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Winzo Carrom – Gameplay and Scoring


This skill-based game’s objective is to aim at the assigned coins and drive them into the holes. Players must pocket all assigned coins before their opponent to win. 


  • Players must pocket all the assigned pieces (either black or white) and the queen. To achieve this, players must determine the striker’s position, the angle for hitting a coin, and the power of the hit to ensure it goes into the pocket or out of the reach of the opponent. Once the queen is pocketed, the player must cover it with a last assigned coin; otherwise, the queen is placed in the center of the carrom board. 
  • Judgment is crucial to decide when to pocket the queen. 
  • Players must exercise caution to avoid pocketing either (a) the striker or (b) the coins assigned to the opponent. 
  • Players have a 10-second time limit for each shot. Pocketing the allotted colored coin grants an extra turn, requiring quick decision-making. 
  • Missing more than 3 turns in a game results in a player’s loss. 
  • This real-time multiplayer game enables players to utilize the technical skills of the physical format of the game. 


  • Players earn 1 point for pocketing each assigned coin. 
  • Players lose 1 point for pocketing the striker. 
  • Total Duration of the Game: The maximum duration of the game is 10 minutes. If none of the players pockets all the coins within this time, the player with the most coins pocketed wins. 

On-screen Information Provided to Players: 

  • Score: The score of all players in a particular game is displayed. 
  • Number of turns missed by each player. 
  • The player who pockets all the assigned coins first is declared the winner of the game.


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