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Know How to Play Chess Like an Expert

Chess is a popular board game and believed to be among the oldest such indulgence across the world. It is a two player game and involves a checkered board having a contrast of equally sized white and black squares. Each side, that is the black and white oppenents comprises of an indiviual king, queen, and team of soldiers. The main objective while playing chess must be to capture the opponent’s king. If you are new to this game and wish to know how to play chess, here are detailed information for you that everyone must understand before playing it.

Before understanding how to play chess, you must know a few details about this game, including the structure, set up, moves, etc. Kindly note that the chess pieces are arranged in the same way each time. The second row is loaded with pawns. The rooks (elephant) are placed in the corners, followed by the knights (horse) and bishops (camel) subsequently. Then the queen resides, along with King who owns the centre of the row.

How the Chess Pieces Move

Let’s understand the moves first before proceeding with how to play chess. There are 6 different kinds of pieces moves differently. Always remember that these pieces cannot move through other pieces, however the knight can jump over other pieces but never move on a square with their own pieces. The same movements can be made to capture the opponent piece’s place. You must know that all the pieces are moved into places where they can seize opponent’s pieces. Defending your own pieces is an important part of the game.

King’s Moves

Whether white or black, the king is the most important piece and shall be protected till end. However, his moves are quite restricted and can move only one square in any direction. Whenever the king is attacked the opponent needs to call ‘check’.

Queen’s Moves

Queen is the most influential piece in chess and can move in any straight direction, including forward, backward, sideways, or diagonally.

Rook’s Moves

A rook may move anywhere it wants but only forward, backward, right, and left.

Bishop’s Moves

Bishop can move only diagonally and as far as it wants, however, bishop need to maintain the color, that is, either light or dark.

Knight’s Moves

Knights can move in the shape of L, either rightwards or towards left.

Pawn’s Moves

Pawns proceed forward and capture diagonally. Pawns can move one square forward at a time, except for the very first move where two squares can be covered.

Rules of Playing Chess

The following are the important rules that you must know before understanding how to play chess:

  • Pawns possess a special ability that if it reaches the other side of the board it can become any other chess piece. This rule is known as promotion. Kindly note that pawn can never be promoted to a king.
  • Another chess rule is called castling and gives the power to do two important things, that are, to bring your king to safety and get your rook out of the corner. Castling can be either done to kingside or queenside, depending upon the situation.

How to Play Chess

Now, is the time to know how to play chess. Now, you know the moves and two important game changing rules. Here are the steps to play chess game online:

  1. The game starts with white side. The player of the white side always make the first move and then is the opponent’s chance. You can only make single move at a time, except for castling.
  2. You need to follow the respective moves according to the piece and you can take opponent’s pieces whenever you face them in your movement path, while staying within the rules regarding moves.
  3. The aim of the game is to grab the opponent’s king and when your pieces reach in such position, it is called check. If in case the opponent attacks your king at the same time then it will be called check mate.
  4. Always try all the tricks to save your king and the moment you attain opponent’s king, the game ends.

Strategies to Win Chess Game

The following are the few important strategies to win chess games:

  • Value of the pieces: Always remember the values of your pieces when you are in a situation to loose them and plan your move accordingly. The queen is the strongest and most value piece after king, followed by rook, bishop, knight, and pawns. Pawns are the weakest and have the least value.
  • Promotion of pawn: While using this rule, try to promote your pawn to queen as it turns out to be the wisest decision most of the time.
  • Board Control: While creating your defenses, always keep a check at the board and gauge. Strengthen your side if you see an attack coming.
  • Support Piece: Always have a support piece on stand by while attacking your opponent’s piece.

Know you have a basic idea about how to play chess! If you wish to play this game now then download the Winzo App and have the best encounters of this amazing game.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Play Chess

Q) Which is the best app to play chess?

A) The Winzo is one of the most trusted gaming platform to play chess online. You also get a chance to win real cash with all your wins. The app ensures a fair game and easy cash transactions.

Q) Which is the most important piece in chess game?

A) You always need to save your king in chess because if you loose it, the game ends. This make king the most important piece in the chess game, followed by the queen.

Q) Can I win real cash by playing chess?

A) Yes, the Winzo App gives you a chance to win real cash. You can take some practice matches and later indulge in cash based indulgences to win real cash money by playing chess.



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