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Play Carrom Game Online

Play Carrom Game Online

Players: 2-4
Genres: Board game
Playing time: < 5 min
The Carrom online game has left an indelible mark on Indian hearts and minds as one of the most enjoyable indoor games for children and adults of all ages. The fun board game you used to play with your family and friends is now available as an online carrom game. With a few changes, the online carrom board game is comparable to the original board game. The game is usually played in one of two modes: professional or freestyle.
The online carrom game is played in a professional format as opposed to the regular game's freestyle option. The traditional carrom game is played with two to four players. WinZO provides an online multiplayer feature for carrom in which you compete against a random opponents. There are numerous advantages to playing online carrom games with different players. It allows you to interact with and compete with players from all over the world.

How to Play Carrom Online

How to play carrom game online

Select Carrom from Game-list

Step to play carrom game

Choose the Boot Amount

How to play online carrom game

Join the table and Enjoy the Game!

  • Break-In is a player's opening shot of the game. So, the major goal of the break-in is to distribute these game pieces away from the queen and around the board.

  • Each player has one chance.

  • If a player pockets a game piece, he is given a second chance.

  • This will continue until he is unable to pocket a game piece.

  • When a player fails, the turn is handed on to the next player.

  • If the game is a doubles match, the turns are taken anti-clockwise from right to left.

  • When you have pocketed one game piece of your colour, you may pocket and cover your queen.


Rules to Play Carrom Game


If the player pockets no pieces or commits a foul in the online carrom game, the player’s turn finishes and will not be provided another chance.


The player is allowed three attempts to ‘break’ that disturb the central group of counters, for the very first turn only. There are no chances provided later to break the central group.


If the player pockets no pieces or commits a foul in the online carrom game, the player’s turn finishes and will not be provided another chance.


The player is allowed three attempts to ‘break’ that disturb the central group of counters, for the very first turn only. There are no chances provided later to break the central group.


When a player pockets the Queen but does not cover it, that is if you do not pocket another piece after pocketing the Queen, then the queen will be returned as near as possible to the centre circle by the opponent.


It's never good to take the last cover piece before the queen. Every player who plays carom is well aware thet the queen is the strongest piece of the game and without it the win will not only be difficult but also taste sour even if you manage to achieve it.


It is a foul to hit the carrom men that are touching the disc line or diagonal line. Every player needs to be sure that there striking hand/finger is not touching the diagonal line, doing so will be considered a foul.


A piece is returned to the centre for each foul. As humans we tend to make fouls and therefore there is a penalty set for each foul. Returning a piece to the centre on each foul is one such penalty in the game of Carom.

Carrom Game Tips & Tricks


The Correct Attitude

The first and most important guideline for any game is to play with the proper attitude. Keep in mind that you are playing for fun and relaxation. Even if you are losing, playing with the appropriate mental attitude might lead to a win. This is especially critical while playing online cash games. Having the right attitude is a part of responsible gaming that ensures you don’t let your emotions get involved with the game and create a healthy balance between online gaming and everyday life.

Styles That Stand Out

Learning and employing varied striking strategies is one of the most effective tips for online carrom game for improving your game. For an effective break shot and to pot the carrommen, you can use one of six distinct striking tactics. Striking styles include the use of a middle finger and thumb, an upright long finger style, an index finger style, an index finger & thumb style, a middle finger style, and a thumbshot.

Accurate Time

To pot the carrom men, the correct amount of power and speed are required. The carrommen's speed and force should be sufficient to propel it directly into the designated pocket. Even if the shot is simple, the money will not reach the pocket if the force and speed are not precise. Furthermore, using more power than necessary may cause the carrom men to rebound.

Striking From The Right Side

You must establish a straight connection with the pocket when striking the carrom man in the pocket direction. To accomplish this, position the striker behind the target coin, with the cutting sting and diameter of the striker. Hit the striker from the baseline and hit the carrom man with a cut angle. A 180-degree straight angle is produced by the line from the pocket and carrom man with the striker when making a regular straight stroke. If the edge is straight but less than the straight angle, pocketing the carrom man will be tough. The greater the angle between 180 and 90 degrees, the more difficult it is to pot the carrom men.

Interesting Facts about Carrom

The Origin Story – Carrom, the Great Indian Game

Childhood! Nostalgia

Carrom is a board game played between friends, family & kids. Recall your childhood!


Maharajas Game

Carrom was played by Indian Maharajas and gained popularity after 1st World War


Traveled to Europe

Portuguese took the carrom from India to Europe and named it Star Fruit


Different Versions

Different countries have different versions and Carrom Billiards is one of them


How to Effectively Place Your Arm for Carrom

We know you're startled, but there are regulations about how your arm should be placed on the board while playing Carrom. To shoot the striker precisely while adhering to the side restrictions, you must effectively place your arm.

Why Play Carrom Online on WinZO?

WinZO provides a vernacular and personalized experience with over 100 games. Carrom online board game is a multiplayer game available in multiple languages. The online Carrom is a multiplayer game in which the goal is to collect as many coins as possible. The player with the most points wins the game by using different coins to represent different values. Carrom, with its simple and smooth action, is the ideal game for showcasing your gaming abilities and winning cash prizes on WinZO.

Different Types of Carrom

  1. Total Point Carrom: When playing carrom on a physical board in India, you are playing the total point carrom game variation. Total point is a popular entertainment and recreation game in which participants are allowed to pocket any pucks/carrommen. Each black carrommen is worth 5 points, whereas each white carrommen is worth 10 points. The red queen is worth 50 points, and it must be covered by a carromman immediately after pocketing the queen.
  2. The Family-Point Carrom: Commonly known as the Simple-Point Carrom, is a carrom game variation that is popular among young and old people, as well as when playing with an odd number of participants. This version is widely used in various parts of South Asia. In this form, a player can pocket any carrommen, regardless of hue. The goal of the game is similar to that of traditional carrom: flick the striker and pocket the carrommen in any of the four pockets.
  3. Carrom Point: The Point Carrom variation is popular among children and is widely played in East Asian countries. Pucks of any colour can be pocketed by players. The black pucks are worth one point each, the white pucks are worth one point each, and the queen is for three points. If a player pockets a queen, he or she must cover the queen with a puck in the next attack. The game is won by the first player to score 21 points.



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Frequently Asked Questions about Carrom Games

Customer safety and security is of utmost importance to WinZO. The platform is fully compliant with all the rules and regulations. With stringent checks and balances in place, the platform WinZO platform and WinZO’s Carrom are completely safe.

There are two variations of Carrom available on WinZO namely; Carrom and Free-style Carrom.

Yes, all the coins have varying values, which are as follows: - Carrom: Has a scoring system where where each token has 1 point; - In Free-style Carrom, Black is 10 points, White: 20 points and Pink is 50 points.

Yes, Carrom is a game of skill given it requires accuracy and apt decision making.

Carrom is a tabletop game that originated in India. Afghanistan and the Indian subcontinent are big fans of the game. The offline board game can accommodate up to four players.

WinZO is the best app to play carrom online. The platform has 100+ games in 12 languages.

A firm grasp is always preferable. In this game, you hold your hand palm side down, with your other fingers simply touching the carrom board.

To improve at Carrom, you must practise your strike angles and fine-tune your aiming. It is also extremely suggested that you be familiar with all of the carrom regulations, fouls, and scoring techniques.

The International Carrom Federation has adopted this rule, which allows you to shoot the striker with any finger, including your thumb.

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