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Winzo Carrom – Gameplay and Scoring

Objective: This skill-based game's objective is to aim at the assigned coins and drive them into the holes. Players must pocket all assigned coins before...

Fruit Samurai – Gameplay & Scoring

Objective: In this skill-based game, the objective is to strategically swipe and cut all the fruits on the screen with dexterity while avoiding bombs to...

Metro Surfer – Gameplay & Controls

Objective: The objective of this skill-based game is to dodge obstacles and collect the maximum number of points while running.  Gameplay: Exercise hand-eye coordination to control a...
How to play ludo

Ludo Tutorials – Step by Step

Game Format: Ludo is a solo game played between a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 players. Each player starts with an equal...

Snakes & ladder Game Rules: An Overview

Snakes and Ladders is a classic board game played by two players, with each player controlling multiple tokens. The game follows a set of...
online multiplayer games

Best Free Online Games That Need To Be On Your Must-Play List

The Online Games will always keep ypu hooked and will provide endless fun.
arcade games

The Evolution of Arcade Games: The Rise of Skill-Based Gameplay

Skill-based arcade games place a heavy emphasis on the player's abilities and dexterity.

The Evolution of Bingo: How Online Bingo Became Popular

Bingo, a game cherished by people of all ages and backgrounds, has witnessed a remarkable journey of transformation. From its humble origins in community...

Games to Play on Google When Bored

When boredom strikes, we often turn to our trusty search engines for a quick escape. But did you know that Google offers a variety...

Chess Openings: A Comprehensive Guide to Boost Your Onine Chess Game

Mastering chess openings is a crucial step towards becoming a formidable online chess player. The opening phase of the game sets the tone for...