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Play Call Break Game & Win Real Money

Play Call Break Game & Win Real Money

Players: 2-4
Genres: Card Game
Playing time: 5 mins
Call break is a card game that is heavily reliant on tricks, the skill of the players, trumps, and so on. This game is popular among players, and you may play it in multiple modes, depending on your preferences. For centuries, card game have been popular in India. Call Break is a popular game in Asian countries.
Call break (Lakadi/Ghochi) mobile Game - other names for Call Break vary slightly depending on the location, but the essential gameplay remains the same. If the call break tricks are followed. The call break taas game is one of the most simple online mobile games you can play with friends or opponents. Call Break Online is a technique-based mobile game that is played with a conventional 52-card deck. It is a strategy game comparable to the Spades game. Each hand in call break is played with four players in a multiplayer mode. This is strategic card game that has become very popular owing to the tactical nous that is involved. The main aim here is to predict and then place bids on the number of tricks needed to win in each round. At the same time, the focus should also be on strategically using the limited number of cards dealt.
Call Break has plenty of takers since this game is the perfect mix of anticipation, calculation and strategic decision making. Call Break online has been taken from the game of ‘Spades’ - dubbed as ‘Call Break’. Here, the cards in each suit are numbered low to high - starting with an Ace and then followed by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, and King.

How to Play Call break Game

How to play call break game online

Select Call Break from Game-list

How to play call break game online

Choose the Boot Amount

How to play call break game online

Join the table and Enjoy the Game!

  • The first and most critical step is to shuffle the 52-card deck and deal 13 cards to each participant. All of the cards will be distributed counterclockwise.

  • Following the distribution, the participants must make their call. The calls are numbers that reflect the tricks used by players to win the game.

  • The calls should be numbered one through eight.

  • The initial throw will be made by the player on the right side of the card distributor. Following that, the winner of the callbreak game will take the lead for all further throws.

  • All tricks require players to throw a card of the same colour following the first thrower.

  • They must also throw a higher card than the one that is currently winning. If a similar colour card is not available, the trump card, in this case Spades, must be discarded.

  • The cards are arranged in the following order: A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2.

Call Break Game Tricks


Perhaps the most important call break tricks is to make the most of your trump cards and high-value cards, try to memorise the discarded cards. This tactic gives players a significant advantage as the game progresses, as it allows them to make more informed decisions about which cards to play.

Using Low Value Trump Cards

Don't rely on low-value trump cards to win hands. Instead, you can use them to win extra hands. Players can secure additional hands and this is important since there already have the simpler hands.


Analyze your cards attentively and find the hands you may easily win before making a call. This is a strategic approach and it could significantly improve their chances of success in Call Break game.

Use High Cards Early

A call break trick that will always come in handy is to Use high-value cards early: Don't save your high-value cards until later in the game. To avoid losing a high-value card to a trump card, secure the simple hands first.


Carefully observe the opponents’ moves and try to predict their cards. In Call Break, players declare the trump suit when they make their calls. Hence, it is important to play attention to these declarations is akin to reading the game's roadmap, as it allows players to anticipate the strength of the opponents' trump cards.

Why Play Call Break (Lakadi/Ghochi) on WinZO

Know about why should you play call break card game on WinZO

All Transactions Are Safe

WinZO is an extremely secure and trustworthy social gaming platform. All games available on the platform are fair and safe. It incorporates advanced fraud detection mechanisms to prevent any fraudulent activities. WinZO ensures a fair and secure environment for playing Call Break online.

Minimal Waiting Time

When you start playing on WinZO, the waiting time to get started in quite minimal. And, there are several tournaments where you can play with friends and even win real money. After you win real money, you can instantly transfer these winnings directly to your bank account..

Awesome Graphics Design

Enjoy unparalleled graphics and an interactive interface that adds excitement to your gaming experience while playing Call Break.

24x7 Customer Support

WinZO guarantees complete data security and protects the privacy of user identities. Additionally, players can access 24x7 customer support to get assistance and have their queries resolved at any time of the day.

RNG Certification

WinZO wants to make sure that every time you play with us, the game is fair for you. Also, our Fairplay Policy shows how important honesty and integrity are to us. An RNG certificate is a stamp of approval from a licensed testing organisation that confirms the compliance of online gaming platforms with RNG requirements. This certification is given by a testing body that has been approved to make sure that gaming platforms follow the RNG standards.

No Bot Certification

iTech Labs has verified our no-bot policy and peer-to-peer gameplay. iTech Labs is a globally competent authority, ISO 17025 certified, for UKGC standards and provides certifications to gaming companies globally. P2P technology is employed in the game, and no system was found to enable bots to control, mimic, aid, or override real players.

