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Best 17 Strategy Board Games That You Can Play With Your Family 

Owing to the popularity, strategy board games have upgraded themselves to suit your needs as an adult. So, here are some of the best strategy board games that you can play with your family and have a fun time together. 

Board games have always been a way to kill time during summer holidays in our childhood. It has our major memories where our family used to get together and play. The laughs when a sore loser used to crib about someone cheating and a boastful winner who never stops telling about his win to other family members. 

Incredible it is! Right? But, why let it be a childhood thing? Strategy board games for adults have brought back the time where you can still play with your friends and family, reliving those fun moments. 

Want to know more about the best strategy board games that you can play with your family? Well, we have listed down some of the games just for you. 

17 Best Strategy Board Games 2022

Game nights have never been this interesting without board games. However, online gaming has changed the entire gaming arena where people have every game on their fingertips which they play from any corner of the world. 

But still board games haven’t lost their charm. Whenever there is a power cut or blackout, board games have been there to the rescue. Isn’t it?

Nowadays, you find upgraded board games that are tricky and challenging, giving you the most fun gaming night you’ve ever imagined. Test your decision making skills and unleash the competitive side of yours with these strategy board games mentioned below: 

1. Betrayal At House On The Hill 

A haunted mansion, you and your friends fighting together to save your lives, and finding a way out of the mansion alive is what this game is about. 

Betrayal At House On The Hill is one such spooky game which gives you an experience you’ve never thought of. The twist in the game is that one player betrays while the rest still fights for their lives. To get out of the mansion, you need to plan a strategy with your friends and find the betrayer as the game progresses. 

2. Pandemic 

A thrilling game that Pandemic is, perfect if you want challenges at every nook and corner in the play. To play the game you have to be on your toes because right from the start, the odds are against you. 

A strategic game that makes you multitask while coming up with a full-proof plan to save the world from catastrophic diseases. Not only saving, you need to find the cure of the diseases. Teamwork and an unstoppable spirit is going to make you win the game at the end. Your end goal is to save the world from diseases. 

3. Gloomhaven

If you are fond of fantasy, Gloomhaven is one such game that brings a pinch of fantasy and adventure back in your life. We are sure that once you play this game, you are sure to play it for long hours. 

Test your decision making skills and bring out the competitive side in you. Learn while you play how to strategize in a way that makes you win the game. Branching storylines and miniatures are the USPs of the game which are going to give you an adventurous ride. 

4. Wingspan

Do you have a strong affinity towards strategy card games? Well, Wingspan is a new board game that has made quite the impression on gaming enthusiasts. No No, this isn’t like Poker or Rummy, it is a full-fledged board game where you discover and attract exotic birds to the wildlife habitat you build during the game. 

And, you don’t have to be a bird lover for this. You just have to be the best planner as you need to plan the habitat on the board. Besides this, the artwork of the game is quite impressive. 

5. Ticket to Ride 

Ticket to Ride is the most relaxing game which has been a delight to play with your family on get togethers or festival nights. 

The game consists of numerous game pieces just to keep the track of the railroad you are creating. In the game you need to claim and create the longest rail route across the map. Whosoever is able to create the longest route on the board is the winner of the game. The easy learning curve of the game makes it possible to play with a 10 year old kid as well. 

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6. Catan

Catan is a game meant for people interested in exploring new areas. An uninhabited Catan island where players have to fight to civilize in the same frontier. Clever maneuvering, good communication and a keen foresight helps you settle down on the island before your opponent does. 

If you are successful in settling down on the island, you are the winner of the game. It is regarded as the most challenging board game ever since 1955. 

7. Codenames 

Codenames is a short duration game where a designated spymaster only knows the identity of your secret agents. The game requires teams and you have to locate your secret agents across the grid. The first team to make contact with all of their secret agents wins. 

The catch is to solve all the clues given by the spymaster. These are one-word clues and you need to figure them out in order to locate your secret agents. An extremely brain churning strategy board game, Codenames is sure to give you the chills you require. 

8. Risk: Game of Thrones 

Risk is considered one of the most intense yet best strategy board games and with a Game of Thrones edition, the game has gained popularity all over the world. The pop-culture spin on an already great-game has paved the way for one of the best challenges ever found in board games. 

The game begins when the players are split into teams, you need to choose your family house and fight your way to the Iron Throne. Familiar game cards, custom maps and themed game pieces makes the game look more appealing. 

9. Scythe

For the love of history, Scythe is a game loved by players who are fascinated by history. It doesn’t mean that you have to be a history buff to play this game. Just a little interest will do. 

The game is set in alternative times where there were factions in Eastern Europe in the 1920s. 

Each player is a character belonging to the five factions. So, you have to lead your faction towards victory and make it powerful through conquering territories and in the meanwhile, you have to defend your own territory. 

10. Carcassonne 

Does playing a game set in the medieval era excite you? Carcassonne is just meant for you. The game is named after a real hilltop in France. 

