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Best 15 Board Games for Kids That Makes Them Sharper

Board games are a perfect way to develop your child’s brain. The little tricks and easy strategies help children to get familiar with the concept of losing and winning as well. Here are some of the best board games for kids that they should play in their growing age.

Board games have always been a rescue for most of the parents when they want their kids to take a break from their toys or television. They were affordable, fun and kept their kids engaged for long hours in a day. Not only this, board games have helped develop their child’s brain into doing something productive in a day. 

Apart from this, board games are a fun teacher. There are games that make your child learn spellings, calculate numbers, learn tables and more. Not to mention, they develop critical thinking in a child and help them develop their own skill set since childhood. 

If you are looking for the best board games for your kids, we’ve rounded up some classics for you which are surely going to keep your kids entertained for hours.

List of 15 Best Board Games For Kids

Too much screen time has taken a toll on the best days of your child’s life. Board games can be the best alternative you are looking for from such a long time. 

Not just for your kids, board games offer you a memorable family time. Remember, the times when we were kids and we used to sit after dinner to play with our parents? Hahaha, there was always a sore loser and boastful winner. Well, nothing can be more cozy, memorable and fun as compared to this indoor activity. 

Here are some of the classic board games that are going to give you the best family time ever: 

1. Scrabble 

Scrabble is a simple word game where you form words to earn points. You are given a set of letters with which you have to make words. The person who makes the most number of words wins the game. 

The game is played by both young and old, as it is really fun to brainstorm words out of the letters you got. Giving a knowledge of words that your child might not know, scrabble is a classic board game that never goes out of the gaming arena. 

2. Chutes and Ladders 

Chutes and Ladders is a wonderful game for kids starting at 3 years old. The board game has 100 squares (numbered 1-100) and you have to race your game piece to the 100th square. In the squares, you find ladders which let you climb up unless you come sliding down from a chute. Climbing and sliding depends on the square on which your game piece lands. 

The game helps your kids learn numbers and makes them count while racing to the finishing 100th square. 

3. Chinese Checkers 

The Chinese Checkers is a fun board game that looks like a six pointed star. This star board has holes where coloured marbles can fit in. The main objective of the game is to make all of your marbles (each player gets 10 marbles) reach to the opposite point of the star. 

On your turn, you can hop on the adjacent empty hole. Remember, you are allowed to move just one marble. This game can be played between 2-6 people and is an extremely fun game 

4. Chess

Chess is a classic strategy game and comes with a million rules. The game teaches a child patience, strategy, and loads of concentration. As it is a slightly difficult game, children above 10 years of age can really nail it (no offence to child prodigies). 

A chess board has white and black squares spread across. The game pieces have predefined moves and a player must adhere to all chess rules to win the game. 

5. Monopoly 

Monopoly is a classic board estate game that requires serious business skills. Most of the game is related to real life. Monopoly is designed for children of all ages and there are different editions suiting different child ages. 

Need to make your child learn about money and how to save it for the greater good, Monopoly is your sure shot choice. 

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6. Twister 

Want to teach balance to your child? Twister is one such game where you burn a chunk of your energy while twisting, turning and balancing on the color palettes on the board. 

Extremely fun and challenging, Twister requires just one rule where you do not have to fall down while you twist your body. Every child likes to play the game and you can have a fun night time with your family. 

Even adults love to play this game as they have less room for twisting and turning. Falling abruptly on the floor makes everyone laugh and lets you have a memorable time. 

7. Candy Land 

Candy Land is for 3 years old kids who don’t need a lot of logic or strategy to play the game.The only thing they need to know is colours. 

Candy Land requires less logic but it sure does require a chunk of concentration. It teaches a child on how to take turns effectively and not to forget good sportsmanship. If you are looking for a fun-filled game, Candy Land can be the one for you. 

8. Guess Who? 

Guess Who is a widely popular game that makes children think outside of the box. It challenges their imagination while solving the mysteries of the game. This game is exciting yet thrilling making your kids play for hours. 

