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Best Online Board Games

Board games have held a special place in Indian culture for centuries. They are a source of entertainment and learning and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. From pachisi to Chowka Bara to chess, many popular board games have been enjoyed by Indians for generations.

With changing times, board games have moved to online platforms and offer the same fun and learning experience with the added convenience of being able to play from anywhere. This article looks at the top five board games you can enjoy online in 2022 with friends, family, and even complete strangers.

Top 5 Board Games

Best Online Board Games



Ludo game is one of the most popular board games in India.

snakes and ladders

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and ladders is one of the most popular game in board game

Carrom Game

Carrom Game

Carrom game is most enjoyable indoor games for children and adults of all ages

Chess Game

Chess Game

Chess is a strategic board game played on a square board with abstract rules

1. Snakes and Ladders

The primary goal of Snakes and Ladders is to move from one square to the last square on the board in order to be the first player to reach the end (100). Since there are several boards that wrap back and forth, moving from left to right around the first row, then toward the second and then from right to left, is possible. Follow the numbers you roll out as you throw the dice in order to advance on the board.

Snakes and Ladders on the WinZO app is extremely easy and seamless to play and is perhaps one of the most popular board games to indulge with family and friends.

2. Ludo

Ludo is one of the most popular Indian board games that you can now play online on Winzo. The rules and the aim of the game are similar to that of the physical board game. The objective is to reach your home by completing a full clockwise rotation of the board with all four pieces. However, with the online version, there are a few additional rules. You get one point for every box you move your pieces. Similarly, points are deducted when your piece is captured by your opponents.

Each round lasts for four minutes. You have to score as many points as possible in this period. The more points you have, the more is your score. The player with the highest score wins the round. WinZO Ludo is one of the best family board games to play online.

3. Carrom

We all have loved playing Carrom at some point in our lives. It is an easy game to learn and play and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. WinZO Carrom brings this much-loved game to your fingertips and lets you play with your friends and family.

The objective of the game is to pocket all your pieces before your opponent does. You get one point for each piece you pocket. The game ends when all pieces are pocketed. The game has amazing animations for the last pocketed piece that is sure to grab your attention. You also get a bonus if you pocket the last piece with a strike. Now with WinZO Carrom, you can play the beloved game with your friends and family online and have a great time.

4. Freestyle Carrom

If you don't like the hard-and-fast rules of a regular game of Carrom, you can try Freestyle Carrom. It is a chilled-out version of Carrom where the only aim is to score as many points as possible.

In this game, you can pocket any piece you wish. Pocketing a white piece gives you twenty points, a black piece gives you ten points, and the queen gives you fifty points. The game ends when a player scores 170 points or when the timer runs out (6 minutes). In the latter case, the player with the most points at the end of the game wins. This is a great game to play with your friends and family online. With easy rules, this game is perfect for a fun and relaxed time.

5. Chess

This game features the blitz chess format that is popular among chess enthusiasts. The objective of the game is to checkmate your opponent's king with limited time at hand (3 minutes). You can do this by either trapping the king so that it cannot move or by putting it in a position where it would be impossible to avoid being captured.

The time limit adds a touch of excitement to the game and makes it more challenging. You have to think fast and make quick decisions. The player with the best score at the end of the game wins.


Monopoly is a classic board game where players become real estate tycoons aiming to acquire properties and amass wealth. Through buying, trading, and developing properties, players aim to bankrupt their opponents while strategically navigating elements like Chance and Community Chest cards, houses, and hotels. The game combines luck, negotiation, and financial acumen, making it a timeless favorite for players of all ages.


Clue, also known as Cluedo, is a mystery-solving board game that puts players in the shoes of detectives. Set in a mansion, players deduce the culprit, weapon, and location of a murder by gathering clues. Through strategic questioning and elimination, players seek to solve the mystery before others, all while using deduction and logical reasoning to unveil the truth.


Dominoes is a classic tile-based game that involves arranging tiles with matching numbers of dots. Players take turns placing tiles on the table, aiming to match numbers and create chains of tiles. The game comes in various versions, with some requiring players to block opponents' moves while strategically positioning tiles for optimal scoring.

Scrabble Go

Scrabble Go is a digital adaptation of the iconic word-building game. Players use letter tiles to create words on a game board, aiming to maximize points based on letter values and strategic placement. With both single-player and multiplayer modes, Scrabble Go challenges players' vocabulary and wordplay skills while fostering competitive and collaborative gameplay.

Game of Life

The Game of Life is a family-oriented board game that simulates a journey through life's milestones. Players make choices that influence their education, career, relationships, and financial decisions, all while aiming to accumulate wealth and reach retirement with the most wealth. The game showcases the unpredictability of life's paths and encourages players to make strategic decisions that can lead to various outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Board Games

You can play all the different board games with other players online on the WinZO app. One of the many popular board game is Ludo which is a multiplayer game and the app matches you with other players so that you can enjoy it together, even if with strangers.

Board games are popular in India since it can be played with a group and involves proper planning and tactics. Playing online has many benefits when the physical board is not available. You can play board game online with players from around the world. The WinZO app gives you a personalized experience in a regional language of your choice.

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