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Ultimate Guide on How to Play Ludo Game Online | Rules, Tips & More

If you Wanna win Ludo Game Online, You Gotta Know How To Play. Right?

Learn how to nail the Ludo game even if you are a beginner— no expertise required!

We do not want to take you on a nostalgic trip but then you know, playing Ludo has made our childhood even more precious. We all have our funny memories around this board game when we used to play with our friends and family. And, really, no family get together was complete without a little roll dicing and that one lousy loser (who cribbed a lot about cheating).

Coming back to the time where everything is digital, Ludo is one of the popular games that is played online. Let us dive a little deeper into the rules and how can you play Ludo to win it:

What is Ludo?

Ludo is one of the popular strategy board games played with the help of a single die. To play this game, you need 2-4 players that are given 4 tokens at the starting of the game. The main aim of the game is to race these 4 tokens to the finish line according to the rolls of the die. Each player needs to choose a colour for their tokens before playing. 

The catch is to save the tokens from all the threats in the path to reach the finish line. And, also become a threat to the opponent’s token in a strategic way. (Breathe, we’ll let you know everything) 

Why Is Ludo So Much Popular Up Until Now?

Game Difficulty: It is not at all difficult

Game Duration: Less than 120 minutes 

Who can play: Age 6+ 

What Excites Players: Luck Factor on Die Rolls 

You can keep on rolling the die to get a 6 when your opponent’s are already halfway to their finish line. Or, you can roll 6s non-stop and be the one to beat everyone. Thrilling it is, right? 

Apart from this, Ludo has been played since the time of Indian Epic ‘Mahabharata’ and is derived from the game ‘Pachisi’. The board is of square shape and it consists of a cross-shaped playspace for the players to race their tokens to reach the square in the centre of the board. The square in the centre of the board consists of 4 coloured triangles atop the players’ home columns.

Equipment Required to Play Ludo 

Well, you know what we should really say? Your Mobile and a normal paced internet. Haha!

But, if we go about the actual indoor game then we would need:

  • Ludo Game board
  • Ludo Tokens 
  • The Die

Ludo Game Board 

The Ludo Game Board is usually bright and colourful featuring, green, blue, red and yellow. Each colour takes up a quarter of the board. And, not to forget, coloured paths on which your token races lead to a matching coloured homespace or the home triangle. 

Upon starting the game, your token races in a clockwise direction across the board. 

Ludo Tokens 

In total, there are 16 tokens. Each player needs to choose a colour from the 4 colours that are available. After choosing the colour, you will have four matching Ludo Tokens. In the start, all the four tokens are placed in the play-yard (any quarter of the board). 

The Die 

We know, you already know about the dice used in the Ludo game. The interesting fact is different regions of the world have different rules for the dice. Mostly, one die is used in Ludo but some regions do play with 2 dice. 

Basics on How Ludo is Played?

  • At once, two or three or four players can play Ludo
  • At the starting of the game, all the 4 tokens of each player are placed at the play-yard (4 large coloured squares in the 4 corners of the board)
  • According to the roll of the die, the player starts racing (clockwise) their tokens (only one per turn) towards the finishing square at the centre of the board
  • Each player is given one chance to roll the die alternatively.
  • All the control lies on the roll of the die which makes the movement of the token swift on the board
  • Thus, the one who is able to make all their tokens reach the finishing square is the winner of the game.
  • But, the game continues for other players till there are second, third and fourth finishers.

How To Play Ludo Online?

The main aim of the board game is to make all the tokens reach the finishing square (at the board centre). Whosoever is able to make all the tokens reach first is the winner. However, other players can continue to play until they make their tokens reach the finishing square.

PRO TIP: If there are only 2 players, then the game finishes as soon as a player wins. The other player would not be able to play further. But there can always be a re-match between the same players.

There are certain steps you need to follow while playing the game and they are as follows:

On Your Turn

You need to roll a 6 in order to make your token start racing. A player can draw a token from his play-yard every time he rolls a 6 unless there are no tokens left in the yard.

Now, the turn passes to another player if you are unable to roll a 6 (when your all tokens are in the yard). Each player has to wait until he rolls a 6 to make their token race on the board.

Movement of the Tokens 

  • Your every token races in a clockwise direction across the board. 
  • You need to take out every token from the game-yard in order to make all your token reach the finishing triangle. 
  • The die value decides how many steps further your token is allowed to move from its place. 
  • If the player has 2 or more tokens in the play, he can choose which token to move forward upon rolling the die.  
  • A player can’t move their tokens if any opponent’s token is blocking the path. 

NOTE: Passes are not allowed and, in such cases, the turn moves to the next player.

Landing on A Shared Square 

You can capture the token of another player by landing on the same square (on the path) as the token depending on the roll of the die. If a player is able to capture a token, the captured one returns to the play-yard of that player. And, he has to roll a 6 in order to bring it back to the playspace.

You can form a block by making your 2 tokens reach the same space. In this case, if another player’s block advances on your block, both the tokens return to your play-yard collectively. And, you need to roll a 6 (for each token) to come back to the playspace.

Rules for the 6’s 

  • You can choose to bring out a fresh token into the game or move ahead with an existing piece on the path. (if all of your tokens are not in the game yet) 
  • You get an extra turn every time you roll a 6 on the die 
  • For 3 subsequent 6s, the rolls are entirely cancelled, and your turn is passed to the other player

Winning The Game 

This is the final step where your token reaches the square in the centre of the board. Remember, the 4 coloured triangles in the centre square are designed in such a way that points towards the finish. You can make all your tokens reach the finish one by one while playing along.

Quick Tips To Win A Ludo Game Online

  • Open all your tokens by rolling a 6.
  • Make your token land on the opponent’s token so that his token reaches back the play-yard and starts its journey all over again
  • Always try to form a block while playing Ludo, this will save your token to be saved from the advances from your opponents
  • Never focus on just one token. Move all your tokens simultaneously and spread them on the board in order to win the game
  • Do not miss the chance to capture the token of your opponent
  • Always try to block your opponent with your token
  • Scatter your token on the board and move them wisely while keeping an eye on the opponent’s tokens

Bonus Tip While Playing Ludo Game Online 

A blocked space is known as doubles in the Ludo Game. Now, if you need to send the two tokens of an opponent back in the play-yard, you need to attack with two of your tokens. However, attacking doubles in the game purely depends on the roll of your die. 


How Can I capture an opponent’s token while being in the play-yard (starting position)?

You can’t attack an opponent’s token in the play-yard because it is a safe position for all the tokens. 

Can I play Ludo Game Solo?

No, you can’t play this game solo. You will need at least 1 player other than you. You can play with a maximum of 4 players at once.  

Can a block of the same token or partners be captured by an opponent token?

No, as per Ludo Rules, you can’t capture an opponent’s token in this situation. However, a block can be captured by another player’s block. 

Final Words

That was all about Ludo rules and how you can play Ludo game online to win. 

Now, we are not saying that you are going to win every time after reading this article but surely, you would be able to give a tough game to your opponents. 

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All the best for your match!



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