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6 Best Online Board Games to Play In 2022

Board games are all the activities and indulgences that involve tabletop, irrespective of size and style. These are popular games played during the day to day life and give us chance to spend interesting hours with friends and family. Today, these games can easily be accessed through our mobile phones, tablets, and desktops and are called online board games. The games generally involve dices, miniature stuff, etc. that are either moved on the board as the game proceeds or you have to use tactics to rule the said gameplay.

Most of the time, the board games are challenges between two or more individuals and Ludo, Carrom, Chinese Checkers, etc. are some of the most popular illustrations. Now, classic table mode is replaced while playing on online mode and 3D designs, animations, and connectivity makes us play these online board games with players from across the world.

If you wish to play online board games then continue reading to know the best choices for yourself!

Whether you are the one who believes that slow and steady wins the race or love to be an early bird and grab everyone’s attention from the start of the game, the following are the best online board games:

1. Ludo

Ludo, one of the most interesting indulgences for Indians is substituted by online 3D designs with revised online ludo games. Now, you just need to tap the screen to roll a dice and play your favourite game in your own unique way. It is a multiplayer game and two to four individuals can play it at a time. The game is based on Indian Pachisi and has its roots intact to somewhere around the 6th century. It is an easy-to-play game and the experience is unmatchable.

How to Play Ludo

You need to roll the dice and make your tokens move in the best possible way to make them reach the home of your colour as early as possible. While being in the process, you also need to take other participants’ tokens and add hurdles on their way. Always remember that a new token opens when dice get a 6 and whenever you cut the opponent’s token you get an additional chance.

2. Carrom

Carrom is another popular online board game where grabbing the queen along with more and more white and black coins is the aim of all the challengers. The game involves patience and you need to have a balanced game plan. The online board comprises 4 pockets and you need to drag and leave the sticker in such a way that it aces a maximum number of coins in your account. The one with the highest score wins the race and remember there is a difference between grabbing more coins and getting a better score. In carrom, it tends to be different!

How to Play Carrom

Drag your finger on the sticker to form an aim and leave it in a subtle manner to ensure that you collect maximum coins in your pot. Always remember that the queen comes with a subsequent coin only, irrespective of its colour. If your sticker goes through the pocket then it’s a foul and you will miss a chance in such a case.

Each colour coin has a respective value and in the end, the scores are calculated on the basis of the colours of the coins. The one who gets the maximum score wins the challenge.

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3. Chess

Chess is among the most brain churning games across the world and is known to be the oldest of its kind. However, the online version of this version is more interesting than the classic mode as it is time-based and you get a limited time to complete it. The 3D setup of the game features a checkered board comprising equally sized white and black squares. It is a two-sided game with the black and white opponents having an individual king, queen, and team of soldiers. The aim of the game is to capture the opponent’s king.

How to Play Chess

The game features 6 kinds of pieces, each one having a different way of moving. Chess is an intricate game and you need to learn these moves first before playing the game. As the game proceeds, you need to capture the opponent’s players, especially the king to win the challenge.

4. Snake and Ladders

Snakes and ladders are an old game and have to emerge to be a popular online board game in recent years. The game involves two or more players and features a board comprising numbers, snakes, and ladders. You just need to avoid the numbers with snake mouth and prefer taking boxes from where ladders are starting.

How to Play Snake and Ladders

Your token opens with a 6 on the dice. Tap the screen to roll the dice and once you get a 6 start proceeding one by one. Whenever you reach a box with a ladder, take it to reach an upper box. This improves your position in the game. If you reach a box with the mouth of the snake then you will be dragged down to the box where its tail ends. The player who reaches the home first after all these hurdles win the game.

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5. Chinese Checkers

Chinese Checkers is a strategic game, originally developed by Germans and got its name because of its unique gameplay. It can be played between two, three, four, or six people and can also be clubbed with partners. All the players are supposed to choose a colour and get 10 marbles of the same colour which are placed within the coloured triangle. If you wish to win the game then you need to be the first player to move all ten marbles across the board, to the opposite triangle.

How to Play Chinese Checkers

While it’s your turn, you need to move a marble at a time. It can be moved to an adjacent open space or may skip over other marbles that are placed right next to your marble. However, only a single marble can be jumped at a time.

6. Connect 4

Connect 4 is another interesting online board game that involves strategy and churns your brain. It’s quite easy to play but if you wish to score well then you need to involve a variety of techniques. The online version of the game comes in a variety making you have a never-ending gaming experience. You can also play Connect 4 on the Winzo app and earn money with all your wins.

How to Play Connect 4

You need to create a line using four disks of the same colour. You need to position disks on the column until four of them are in a common row. The row can be either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, as per convenience. The game turns challenging when lesser space is left and it gets filled with discs. To avoid such situations, you need to prefer forming horizontal or diagonal lines.

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If you wish to play online board games then download the Winzo App and indulge in a never-ending gaming experience with your friends and loved ones. It is one of the most trusted gaming platforms in India and ensures a fair game for everyone. The platform also gives you a chance to win real cash for all your victories and has emerged to be a favourite pastime for many gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Board Games

Q) Which is the best online board game?

A) There are numerous online board games such as Ludo, Carrom, Monopoly, Chinese checkers, snake & ladder, chess, etc. Ludo can say to be the leading board game as it is a favourite of many players.

Q) Do I need to download online board games?

A) You can download the Winzo App to play online board games, especially Ludo, Carrom, Chess, Connect 4, etc.

Q) Can I win cash by playing online board games?

A) Yes, if you are playing games on the Winzo then you can win real cash with all your wins. Winzo ensures a fair and transparent game and the reward gets transferred to your account within 15 minutes of winning a game.



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