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How to Become a Chess Grandmaster

The game of chess has been enjoyed for centuries worldwide. It is played on a square board with 64 squares and involves two players, each with 16 pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights, and eight pawns. The objective is to checkmate the opponent’s king, placing it in an inescapable position.

In recent years, chess has gained significant popularity, with more people pursuing it as a profession. Online platforms have made the game more accessible, offering opportunities for players to compete globally. 

Tournaments now offer substantial prize money, attracting top talent. Moreover, the rise of chess coaching and the availability of scholarships for promising players have made it a viable career choice. The game’s appeal as both a mental challenge and a competitive sport continues to grow.

KNow about How to Become a Chess Grandmaster?

A chess grandmaster is the highest title a player can achieve in the world of chess. It is awarded by the international chess governing body, FIDE (Fédération Internationale des Échecs), and signifies eceptional achievements in the game. To earn the title, a player must achieve three grandmaster-level tournament performances, known as norms, and reach an ELO rating of at least 2500.

Grandmasters demonstrate deep understanding of chess theory and often compete in prestigious international tournaments. Many grandmasters also contribute to the chess community by coaching and mentoring aspiring players. 

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Chess Grandmaster in India 

According to FIDE, as of May 2023, there were 84 Grandmasters (GMs), 124 International Masters (IMs), 23 Woman Grandmasters (WGMs) who may also hold the higher IM title, and 42 Woman International Masters (WIMs) among Indian chess players.

As of December 2023, the top 10 active Indian chess players had an average rating of 2703, making India the second highest-rated nation in the world, trailing only the United States. The top 10 active Indian women players hold an average rating of 2429, placing them second in the world rankings, just behind China.

India has produced several talented chess players who have made a significant impact on the international chess scene. One of the most famous is Viswanathan Anand, known as the “Tiger of Madras.” He became the first Indian Grandmaster in 1988 and has been a world chess champion multiple times, establishing himself as one of the greatest players in history.

Another prominent Indian player is Koneru Humpy. She is one of the strongest female chess players in the world and has achieved remarkable success in her career. In 2002, Humpy became the youngest woman to earn the title of Grandmaster when she was just 15 years old.

Among the younger generation, Nihal Sarin is an emerging talent in Indian chess. He became a Grandmaster at the age of 14 and has been making strides in the chess world with his impressive performances.

Praggnanandhaa Rameshbabu is another young Indian chess prodigy. He became the second-youngest Grandmaster in history in 2018 and has continued to showcase his skills on the international stage.

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Youngest Chess Grandmaster 

In 2019, Abhimanyu Mishra became the youngest International Master at the age of 10. He started earning his Grandmaster norms in 2021 and achieved his third and final norm on June 30 at the Vezerkepzo GM Mix Swiss tournament in Budapest, Hungary. This accomplishment made him the youngest Grandmaster in history, breaking Sergey Karjakin’s record, which had been held for 19 years, by over two months.

State with the Greatest Number of Grandmasters

The Indian state with the most Grandmasters is Tamil Nadu. Out of the 84 Grandmasters in India, 30 are from Tamil Nadu. Maharashtra follows with 12 Grandmasters, while West Bengal has 11. Viswanathan Anand, who was the first Indian to earn the title of Grandmaster, also hails from Tamil Nadu.