In the game, you get tiles with which you need to fill the countryside around the city. These tiles are fields, roads and more. Build an impressive structure to attract more followers. The number of followers determines your score and if you score real high, you win the game. 

11. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective 

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective hit the market in the early 1980s and it is as popular as it was in that era. Thrilling props, intriguing challenges and an irresistible puzzle makes this game worth playing. 

The clues, potential sources, and leads that surely make you solve the puzzle of a case lets you make your conclusions. The box has at least 10 cases, each case has a map, directory, newspaper, contact book and a case book that sets the mood. The case book has a set of questions that you need to answer while solving the mystery of the case you are working on. Some questions might throw you off from the investigation and might confuse you but then that’s the whole fun. 

Depending on the questions you get right and how many leads you use to solve the case, gets you your final score. You get a high score if you use fewer leads to solve the case. 

12. Star Wars 

The game is set in the original trilogy that you already know. Playing as an actual star wars character is what Star Wars fans have dreamt of. 

This game is all about a search for fame. You can be a scoundrel, a bounty hunter, or a smuggler in the play. It is a perfectly well balanced game that doesn’t require capturing or defeating someone. There are eight characters that you can choose from, you get a basic ship at the beginning of the game, and according to the characters of your choice you get a special skill set. 

The main aim of the game is to earn fame points. You can send illegal cargo, collect bounties and stuff that gives you fame points. During the game, you can move your ship to different planets, do jobs, upgrade your ship, and more. The more you score, the more are the chances for you to win. This game can be played with 4 players and the one who has a high score in a limited time, is the winner. 

13. Mysterium 

Well, being a psychic gives you the chills? Mysterium is the right game for you. In the game, you need to solve a murder case by working together as a team. 

The beautiful vision cards in the game give you the lead or the clue to solve the case. In it, you are free to interpret according to your wits and your card reading expertise. The game begins with a player who chooses to be a ghost. The ghost start giving vision cards coveying the details of the murder. While the rest of the players are physics who would interpret these cards to solve the murder mystery. The winner is chosen based on the bets (made by the players) and whosoever has more number of bets wins the game. 

14. What Do You Meme?

What do you meme is a new-age party game that has a chunk of strategy and surprise elements in it which is sure to make your party more amazing. 

Compete with your friends or family and become a meme queen/king to win the game. There are caption cards and photo cards, match them according to the wits you have and create a hilariously funny meme out of it. 

The person who gets the most laughs wins the game. 

15. Splendor

Splendor is a simple game where you just have to collect gem mines and become the richest merchant in history. The game excites you to the core where you use gem cards to build bigger riches in order to attract nobles. 

The strategy here is to determine trade routes, storefronts and how to collect gem mines. Keeping a watchful eye on your opponent’s strategy so that you are always one step ahead from their strategy. 

Weighted gem tokens, hundreds of cards and character tiles makes the game even more interesting.

16. Chess

Chess is known to be one of the most popular strategy board games and is played by two players. The game features a checkerboard with white and black squares and each player gets the black or white team, respectively having an individual king, queen, and group of soldiers. The aim is to capture the king of the challenging team.

This is a brain-churning game and requires a strategy to be a winner. There are numerous rules related to the game that must be understood before playing the game.

17. Carrom

Another interesting strategy board game is carrom. The game can also be played in online mode. The game comprises white coins, black coins, and a queen. Earning a queen gives you maximum points, however, you need to earn a subsequent coin to retain the queen in your pocket.

The game has 4 pockets and the players use stickers to hit coins of their respective colour that is either black or white, in such a manner to make them enter the pocket. There are a few rules that are required to be followed like if the sticker enters the pocket then it is a foul and you need to return an earned coin.

Frequently Asked Questions about Strategy Board Games 2022

Q) What is the best strategy game that I can play all time? 

A) The aforementioned games are the best strategy games that you can play all the time. But if you are looking for a fun game with your friends and family, you can play Catan. 

Q) What is the most difficult strategy board game? 

A) No game is difficult once you know all the game rules and little tricks to win the game. The most difficult strategy board game is Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective.

A) The most popular strategy board game in 2021 is What do you Meme. It is a really exciting and fun game to play with your friends and family. 

Q) What is the most difficult strategy board game?

A) There are many such games that are termed to be challenging such as Go, Chess, Civilization, Revolution 2, ROME – Total War, Hearthstone, The Escapists 2, etc.

Q) Are strategy games good for your brain?

A) Yes, strategy games enable you to reinforce neural patterns in brains making the players better at solving problems. According to studies, these games improve perceptual processing speed too.

Q) Which strategy games make you smarter?

A) It is believed that the following games help in making you intelligent – Minecraft, Starcraft, Civilization Series, Chess, etc.

Final Words 

Strategy board games are not just meant for your childhood days. The popularity of these games have compelled the game developers to upgrade them and make it suitable for adults as well. 

We hope you like our choices for the best strategy board games. Do let us know if we’ve missed out on anything. Also, do not forget to share if you choose any of the above games to play with your friends or family on our Instagram.  

Until then, happy board gaming! 

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