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12 Interesting Mobile Games to Refresh your Mind in 2022

Mobile games are the biggest rescue in today’s world, where every person owns a smartphone and has internet connectivity. With endless gaming platforms flooding the online arena with a bountiful number of games where players can invest their time and interest, the experience is enthralling. From card games to thrilling adventures, you get an array of premium releases and classic versions.

Whether you wish to challenge your friends or ace victories over unknown challengers, the online mobile games purvey a perfect ambiance for it. These online mobile games are the perfect rescue to escape the boring hours of your day. If you are looking for the best mobile games to satiate the budding player within you, then continue reading to know the incredible virtual encounters!

Top 12 Mobile Games in 2022 You Should Download Now

1. Call of Duty

One of the best multiplayer mobile games, Call of Duty is a popular video game that rules the heart of players across the world. It is a first-person shooter game, inspired by real war scenes of WWII. An exclusive realm featuring cinematic thrills gives you a perfect chance to churn your brain during boring hours of the day. The game has ranked and unranked matches, and you can traverse through a variety of options to make your challenge unbeatable. 


PUBG, the famous game called Battlegrounds is amongst the popular mobile games and offers a multiplayer royale battle. With all the players challenging each other, the game gives a chance to indulge in ultimate battle scenes with multiple challengers on an 8 x 8 kilometers virtual terrain. You get a choice to navigate through the modes of playing — solo, duo, and squad. This game entangles tactics, strategies, and a playful approach!

3. Ludo

Ludo is one of the best mobile games for android and this board game promises fun-filled hours with friends and mates. The game is inspired by the famous Pachchisi championship of Hindu mythology and gives a chance to relive childhood memories when you would roll the dice and expect a 6 on every possibility to speed up your game. It’s an easy-to-play game where you play against 1 or 3 opponents and make all 4 tokens reach your home as early as possible along with obstructing others’ way. 

4. Angry Birds

You must have seen Angry Birds movies and series, but have you ever played it? If not, then grab the chance of indulging in the quarrelsome expeditions with your favorite birds, the next time you play mobile games. You can encounter bird-flinging, pig-popping, and a lot more to strategically earn as many stars as possible to eventually upgrade your game and earn more elements to spice up your maneuvers. It is a relaxed puzzle video game that was developed by Rovio Entertainment in 2009. 

5. Free Fire

Another amazing mobile game is Garena Free Fire, popularly called Free Fire is an exquisite battle royale game that was published by Garena. It was the most downloaded mobile game globally in 2019 and you need to be the last survivor to win the game. This combat shooter game is conceptually alike PUBG. You will be landing on a deserted island and face the challenges while gathering weapons and supplies and using them accordingly. You need to take down all the survivors that stand in your way to victory.

6. Clash Royale

Clash Royale is another famous multiplayer mobile game that features the Royales, iconic clash facades, and more. You need to collect as many cards as possible to upgrade and the game features the Clash of Clans troops and Royales, including Princes, Knights, Baby Dragons, etc. You can arrange your Battle Deck and outplay the competitors in quick real-time battles. The game exhibits an amalgamation of components from collectible card games, tower defense, and battle arena. The aim of the game is to destroy the opposing towers, King’s tower, and the troops attacking your area. 

7. Poker

Poker is known to be the best mobile game in the world that involves strategic gameplays and tests your brain and churn it to an utmost level. The game require skills and you shall stick to the initial plan to win the game. You can even ask your friends to join in and participate in world-class championships. If you are a Poker expert then you can indulge in cash based games and win unlimited prizes. Rookie players must stick to the basic game until gain confidence on rules and strategies.

8. Rummy

Rummy is one of the trending mobile games and can be played with multiple partners. The game has many variations, including point rummy, pool rummy, deal rummy, etc. are the most popular amongst the available choices. You can download the Winzo Rummy game and get a chance to win real cash by participating in the exclusive challenges. You need to be completely informed about the techniques and tricks if you wish to be an expert in rummy games. 

9. Pool

Pool and snooker have always been commonplace to hang out with friends. If you and your gang love this game then grab the chance of playing this enthralling game online. This popular multiplayer mobile game starts with limited alternatives, however, as you proceed further there are endless challenges to satiate the challenger in you. Private pool rooms can be created to play solely with your mates.

10. Free Cell

Another best mobile game is Free Cell which was earlier known as an enthralling computer game and has today been replaced by mobile apps. It is among the best mobile games to refresh your mind and features an amalgamation of puzzles and card games to churn your brain. In this game, you are supposed to organize the cards in the respective columns while keeping the suit unchanged. If you wish to play Freecell for free then you can download the Winzo app and even challenge gamers from across the world.

11. BlackJack Blitz

BlackJack Blitz is one of the best free mobile games that deals with cards and your mathematics capacity. The game is a good choice for kids as well as adults as it makes us exercise our brains by calculating numbers within a limited time. You are supposed to choose any of the four lanes to place the flashing card and create your stack. Once the sum of the card reaches 21, you will get rewards and the row gets cleared. However, you need to make sure that stacks do not exceed than 21, otherwise, the lane will bust.

12. Solitaire

Solitaire, the name itself is derived from the art of patience and is the best exercise to practice the same. This brain-churning game is perfect for players of all ages. In this game, you need to systematise the cards in an ascending order while keeping the contrast of black and red in mind. You require ample concentration to complete the game within the given time. If you are playing this game on Winzo App then you can also win real cash with all your victories.

Mobile games are undoubtedly a perfect rescue to escape the mundane. If you are looking for the best gaming experience then download the Winzo App and have unstoppable encounters. You can also participate in Mega Championships and earn rewards for your victories. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Top Mobile Games 2022

Q) What are mobile games? 

A) Mobile games are games that can be played on smartphones. Whether you have Android or IOS, you can play mobile games with the help of internet connectivity. 

Q) Which is the best mobile game?

A) The following are the best mobile games – Call of Duty, Free Fire, PUBG, Angry Birds, Cricket, Special Ops, Ludo, Poker, Pool, and more. 

Q) Which is the most downloaded game?

A) According to recent media reports, Bridge Race, Garena Free Fire, and Among Us are the most downloaded game. Others in the race are Hair Challenge, Join Clash, 8 Ball Pool, Ludo King, and Candy Crush Saga.

Q) What is the best game on mobile for free?

A) Call of Duty, Free Fire, PUBG, Angry Birds, Cricket, Special Ops, Ludo, Poker, Pool, etc. is some of the best and free mobile games to play. 

Q) What are the top 10 mobile games?

A) Call of Duty, Genshin Impact, GRID Autosport, League of Legends, PUBG, Pool, Ludo, Carrom, Angry Birds, Poker, Free Fire, etc. is considered to be the top mobile games.



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