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Play Carrom Online Game & Win Real Money Daily

Play Carrom Online Game & Win Real Money Daily

Players: 2-4
Genres: Board game
Playing time: < 5 min
The Carrom online game has been a favourite in India and it has been extremely popular for children and adults of all ages. This a fun board game that has been played by almost everyone with your family and friends. It is now available online and barring a few minor tweaks, the gameplay is very similar to offline original board game. The game is usually played in one of two modes: professional or freestyle.
After the process of Carrom Board download, a player needs to pocket all the assigned pieces (either black or white) followed by the queen. Once the queen is pocketed, there needs to be a cover in the form of a last assigned coin. As per carrom rules, a player needs to score higher than the opponent by the time there is no coin left on the board. As far as the tricks are concerned, for freestyle gameplay, a black coin will give you 10 points, white piece yields 20 points. The queen gets you 50 points.
The online carrom comprises white and black tokens along with the queen token. The rules are quite similar to the ones we have been playing since childhood. As the game commences, players are assigned a colour and they are supposed to pocket accordingly by using the sticker. However, the queen token is common for both the players but a subsequent token of the assigned colour shall also be pocketed to retain the earned queen. Carrom online is undoubtedly counted among the best games to play with friends, family, and strangers whom you often challenge on the gaming platforms.
The online carrom game is played in a professional format as opposed to the regular game's freestyle option. The traditional carrom game is played with two to four players. WinZO provides an online multiplayer feature for carrom in which you compete against random opponents. The Carrom tricks are quite easy to understand and there are numerous advantages to playing online carrom games with different players. It allows you to interact with and compete with players from all over the world.

How to Play Carrom Online

How to play carrom game online

Select Carrom from Game-list

Step to play carrom game

Choose the Boot Amount

How to play online carrom game

Join the table and Enjoy the Game!

  • Break-In is a player's opening shot of the game. So, the major goal of the break-in is to distribute these game pieces away from the queen and around the board.

  • Each player has one chance.

  • If a player pockets a game piece, he is given a second chance.

  • This will continue until he is unable to pocket a game piece.

  • When a player fails, the turn is handed on to the next player.

  • If the game is a doubles match, the turns are taken anti-clockwise from right to left.

  • When you have pocketed one game piece of your colour, you may pocket and cover your queen.

Carrom Game Tips & Tricks

The Correct Attitude

Perhaps the most important Carrom Game trick is to have the attitude of a winner. However, at the same time, bear in mind that you are playing for fun and relaxation. Even if you are losing, playing with the appropriate mental attitude might lead to a win. This is especially critical while playing online cash games. Having the right attitude is a part of responsible gaming that ensures you don’t let your emotions get involved with the game and create a healthy balance between online gaming and everyday life.

Styles That Stand Out

Learning and employing varied striking strategies is another effective carrom game tips to learn and master. For an effective break shot and to pot the carrom men, you can use one of six distinct striking tactics. Striking styles include the use of a middle finger and thumb, an upright long finger style, an index finger style, an index finger & thumb style, a middle finger style, and a thumbshot.

Accurate Time

To pot the carrom men, the correct amount of power and speed are required. The carrommen's speed and force should be sufficient to propel it directly into the designated pocket. Even if the shot is simple, the money will not reach the pocket if the force and speed are not precise. Furthermore, using more power than necessary may cause the carrom men to rebound.

Striking From The Right Side

You must establish a straight connection with the pocket when striking the carrom man in the pocket direction. To accomplish this, position the striker behind the target coin, with the cutting sting and diameter of the striker. Hit the striker from the baseline and hit the carrom man with a cut angle. A 180-degree straight angle is produced by the line from the pocket and carrom man with the striker when making a regular straight stroke. If the edge is straight but less than the straight angle, pocketing the carrom man will be tough. The greater the angle between 180 and 90 degrees, the more difficult it is to pot the carrom men.

Why Play Carrom Online on WinZO?

Find Why You Should Play Carrom Online Game on WinZO

  1. WinZO provides a vernacular and personalized experience with over 100 games. There are two ways to play carrom on the WinZO App? One is called 'Professional' and the other is called 'Freestyle' The main goal of both games is still to flick the striker and try to put the coins in the pockets, but they have different rules. Here's why you should play carrom online on the WinZO app.
  2. 100% secure transactions: WinZO partners with trusted payment partners such as PayTM, Google Pay, PhonePe, BHIM etc for 100% secure and safe transactions.
  3. Seamless user-interface: Users can navigate the app with ease, find all the games and compete and win efficiently.
  4. Referral real cash rewards for every referral: Users can receive bonuses and cashback deals by using WinZO referral links. A user can redeem monetary rewards as well as friends or family they refer to the program.
  5. Plenty of cashback offers: With plenty of cashback offers, users will keep coming back to spend, earn and enjoy.
  6. Smooth control features in the game: The game features on the WinZO app are extremely smooth and you do not have to worry about finding and playing the game.
  7. There is 24x7 customer support on WinZO. If there are any other issues or hassles, you can reach the dedicated customer support that will ensure your game-playing experience is very enjoyable.

