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How to Play Connect 4 Game with Your Friends and Family

Connect 4 is an online brain-churning game which is popular among all age groups. Originally, the game was introduced in 1974, however, there had been slight changes in the setup of the game over the years but the rules remain unchanged. The classic version of the game comprises a board with hollows for the visibility of coins and an opening at the top from where you can put your coins.

The online connect 4 is an exciting pass time where you must form a line using four disks or coins of the same colour. The line can be either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal and your defendant always tries to put their colour disks in between your way. If you wish to know how to play connect 4 games like an expert then continue reading!

Rules of Connect 4 Online Game

It is quite an easy-to-play game, however, it turns challenging when the screen is about to get filled with coins. There are some important rules that you must know before understanding how to play connect 4:

  • You are required to place the four pieces of your colour in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line before your challengers do it.
  • Both the participants are provided with 21 discs of their respective colours. Once the discs get over and none of you is able to form a line then the game ends.
  • You always need to click on the column where you want to place your disc or coin. In case, you fail to do it then the coin will collide at the lowest empty slot of the respective column.
  • Connect 4 is a turn-based game and all the challengers get equal chances.
  • If you fail to obstruct the challenger from forming a line of 4 coins then you lose the game.

How to Play Connect 4 Game

After understanding the rules, it’s time to know how to play connect 4 online. By now, you would be knowing that this game is played between two challengers with their respective coins. The following is the step-by-step procedure to play connect 4 game online:

  1. As the game starts, you will be informed of your colour coins or disks. It would be either red or blue. Kindly note that different versions of the game may have a unique classification of colour and structure.
  2. The game is played turn by turn and a coin of the first player starts proceeding from the top. Now, if it is your turn then click on the column where you wish to place your coin. Your coin will settle on the same column.
  3. Similarly, when your challenger’s coin roll down they place it according to their preferences. Kindly note, that the aim of the game is to form a line using four coins and you and the challengers add hurdles in each other’s way to secure a win in your pocket.
  4. As the proceeds, in the same manner, the player who forms a line by using four coins of their respective colour wins the game.

Connect 4 Game Tips & Tricks

Now, you know how to play connect 4 games and must have understood that the game involves logic. You need to be attentive and smarter than the opponent to win the game. The following are some tips that might make your victories in the game a smoother experience:

  1. Be an early bird – You need to create your line by connecting four coins of your colour as early as possible. Don’t keep obstructing the way of your opponent all the time. As you may find that while doing so, the opponent played a double-check and you may fail to stop them.
  2. Plan strategic moves – You can’t just randomly place your coins here and there and expect yourself to win the game. Always remember that the connect 4 is a brain-churning game and you need to plan your moves in advance. Always keep in mind the formation you wish to have, that is whether you are planning a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line and place your coins accordingly.
  3. Look for a second option – Always keep a second option of forming your line in mind as the opponent would rarely miss a chance of obstructing your way. In order to win, you need to keep them diverted.
  4. Keep structure in mind – While trying vertical and diagonal attempts, always remember the structure of the board. The moment you place the coin in the upper most row of the board, the game gets over. You must have a plan to create such lines.

Always remember that players do have their own set of tricks and strategies which are grasped as you become more familiar with the game. The more you spend time playing this game, you will encounter your unique ways of acing victories in your pocket.

If you wish to play connect 4 games online then download the Winzo App now and indulge in an unstoppable gaming experience. The Winzo is one of the most trusted gaming platforms in India and ensures a smooth and uninterrupted experience for its millions of subscribers. You can also win real cash by winning games on the platform. Don’t forget the details mentioned about how to play connect 4 whenever you play the game next time!

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Play Connect 4

Can I play connect 4 games online?

Yes, connect 4 games can be played online. There are numerous gaming platforms that give you a variety of choices to navigate through your favourite games. You can also download the Winzo app to play online connect 4 along with other unlimited games.

Can I select the colour of my coins while playing connect 4 games?

No, you can not choose the colour of coins while playing this game online. As the colours are allotted the moment you enter the game and it remains unknown to the players.

Is the connect 4 game safe for kids?

Yes, this is a game based on logical analysis and completely safe for kids. Make sure that the game is played under the supervision of adults to avoid addiction. You can set a specific time for your kid to play the game.



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