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List of Chess Grandmaster

NameStateYearHighest Rating
Viswanathan AnandTamil Nadu19882817
Dibyendu BaruaWest Bengal19912561
Praveen ThipsayMaharashtra19972515
Abhijit KunteMaharashtra20002568
Krishnan SasikiranTamil Nadu20002720
Pentala HarikrishnaAndhra Pradesh20012770
Koneru HumpyAndhra Pradesh20022623
Surya Shekhar GangulyWest Bengal20032676
Sandipan ChandaWest Bengal20032656
Ramachandran RameshTamil Nadu20032507
Tejas BakreGujarat20042530
Magesh Chandran PanchanathanTamil Nadu20062586
J. Deepan ChakkravarthyTamil Nadu20062557
Neelotpal DasWest Bengal20062514
Parimarjan NegiDelhi20062671
Geetha Narayanan GopalKerala20072611
Abhijeet GuptaDelhi20082667
Subramanian Arun PrasadTamil Nadu20082570
Sundararajan KidambiTamil Nadu20092526
R. R. LaxmanTamil Nadu20092521
Sriram JhaDelhi20102511
Deep SenguptaWest Bengal20102596
Baskaran AdhibanTamil Nadu20102701
S. P. SethuramanTamil Nadu20112673
Harika DronavalliAndhra Pradesh20112543
M. R. Lalith BabuAndhra Pradesh20122594
Vaibhav SuriDelhi20122600
M. R. VenkateshTamil Nadu20122528
Sahaj GroverDelhi20122532
Vidit GujrathiMaharashtra20132727
M. Shyam SundarTamil Nadu20132554
Akshayraj KoreMaharashtra20132512
V. Vishnu PrasannaTamil Nadu20132543
Debashis DasOdisha20132548
Saptarshi Roy ChowdhuryWest Bengal20132500
Ankit RajparaGujarat20142511
Chithambaram AravindhTamil Nadu20152641
Karthikeyan MuraliTamil Nadu20152637
Ashwin JayaramTamil Nadu20152515
Swapnil DhopadeMaharashtra20162545
S. L. NarayananKerala20162662
Shardul GagareMaharashtra20162521
Diptayan GhoshWest Bengal20162581
Priyadharshan KannappanTamil Nadu20162554
Aryan ChopraDelhi20172627
Srinath NarayananTamil Nadu20172572
Himanshu SharmaHaryana20172514
Anurag MhamalGoa20172504
Abhimanyu PuranikMaharashtra20172618
M. S. ThejkumarKarnataka20172500
Saptarshi RoyWest Bengal20182500
Rameshbabu PraggnanandhaaTamil Nadu20182661
Nihal SarinKerala20182662
Arjun ErigaisiTelangana20182689
Karthik VenkataramanAndhra Pradesh20182527
Harsha BharathakotiTelangana20192557
P. KarthikeyanTamil Nadu20192507
Stany G.A.Karnataka20192527
N. R. VisakhTamil Nadu20192542
Gukesh DTamil Nadu20192699
P. IniyanTamil Nadu20192556
Swayams MishraOdisha20192503
Girish A. KoushikKarnataka20192506
Prithu GuptaDelhi20192501
Raunak SadhwaniMaharashtra20192622
G. AkashTamil Nadu20202500
Leon Luke MendoncaGoa20202571
Arjun KalyanTamil Nadu20212537
Harshit RajaMaharashtra20212501
Raja Rithvik R.Telangana20212502
Mitrabha GuhaWest Bengal20212512
Sankalp GuptaMaharashtra20212536
Bharath SubramaniyamTamil Nadu20222508
Rahul SrivatshavTelangana20222506
Pranav VTamil Nadu20222519
Pranav AnandKarnataka20222525
Aditya MittalMaharashtra20222505
Koustav ChatterjeeWest Bengal20232520
Pranesh MTamil Nadu20232538
Vignesh N. R.Tamil Nadu20232529
Sayantan DasWest Bengal20232516
Prraneeth VuppalaTelengana20232515
Aditya SamantMaharashtra20232512
R VaishaliTamil Nadu20232497

FAQs about How to Become a Chess Grandmaster

Q) How many Chess Grandmasters are there in India?

A) Currently, there are a total of 84 chess Grandmasters in India. 30 of them are from Tamil Nadu. The total number of Women Grandmasters is 23.

Q) Who is India’s first ever Chess GM?

A) India’s first-ever GM is Vishwanathan Anand

Q)How many International Masters does India have?

A) Currently, there are a total of 124 International Masters in India.



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