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Top Arcade Games

The term arcade games originated from the video arcades or stations where we used to insert coins to play games. Streetfighter, Space Invaders, The House of the Dead, Pac-man, and Donkey Kong are some of the most popular arcade games of the past. Today, users can experience these games on their handheld devices, and games with high-quality graphics and engaging plots are available for selection.

These immersive games offer thrilling gameplay experiences, and some of the games also allow them to earn real cash online. The players can play arcade games online and practice hard before playing the real money games.

Top 5 Arcade games in 2023

Here is a list of some of the best arcade games for Android users.

1. Snake Rush

Snake Rush is an interesting arcade-style game in which one has to direct the snakes in the right direction. While moving, the snakes will have to earn some points, which help them to get bigger. Numbered blocks will be scattered along the path, which will reduce their length. The higher numbers cause a higher reduction in length, and if the snake gets exhausted completely, the game is over! One can also choose the speed points to move faster along the track. The scores are calculated based on the points earned and the distance covered by the players. One can also earn money in this arcade game by scoring higher than their opponents.

2. Angry Monsters

One can also play arcade games online by downloading games like Angry Monsters on their device. Angry Monsters is similar to the hugely popular Angry Birds game. One has to target the angry birds to earn points in this game. The players earn 50 points for hitting the green monster, and the purple and red monsters can be targeted to earn 100 and 200 points, respectively. In each round, the player will get 8 balls, and one needs to bounce the balls from a flat surface to target the monsters.

While playing, the players must avoid hitting the obstruction to win more points. The players can also bet money before playing this game, and if they manage to earn higher points than their opponents, the amount placed as a bet by their opponents will be transferred to their account. Therefore, Angry Monsters proves to be one of the best arcade games for Android users.

3. Fingers

'Fingers' is one of the most interesting and innovative arcade games on this list. Players need to keep their fingers attached to the screen. At the same time, they need to avoid getting hit by monsters and viruses. They can also collect the points by touching them with their fingers to increase their total score.

The game will be over as soon as the players touch their fingers on the viruses, monsters, and other obstructions. Therefore, they need to be alert while moving their fingers in the game arena. The most important rule is that the players cannot lift their fingers off the screen to escape from the monsters. These rules make it one of the most challenging and best arcade games for mobile users.

4. Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is a point-based online arcade game in which one has to target the group of bubbles that appear on their screen. The bubbles can be targeted by blasting a cannon on them with the help of fingers. The players earn points if 3 or more 3 bubbles get matched together. It is also possible to switch the bubbles by tapping on the switch placed on the screen's left side.

If the players fail to match bubbles or blast them, they will keep piling up and the game will be eventually over. The players can use power-ups like bombs and wild bubbles to burst multiple bubbles at once. These twists make it one of the best arcade games for Android users.

How to play the best arcade games on Android?

The players can download the arcade games directly on their mobile through Google Play Store. However, to download and play multiple arcade games through a single app, players can download the WinZO app. On this app, they will be able to play card games, arcade games, action games, casual games, racing games, strategy games, and more. Apart from getting to choose from their favorite category of games, the players also get a chance to earn money by winning these games. To get the app download link, the users only have to visit the official website of WinZO games and enter their mobile numbers to get an SMS with the download link.

Frequently Asked Questions about Arcade Games

Arcade games are the ones found in video game centers, malls, and other places built for the entertainment of the public. They are usually video games that can be played on machines or electromagnetic devices.

Arcade games are popular because they provide excellent entertainment value to people and also prove to be stress-busting.

For individuals who are video game lovers and want to explore different types of arcade games without any restrictions, WinZO has the best arcade games to offer. WinZO games allows the players to earn money via more than 70 games! Download the WinZO app now and play the best arcade games to win some rewards.

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