Variations of Call Break

Know about call break variations for call break game

Trump Call

Players call a trump suit before the game starts - this adds a strategic element as they look to maximize their winning chances.

Individual Call

Here every player bids for the number of tricks they can win, creating a competitive atmosphere as players try to outbid each other.

Partnership Call

Players get into teams and then jointly for the number of tricks they can win, requiring teamwork and coordination.

Double Call

Players can also win two trump suits and this increases the game's complexity as they manage two trump suits.

Blind Call

Here, players can place their bids without actually looking at their cards. This adds risk since players rely on intuition and experience.

Progressive Call

Players should increase their bid each round, adding strategy as they decide when to raise their bid.

Cut-throat Call

Players cannot call a trump suit, and the first card played in each trick sets the trump suit for that trick.

Common Terms Used in Call Break

Call Break game has a unique set of terms that are commonly used by players. Here are few key terms:

  1. Bid: The number of tricks a player predicts they can win in a round.
  2. Trump: The suit selected as the trump for the round. Any card from this suit can beat a card from any other suit.
  3. Lead: The first card played in a trick. The winner leads the next trick.
  4. Trick: A set of cards played by each player in a round. The winner leads the next trick.
  5. Follow suit: Players must play a card of the same suit as the lead card if they have one.
  6. Call: A bid of zero tricks, aiming to avoid winning any tricks in the round.
  7. Hand: The cards dealt to each player at the game's start.
  8. Break: Playing a trump card to win a trick.
  9. Cut: Playing a trump card to beat a card of another suit.
  10. Nil: A bid of zero tricks, similar to a call.

How to Download

If you're looking to download Call Break on your mobile, you can easily get it through the WinZO app. You can visit the official WinZO website, provide your mobile number, and follow the steps.

You have to follow these easy steps to download game and start playing with friends and family.

Call Break Scoring System

The following is the scoring system of the callbreak game:

  1. When a player declares 6 tricks and succeeds in winning the same, the player earns 6 points.
  2. Suppose a player declares 6 tricks during the bid but could win only 5 tricks, then the score will be -5.
  3. In case a player succeeds in making more tricks than what was declared initially then he/she earns 0.1 points for extra tricks. Suppose you declared 5 tricks and won 6, then you will get 5.1 points.
  4. After the two rounds complete, the scores are calculated and accordingly the winner is declared.

Call Break Tournaments

Playing call break tournaments online is an exciting way since it helps players hone their skills in both strategy and planning. WinZO is India's leading and most trusted gaming platform for cash tournaments - this also offers a smooth and hassle-free gameplay experience with an extremely user-friendly interface.

  1. Tournaments are played on multi-table and multiplayer levels, with players making their progress to the leaderboard until they reach the finish line.
  2. Tournaments are entirely based on a prize pool.
  3. Pre-registration and seat reservation are key to get in a tournament.
  4. Tournaments start at a specific time and can last for a set period.
  5. Most tournaments can be played by 4 players, but these tournaments can also accommodate 3 or 5 players if there's an odd number of participants.
  6. Tournaments typically consist of 3 rounds, unless stated otherwise.

Call Break WinZO Leaderboard

  1. WinZO has different types of leaderboards based on users' performance in skill-based games.
  2. Leaderboards are extremely helpful since they help track milestones and performance.
  3. Rewards and bonuses from leaderboards are credited to the bonus account.
  4. Players will be able to join the WinZO leaderboard competitions if they look to win some handsome cash prizes.
  5. Players can join leaderboards in different modes.
  6. WinZO Leaderboards are lucrative since multiple winners become eligible to take home cash rewards.
  7. After fair play check verifications are completed, winners are declared.Winners can then claim rewards within 24 hours from the leaderboard end time.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Call Break Games

WinZO is fully compliant with all rules and regulations and is also focussed on user safety and security for which it has strong fraud detection algorithms to prevent spurious activities on its platform.

The spade card, which is the ‘trump’ card, can be used only when you do not hold a suit played by other players.

Yes, Call Break requires significant demonstration of skills like dexterity, strategic thinking, logic, attention, practice, adroitness, superior knowledge of the game and precision.

WinZO is the best app to play call break, it is a very secure and vernacular platform. The WinZO app helps every user to play in their preferred language.

The game is played between four players at a time with a standard deck of 52 cards.

Bidding is an important part and if you wish to win the game then make sure that you don’t miss out on it. As soon as the cards are distributed, make sure you bid on your hand, wisely.

The deck of 52 cards is divided among four players, so each player gets 13 cards.

In Call Break online, spade cards are the default trump cards. A trump card is essentially the highest ranking suit card.

Partnership Call is all about players forming teams and bidding jointly for the number of tricks they can win.

If a player does not get even one trump or spade card, all the cards will be distributed to all the players again.

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