5 Types of Carrom Game You Can Play With Family and Friends

Did you know that there are some pretty interesting variations of carrom out there? While the ICF has set standard rules and regulations for the game, some regions choose not to follow them all, which has led to the creation of different variants. Want to hear about some of them? Let's dive in!

1. Total Point Carrom

When playing carrom on a physical board in India, you are playing the total point carrom game variation. Total point is a popular entertainment and recreation game in which participants are allowed to pocket any pucks/carrommen. Each black carrommen is worth 5 points, whereas each white carrommen is worth 10 points. The red queen is worth 50 points, and it must be covered by a carromman immediately after pocketing the queen.

2. The Family-Point Carrom

Commonly known as the Simple-Point Carrom, is a carrom game variation that is popular among young and old people, as well as when playing with an odd number of participants. This version is widely used in various parts of South Asia. In this form, a player can pocket any carrommen, regardless of hue. The goal of the game is similar to that of traditional carrom: flick the striker and pocket the carrommen in any of the four pockets.

3. Carrom Point

The Point Carrom variation is popular among children and is widely played in East Asian countries. Pucks of any colour can be pocketed by players. The black pucks are worth one point each, the white pucks are worth one point each, and the queen is for three points. If a player pockets a queen, he or she must cover the queen with a puck in the next attack. The game is won by the first player to score 21 points.

4. Duboo

Duboo is a carrom variant that is popular in Pakistan's largest city, Karachi. The only differences between this variant and others are that the board is usually larger, and the players slide the striker instead of flicking it to hit the pucks.

5. Professional Carrom

In the Professional Carrom variant, each player is given a colour and can only pocket pucks of that colour. This variant's rules are mostly followed in the United Kingdom and India, and some of them are similar to the online carrom game on the WinZO app.

Common Terms Used in Carrom Game

Before you opt for a carrom board game download, the following are the important terms that you must know:

  1. Queen: It is the red or pink coloured coin which is placed at the centre of the board when the game starts.
  2. Foul: If the striker is pocketed by a player then it is considered a foul. A penalty of one carrom coin is charged.
  3. Break: Whenever the player strikes first on the board, it is called a break.
  4. Due: When a player has to return an earned coin after committing a foul but fails to do so due to unavailability of coins.
  5. Penalty: While playing the carrom board online games, the penalty is charged when players violate the rules.
  6. Covering: Pocketing your respective colour coin subsequently after earning the queen.
  7. White slam: When a player pockets all-white coins during the first turn.
  8. Black slam: When a player pockets all-black coins during the first turn.

How to Download the WinZO Carrom Game App?

Are you a fan of carrom board games? Look no further than WinZO! With just a few simple steps, you can join the fun and experience the thrill of this classic game. First, download the WinZO app for iOS users. You can also download the WinZO APK android app from the WInZO website.

After you have installed the app, you can now play more than 100 different games and this includes Carrom. So, if you are looking to play with family and friends or even get connected with players from all across the globe, WinZO is the perfect platform for you. Don’t just wait around, download the app and start playing.

Alternatively, players can also visit the official WinZO website on Desktop and download WinZO APK android app and start playing Carrom by following these steps:

  1. Enter your mobile number to receive an SMS that will also have a download link.
  2. Click on the link and you will be able to download the WinZO app.
  3. Get yourself registered.
  4. There is the carrom game on the app.
  5. Start playing the game.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Carrom Online Game

We know you're startled, but there are regulations about how your arm should be placed on the board while playing Carrom. To shoot the striker precisely while adhering to the side restrictions, you must effectively place your arm.

Yes, you can play the carrom board game online with friends and family by downloading a reliable gaming platform on your mobile. The online version is quite similar to the classic game and you can even win real cash prizes by winning these games. You can download the WinZO app and ask your loved ones too to join it and indulge in a never-ending gaming experience.

Customer safety and security is of utmost importance to WinZO. The platform is fully compliant with all the rules and regulations. With stringent checks and balances in place, the platform WinZO platform and WinZO’s Carrom are completely safe.

Yes, all the coins have varying values, which are as follows: - Carrom: Has a scoring system where where each token has 1 point; - In Free-style Carrom, Black is 10 points, White: 20 points and Pink is 50 points.

Yes, Carrom is a game of skill given it requires accuracy and apt decision making.

Carrom is a tabletop game that originated in India. Afghanistan and the Indian subcontinent are big fans of the game. The offline board game can accommodate up to four players.

For the carrom game download, WinZO is the best app. The gaming platform features over 100 games in 12 languages.

A firm grasp is always preferable. In this game, you hold your hand palm side down, with your other fingers simply touching the carrom board.

To improve at Carrom, you must practise your strike angles and fine-tune your aiming. It is also extremely suggested that you be familiar with all of the carrom regulations, fouls, and scoring techniques.

The International Carrom Federation has adopted this rule, which allows you to shoot the striker with any finger, including your thumb.

The carrom online game can be played between 2-4 players. If you are playing it on the WinZO then you don’t need to wait much for the challengers to join in as the game commences in 20 seconds.

Yes, if you are playing the game on WinZO then you can indulge in paid boots and earn real cash rewards for all your wins.

The carrom game can be played without a physical board, that is, you can play it online. You can download the game on your mobile and play it without a board.

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