An easy and a simple game that is, Guess Who can be played by children of 6 years and above. The speciality of this game is that it doesn’t become predictable even if you play it over and over again. 

9. Zingo 

This game is enjoyed across generations and is the most popular game played in family get togethers. Obviously, some games never get old and to keep your child entertained during a family get together, Zingo comes in handy. 

It is a twist-on game where you need to be on your toes, watching as tiles with various captioned images pop out of the bottom of the ‘Zinger’. As soon as you see a tile matching a spot on your board, you need to call it. The first player that has a full board wins. 

10. Smart Farmer 

Smart Farmer is a 100% solo activity game that can be played even when there is no opponent. It consists of several game pieces like cows, horses, water troughs and more. For a better understanding of the game, there is a booklet that helps you determine several types of arrangement of these pieces. 

The player has to arrange the pieces in such a way that there is a solvable layout at the end. Smart Farmer keeps your children engaged for a long time. 

11. Trouble  

Trouble is yet another awesome game with mind-boggling twists and turns. The built-in pop-o-matic die roller makes it easy to refrain from rolling into corners of your home. A game of luck and a little skill is surely going to make your kid bite his nails to see what surprises the game brings as it begins. 

You just have to put your coloured pegs in the colour coded slots. The popper then rolls the die making you sit on your edges just to see the number on the die you need. Trouble helps your children learn to count and simple rules makes it easy for a 4 year old to play. 

12. Operation 

Well, if you want your kid to develop fine motor skills, operation is one of the most important board games for kids. A perfect hand and eye coordination is a must when you are playing this game. 

A wrong move will set the buzzer off and you’ll have to play the game all over again. Giving your chills, the operation is sure to be in your shopping carts to make your kids learn while playing. 

The best part of the game is that a kid can play this game solo or take turns.  

13. Connect 

If you want your child to play quick and fact games, nothing can beat Connect. The game is perfect for short duration and helps a child to learn to form strategies quickly. 

In this game, a player drops the checkers in slots one at a time. The checkers need to complete a row of four to win the game. Connect doesn’t have unnecessary confusing rules or any out of the blue complications like other games. Children of age above 3 can play the game without much of a learning curve. 

14. Carrom 

Carrom is a tabletop square board game that is played between 2 players. This game can be played between 4 players as doubles as well. 

Carrom has 18 game pieces (black and white) and a red game piece (queen). The players have to pocket all of their colour game pieces along with the red game piece to win the game. The carrom board has 4 corners or holes to catch your game pieces when you pocket them. Children of age above 6 years can play this game and have a junior version of the game to begin with. 

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15. Ludo 

A popular strategy board game that Ludo is, it is derived from an ancient game named ‘Pachisi’. The game is played with the help of a single die and you need 2-4 players to play the game. 

You are given 4 game pieces or tokens at the beginning of the game. Now, you have to race them to the winning square at the centre of the board. The catch here is that your game pieces move according to the rolls of the die. 

Sometimes, it is pure luck that your die comes exactly what you need. Children of age 6 years and above can play Ludo easily. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Board Games for Kids

Q) What board game does a 7 year old play? 

A) A strategy board game would be best for a 7 year old child. This is sure to challenge and develop his brain towards logical thinking. 

Q) What is the easiest board game to play with a child?

A) You can play Zingo or Connect4 with your child if you need a light and a short duration game. Otherwise, you can choose to play Guess Who with your child which is slightly of a longer duration.

Q) What game can I play with my kid who is older than 10 years? 

A) You can choose to play a strategy board game with your kid like Catan, Game of life, Brain Games, Stratego and more of these. 

Final Words

Board games are always fun to play with your kids. And we know what joy it brings to you when you see your kid playing, laughing and giggling. 

It is the most memorable time of someone’s life where the whole family gets together just to play and have a little fun along. 

We hope that you like our choices for board games suitable for your kids. They are surely going to make you choose a game that is the best fit for your kid. 

Do let us know about your memories on Instagram.

We’ll love to hear from you. 

Until then, have a great time playing with your kids. 




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