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Best Sports Games For Android

Engaging in sports games online can be as exciting as playing these games on the field. For that, one must download the best sports games on their mobile. Sports games can be of many types. For instance, apart from cricket, football, basketball, and other games, archery, tennis, table tennis, etc., also fall in the category of sports games. In this article, one can get an idea about the best sports games for Android users that are trending in the market.

Top 5 Sports Games for Android and iOS Users

Sports Games

Stump It

Stump It

You need to prove your ingenuity to solve the different situations given to you at each level.

Archery Game

Archery Game

Relive your lover for this sport as you get a bow and arrows to play this game, like the usual archery games.



Playing your favourite sport of cricket in your own way and living your dream of hitting shots.



WCC is the best mobile cricket game that raises the bar for cricket games

1. Stump It

Stump It is one of the most exciting sports games for mobile users. In this game, the players need to simply hit the stumps with the ball before the batsmen return to their screens. For that, they need to tap on the ball and choose the right direction that can help them to take proper aim at the stumps. It is a very simple game to play, and one can also earn money by making higher scores than their opponents. To make a high score, the players need to stump out or run out as many batsmen as they can within the given time limit.

2. Cricket

Cricket is the world's best sports game for cricketing enthusiasts. It is also the most popular game across the globe, and now, one can also play popular sports games online by downloading the sports games app. The players can choose either to ball or ball. Each game lasts for two overs. If they choose to bat, they must try to score as many runs as possible. If they choose to bowl, they must defend their scores. Points are also provided for fielding well. One can choose the front foot position and upper body rotation to play the shots as per their will. The swing and pace of the ball can also be adjusted as per the requirement. However, before playing, one must choose the 11 players along with the wicketkeeper.

3. Archery Games

Archery is one of the best sports games for Android users. It is one of those sports games in which the concentration of the players helps them to win the game. The players must concentrate on the concentric circles of the target board. Now, they need to drag their fingers on their screen and choose the right path for the arrow to meet the target. The targets can be stable or may even move as the game progresses to higher levels.

The players also need to determine the direction of the wind to hit precisely on the target. The closer their arrows hit the bull-eye i.e. red center spot, the higher their score will be. If the arrows miss the target completely, the players don’t earn any points for that particular round. The total score is calculated by adding the scores of the individual rounds. They can also win real cash in this game by placing a bet. If one manages to score higher than their opponents, they win their bets along with the bets placed by their opponent.

4. Basketball

Individuals who enjoy playing basketball can explore the sports games online and find the best basketball game developed for handheld devices. One can play basketball online without the need to configure a team. The players simply need to aim correctly and basket the ball without making it bounce back from the plank or ring.

They must drag their fingers on their screen and choose a route that can help them give the right direction to the ball. Some obstructions can bounce up while putting the ball in the basket. The players need to avoid these obstructions, but they can also use the obstructions like the plank to their advantage. The players need to put as many balls in the basket as they can in the given time limit.

5. World of Tennis

World of Tennis is one of the newest editions of sports games for mobile users. The players must earn a high score in this game by choosing the right shots during the gameplay. To make the right shot selection, the players must swipe their fingers on the screen and try to get the ball away from the opponent.

If the opponent is near the net, the players can try to place the ball behind them, and similarly, they can hit the ball in the right or left direction as per the requirements. If the ball arrives on the right side of the player, they should sweep on the right side and vice versa. If they hit the ball outside the line, the opponent wins a point.

To play the best sports games on mobile, one can download WinZo. It is one app that contains all the sports games that are mentioned above. It also includes over 70 best sports games spread across categories such as card games, strategy games, board games, and more. WinZo makes you earn real money while you play at any time from the comfort of your home!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Sports Games

Beginners can join freeroll tables where they can play with practice chips without investing any real money on the WinZO app.

It is not necessary to download the game on your smart devices to play. You can log on to your WinZO account easily and enjoy several sports games without any unnecessary hassles.

Sports games are popular since they are easy to learn and can be played anytime with family and friends.

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