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How To Always Win Ludo Game Online – Best 15 Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks that make you win Ludo Game Online every time you play. 

Here are some useful tips and tricks that are sure to help you nail the game. 

For the love of board games, Ludo is one of the games that is popular since immemorial. Traditionally, people used to play ‘Pachisi’ which was a little tricky game and Ludo is a simpler version of it. 

We know that you have a lot of childhood memories around the game and up until now, this game succeeds to keep you entertained. The popularity of the game has made it reach our fingertips where we can still play with random players without looking for a partner to play with. 

We also understand that you have a winning attitude and losing the game (even when playing with strangers) is something that you do not appreciate. 

Ludo, a classic board game enjoyed by people of all ages, becomes even more engaging when you incorporate some smart ludo tips and tricks. Whether you’re a seasoned ludo player or just starting, understanding effective ludo tricks can give you an edge.

A fundamental ludo tip is to focus on both offensive and defensive strategies. Ensure your tokens are safe while actively targeting your opponent’s tokens. The essence of winning lies in the balance of these ludo game techniques.

Moreover, for the ultimate ludo strategy, try to form blockades near your home column to protect your tokens from being hit by your opponents. Similarly, breaking your opponent’s blockades can disrupt their progress and set them back.

These fundamental ludo game tricks can be game-changers, and practicing them regularly will enhance your skills as a ludo player. By combining these ludo tips and tricks, you can significantly improve your chances of success in this delightful and competitive board game.

So, after consulting a lot of experienced players, we’ve brought some helpful tips that are going to make you invincible at it.

15 Best Tips and Tricks That Makes You Win Ludo Game Online 

Ludo is a strategy game but yes, you have no control over the die rolls. So, luck does come into the picture but then if you know the expert ludo game tricks then you can win every time you play online. 

Without much further ado, let’s take a look at tips and tricks that you might come in handy while playing Ludo cash game: 

1. Open All Of Your Tokens 

We know rolling 6s is one of the things that we do not have control over. So, whenever you roll a 6 (out of sheer luck), open all of your tokens. This way, you won’t be struggling to open your tokens when one of your tokens reaches the home triangle. This is amongst the best ludo winning tricks.

Having fewer options in your hand is never considered a good strategy in any game. 

2. Never Race A Single Token Only 

You win when your all four tokens reach the home triangle. So, it is better to move them simultaneously rather than moving one token only. 

Try to spread out your tokens all over the board. This would help you form a block or maybe capture other opponent’s tokens giving you a chance to win. 

3. Capture the Opponent’s Tokens 

Ludo is not about opening all of your tokens and then spreading them across the board. It’s also about sending the opponent’s token back to their play-yard by capturing them. This is one of the best ludo tips and tricks

Hence, whenever you get a chance, you should capture the opponent’s tokens.

4. Block The Opponent’s Tokens 

Now, if you aren’t able to capture your opponent’s tokens, another trick is to block them. This way, they won’t be able to move past your token or capture your tokens (only those who formed a block). 

Keeping a close eye on every token on the board is the key to your success. And, this goes without saying that you need to act while keeping an eye.

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5. Keep Your Tokens At A Safe Place 

Apart from your play-yard, there are numerous places and the techniques to keep your tokens safe across the board. 

Never move a token who is about to reach the home triangle rather move other tokens who would be less likely to be captured by the opponents. 

Moving your tokens wisely is your gameplay and you should be giving a thought whilst moving your tokens across the board. 

6. Decide Your Game Play 

Everyone has their own unique gameplay. Some people like to win without capturing any opponent’s tokens while some like being aggressive. 

You need to decide your gameplay before starting the game. If you are looking to win the game, you need to play a little safe but then if you wanna enjoy Ludo to the fullest, capturing and getting captured adds up the thrill. 

7. Prioritize Moving Your Pieces Out of the Home Zone: 

Concentrate on getting as many pieces out of the home zone as quickly as you can in the early going. This will boost your versatility and improve your chances of subsequently receiving a high roll.

8. Keep Your Pieces Together 

Look to keep your pieces together so that you may form a blockade and stop your opponents from advancing. When your adversaries have pieces on the board that are almost to the finish line, this can be very beneficial.

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9. Be Strategic When and What You Roll 

When you have multiple pieces on the board, try to use your rolls strategically to move the pieces that are in the best position to advance. This could also mean letting go off a piece that is far behind in the order as opposed to the ones closer to the finish line. 

10. Don’t be Afraid to Take Risks: Be Brave and Take Risks

For instance, if you’re behind in the game and your opponent has a piece on the board that’s close to the finish line, you might want to take a chance and try to knock that piece back to the home zone. This could set your opponent back and give you a chance to catch up.

