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Who invented chess? Tracking the origin and journey

Despite the long, mysterious history of chess, the identity of its inventor remains hidden from the world. According to records, there might be some context of its invention in our ancient texts. It is believed that the standardized chess we play today took shape in Europe. The modern chess pieces with their familiar shapes and movements were introduced in Europe in the 15th century, but the game went through a lot of modifications before then and turned into different variants while passing through dynamic cultures and empires.

Origin of Chess

“Chaturanga” is the form believed to be the origin of chess from the 6th century. It was introduced to Persia by India and underwent some changes while making its way to become famous in the Arabian empire around the 10th century, which then made its way to Europe via the Moors.

With this fascinating background of the game, we got our world’s first champion of chess in 1886, also known as the father of chess because his interesting playing-style stunned everyone in the world. He also invented training techniques for improvement. Currently, we have GM Magnus Carlsen as the world champion of chess.

How Chess evolved?

We have all seen how chess has been played for centuries. It is a board game consisting of 8×8 blocks played by two chess players who compete on the board with 16 pieces each with the opponent’s pieces in two different colors. But with the improvement of technology and the digitalization of the world, it is no longer mandatory to sit in front of each other when playing chess.

Growth of Chess Online

With the increasing trend of mobile gaming, you can now play chess online with your friends and other players on India’s largest online gaming platform known as WinZo games. WinZo’s online gaming platform offers an exciting online chess game that is simple, interesting, and can be played by anyone, regardless of age. All the techniques and rules of the game are kept the same as in the physical board game, with an exciting option of “cash battle” that offers players exciting experiences together with their friends or opponents while earning cash or other exciting prizes.

Following are the quick steps to play chess online on WinZO platform:

• In online chess, the game starts when you’re paired with an opponent.

• On your turn, tap a piece and then tap an accessible square to move.

• To win Chess Online, you’ll have to checkmate the opponent’s king by blocking all his possible moves.

• If you run out of time, you’ll lose the game.



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