats your boat and start winnings. Stop the wait, download the WinZO app and play real money games and win big.

Play skill based games & Win Cash


One of the most popular real money-earning games in India, Rummy involves strategic planning. It involves gathering similar cards and playing with two decks, that are, a closed deck, and the other created by the cards discarded by players.


As one of our all-time favourite games, Ludo has remained an exciting element of our childhood. A colourful online 3D setup is currently replacing the classic board and dice with a simple touch on the screen to roll the dice and move the pieces.

Call Break

Call break online is a trick-taking card game that is played using a standard deck of 52 cards. It is very similar to the spades game as it too is a strategic call break-playing card game. Each game has four rounds and can be played in a multiplayer mode between 4 players.


This game is for people who love cards and want to earn cash as well. This game involves arranging cards in ascending order. It is not only one of the best brain-racking games, but it can also make you rich if you play your cards right.

Fantasy Cricket

India loves Cricket and well, almost everyone is an expert. Assemble your best team, pick players and compete with other teams to win real money.


Carrom is another famous board game and it revolves around a queen, white and black coins. Strikers play a key part and they take turns hitting the different coins. The online setup on WinZO has 4 pockets and the sticker is used to pocket a maximum number of coins of the assigned colour.

Snakes & Ladders

Another game that offers a lot of nostalgia and gives you money is snakes and ladders. It is one of the classic board games. Here, two to four players can play the game at one time and the aim here is to reach number 100, evading the snake bites. Players win money according to their rank.


Poker is a popular card game that can be played online. There are a number of poker websites and apps that allow players to compete against each other for real money.


Esports are competitive video games that are played professionally. Players can earn money by competing in esports tournaments since these games have large prize pools. Popular games include League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike.

Trading Card Games

Trading card games are also great games to win money and in order to be successful in these games players need to have good knowledge of the game mechanics and be able to build strong decks.

First-Person Shooters

First-person shooter games that include Call of Duty and Overwatch can be played competitively online. There are several online tournaments that offer real money prizes to players and winners.

Real-Time Strategy Games

Real-time strategy games that include Starcraft II and Age of Empires can be played competitively online. Once again, there are tournaments that offer real money prizes and players need to think quickly and understand all the game mechanics.


A classic board game where players aim to capture all of the opponent's pieces or block them from making any moves. Played on an 8x8 grid, each player moves their pieces diagonally, with the goal of reaching the opposite side to crown a king.

Knife Up

A thrilling arcade game where players throw knives at rotating targets, aiming to hit specific points without hitting previous knife placements. Precision and timing are key to progressing through increasingly challenging levels.

Metro Surfer

An endless runner game where players control a character who surfs through a subway system, dodging obstacles and collecting coins. The goal is to achieve the highest score possible by staying on the run and avoiding trains and barriers.


A sports simulation game where players can shoot hoops in various game modes, including free throw challenges and timed matches. It offers a realistic basketball experience, emphasizing accuracy and skill to score points and win games.

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Yes, these games are perfectly legitimate and worth giving a go. If you have the skills and knowledge to play these games, end the wait and earn money with these real money games.

WinZO provides real money along with some offer tokens and coupons. You can use these tokens and coupons to shop from different options. Always read the terms and conditions to understand whether you want cash or gift tokens.

Real Money Games on the WinZO app are 100% safe and secure. We have all the measures in place to ensure you have a seamless experience with a lot of fun.

Rummy, poker, call break, etc. are some of the best games to earn real money. You can play these games on WinZO and indulge in paid boots to win cash

Whatever money you earn will be transferred directly to your back account or wallet as per the details provided by you. Everything will be seamless and without any hassles.

Each country has its own laws and regulations regarding online gambling and real money games. Hence, you need to ensure that you comply with all the rules and regulations.

Different real money games require different strategies and skills to be successful. If you are to be successful in any game, you need to research, and practice to improve accordingly.

Reputable real money gaming platforms will use random number generators to ensure that the games are fair and unbiased.

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