11. Time Your Token Exits

In Ludo, the moment you move your tokens out of the home zone can significantly impact your overall game strategy. It’s essential to be strategic about this timing. Moving your tokens too early might expose them to potential captures, while waiting too long might slow your progress. Consider factors like the positions of your opponents’ tokens, the potential routes to safety, and the dice rolls needed to exit your tokens.

12. Plan Your Routes

To excel in Ludo, best ludo tips is thinking ahead and planning your token routes is crucial. Try to anticipate where your tokens should be positioned at different stages of the game. Think about the most efficient paths to reach the safe zone or potentially capture your opponents’ tokens. This planning involves considering various scenarios and strategizing your moves accordingly.

13. Observe Your Opponents

Successful Ludo players pay close attention to their opponents’ moves. By observing your opponents’ strategies, you can gain insights into their gameplay style and tendencies. Understanding how they approach the game allows you to make informed decisions. You can adapt your moves to counter their tactics or exploit their weaknesses.

14. Utilize Your Home Column

The home column in Ludo is a safe zone where your tokens are less vulnerable to being captured. It’s crucial to make the most of this space to consolidate your tokens and protect them from potential captures. When your tokens are in the home column, they are close to reaching the safe zone, making it a strategic position for launching them toward the finish line.

15. Stay Flexible

In Ludo, adaptability is a key component of a successful gameplay strategy. Rather than sticking rigidly to a single plan, it’s essential to remain open to adjustments as the game unfolds. Circumstances can change rapidly, and your opponents may have unpredictable moves. By staying flexible and prepared to adjust your tactics, you can effectively respond to new developments, seize opportunities, and outmaneuver your opponents.

16. Focus on Blocking Opponents

It is important to strategically position your tokens apart from capturing opponents’ tokens. This will disrupt the game plan of the opponent and give you an advantage. It is very important to understand and decipher their approach and the tactics they are employing. With close observation you can always adapt your moves and take measures to counter them.

17. Keep Track of Dice Rolls

Always pay close attention to the dice rolls of your opponents. This will help you anticipate their moves and plan your strategy accordingly. Dice rolls are crucial since players will take turns in a clockwise order – the highest throw of the die starts the game. After each throw, the player decides which piece to take forward. 

18. Use Safe Zones Wisely

Look out for safe zones since these zones will protect your tokens from being captured. However, don’t stay in the safe zone for too long, as you need to move your tokens to the finish line to win. It is also very important to be prudent when using these safe zones as they can also stall your progress in the game.

Bonus Tip: Know All The Ludo Rules Before Playing 

It is highly recommended to know all the rules before you start playing Ludo online. Rolling the die perfectly, when to capture, when to block and other rules that would be a boon for you if you wanna win the game. 

FAQs about How to win Ludo Game Online

Q ) How can you always win while playing Ludo Online?

A ) Well, Ludo is a strategy board game and you need to come up with a winning strategy while you play. However, there are some tips and tricks that might help you win the game every time you play. 

Q) Is Ludo A Skill-based or Luck Game?

A) Ludo is neither a skill based (purely) nor a luck game. It is a strategy game where you do not have control over the die rolls. 

Q) Is there any color that wins the most? 

A) No, there is no such color strategy in the game. Winning strategy is purely upon your understanding of the game and of course, your gameplay. 

Q) Where can I play online ludo games?

A) The Winzo Ludo is the most trending app to play this game online. You can download it on your mobile phone or laptop or even share it with your friends to let them join in. You can also play this game offline with your friends and family.

Q) Is it safe to open all the tokens in Ludo?

A) Yes, it is important to open all the tokens as soon as possible as then you have an ultimate chance to plan your game. You must always have a strategy to use your tokens wisely.

Q) What’s the best way to handle being in a disadvantageous position in Ludo?

A) When you find yourself falling behind or facing tough situations in Ludo, it’s crucial to maintain a resilient and strategic mindset. You can consider prioritizing defensive moves to protect your tokens, strategically exiting tokens from your home, and observing opponents to take advantage of their mistakes. Additionally, be open to seizing opportunities as they arise, even when the odds seem against you.

Q) How can I improve my dice rolling skills in Ludo?

A) While you can’t control the outcome of the dice, you can improve your rolling technique by developing a consistent and steady roll. Make sure you shake the dice cup thoroughly and roll with a controlled motion to reduce the element of chance. However, remember that Ludo is primarily a game of luck, and even skilled rolling won’t guarantee victory.

Q) Are there specific strategies for different player counts in Ludo?

A) Yes, the number of players can influence your Ludo strategy. In a four-player game, competition for safe zones and paths to the finish line is more intense. In contrast, with fewer players, you may have more space to maneuver your tokens. Adapt your strategy by considering the number of opponents and the level of competition to maximize your winning potential.



  1. Ludo game is tricky game from past 1 month i am loosing for getting 1when apponent has two pawns in the home and he/she only win getting 6 always ridiculous


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