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Real Money Earning Games

Gaming has emerged to be one of the most giant escapes to say goodbye to boredom irrespective of age, region, and interests; people today love playing online games. Today, real money earning games have taken over the gaming arena where players can win cash rewards for their time spent online.

It is one of the best ways to turn your time into money and involves excitement along with churning your brain to the utmost extent. If you wish to play the real online money earning games and be an all-time champion then continue reading to know the amazing choices for you!

From engrossing card games to board games, and numerous casual games that are quite easy to play, here are the best games that bring cash rewards with all your wins:


Rummy is among the most popular real money earning games in the country that comprises strategic planning. It involves gathering similar cards and playing with two decks, that are, a closed deck, and the other created by the cards discarded by players.

The game has two Jokers and you are required to form valid declarations by picking and discarding cards. You must have heard many players highlighting their mega wins and claiming to have won innumerable deals by playing rummy. If you know the game and have a master over wins then this could be your story too!

How to Play Rummy

  • All the players get 13 cards to form valid sets and sequences, which includes picking up cards from the closed deck and discarding the unwanted ones.
  • To win the game you need to make a minimum of 2 sequences, having at least one pure sequence followed by valid sequences or sets.


Another all-time favourite game, Ludo has remained to be an exciting element of our childhood. However, the classic board and dice are today replaced by the colourful online 3D setups where you just tap on the screen to roll the dice and touch the piece to initiate a move.

The game can be played on various gaming platforms on online and offline modes, however, if you wish to earn real then you need to opt for online ones. Developing strategic wins and having unique gameplays make you an unbeatable challenger of Ludo in the online gaming arena.

How to Play

  • Rolling the dice and moving the pieces is the easiest understanding to play the Ludo, however, the game involves a lot more than that.
  • The online ludo board comprises an entire circuit of routes where each corner has a signified colour and is connected to the respected houses of the same colour.
  • You need to pick a colour and make all the pieces of your colour pass through the circuit to reach your home before the opponent succeeds to do it! It is an easy-to-play game and involves cutting the opponent’s pieces and obstructing their way along.


Poker is another popular card game that makes real money earning possible for gamers. It is a tricky game and takes time to be an expert. You need to have a well-planned strategy along with keeping others’ game to decide your moves.

The game has numerous variations, each having a unique set of rules. Betting, raining the bet, and folding are important elements of poker and you must catch hold of them before proceeding with paid boots.

How to Play Poker

  • The gameplay depends upon the variety of poker you are playing.
  • The game involves some elements such as call (matching the bet), raise (increasing the size of the existing bet), fold (withdrawing or sacrificing existing bet), check (declining to make bet), and all in (a situation when a player doesn’t have enough chip and proceeds with the remaining chips).


Carrom is a famous board game that revolves around a queen, white coins, and black coins where strikers play an important part as it is used to hit the coins.

The online setup has 4 pockets and the sticker is used to pocket a maximum number of coins of the assigned colour. This is among the best choices for those who wish to indulge in real money earning games.

How to Play Carrom Game

  • Hitting the strikers with perfect force and accurate angle to make your colour coin enter the pocket is the main gameplay.
  • The player who earns the highest score wins the game and gets a chance to win real cash rewards.


For those who love to play card games, Solitaire is an interesting experience to spend time online while arranging cards in ascending order. Earlier, the game was counted as one of the best brain-churning games but now the game also gives money earning choices.

Yes, if you are playing solitaire on amazing platforms like WinZO then you can win real cash money for all your wins but make sure you choose to participate in paid boots.

How to Play Solitaire

  • Each deck comprises 4 types of cards and the aim is to arrange them in ascending order.
  • It’s a time-based game and you have limited moves to complete the task. However, the winner gets a chance to earn cash rewards.

Connect 4

Connect 4 is an online board game in which you need to connect 4 balls of your respective colour. It is a strategic game and churns the brain at another level as there is always an opponent to obstruct your way.

The moment you think that you are going to complete your 4 balls, the challenger might have done it just before you. So, you need to keep an eye on others’ games too. Playing connect 4 on WinZO gives you a chance to make real money earnings by winning the challenges.

How to Play Connect Four Game

  • The aim of this game is to be the first one to create a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line using four balls of your respective colour.
  • Whenever it is your chance, your colour ball will appear on the top of the screen and by tapping a spot, you can place the ball accordingly.
  • Once you have placed your ball, the next chance is given to the opponent and the game proceeds in the same manner.

Call Break

Call Break is a skill-based game that is very popular in South Asia. It is extremely easy to play and hence, this makes it very popular in India and Nepal. It is a game that is played using a single deck of cards and the different tactics involved here include bidding, trumps, and tricks.

Call Break is also popular as call brake and is essentially a variation of the spades game. In this game a spade card is the trump card and holds an advantage over all the other suits.

How to Play Call Break

  • The primary objective of the game is to make minimum hands similar to the call.
  • Calls are numbers that represent the number of hands that a particular player aims to win.
  • A player that can call between 1-13, with 1 being the lowest call and 13 the highest.
  • Every player has to make a minimum of 1 call.

Fruit Samurai

Fruit Samurai is a simple and fun game where all you need to do is to swipe and shred fruits. Well, not quite easy, is it? There will also be bombs that will be headed toward you and you have to steer clear of them. If you shred one of the bombs as opposed to fruits, your game will be over.

When swiping the fruits, the player needs to be extremely sharp and have impeccable control over their fingers.

How to Play Fruit Samurai

  • If you have just started to play this game, never use more than one finger to slice the fruits.
  • Try to slice and shred more than 3 fruits in one single swipe to score and win big.
  • Be vigilant and pay close attention to the sound clues. If there is a ticking sound, it could well be a bomb and this is when you can opt for shorter strokes to evade them.

Bubble Shooter

The Bubble shooter game online is perhaps the simplest game available online. There is absolutely no stress while playing this game and the rules are fairly easy to decipher. Bubble Shooter is essentially a points-based game hence, the focus should be on adding points to your score.

It starts when a number of bubbles fill the screen and the player is expected to wipe off similar looking colours of bubbles.

How to Play Bubble Shooter

  • Create a strategy to launch your attacks by switching between two-colored shooting bubbles.
  • You can see a dotted line formed when the cannon is dragged. This is essential is understanding and zoning in on your aim.
  • Always, cross-check before you hit the targeted bubble.
  • Don’t forget to use powerups whenever you can. Well, the WinZO bubble shooter game comes with three powerups – fireball (bursts one complete line), bomb (bursts bubbles in a group), as well as a wild bubble (bursts all the bubbles of one color).

और पढ़े.. पेनल्टी एरिया से गोल कितनी दूरी पर होता है


Pool or 8 Ball pool is a very famous game that is played all across the globe. Typically, 8 Ball Pool online is played on a Pool Table – both as a singles and/or doubles game that involves cue sticks and 16 balls, 15 object balls, and one cue ball.

The cue ball is used to hit other balls. It is a skill-based high-speed when compared with snooker and billiards.

How to Play Pool

  • The online pool game has a number of variants and hence, it is always better to choose the game mode before diving in.
  • Make sure you break the triangular rack in the just perfect way in order to get your balls in good alignment.
  • Always stay focused on your own group of balls as opposed to misplacing your opponents balls.

If you are looking for real money earning games then download the WinZO app and get unlimited chances of indulging in such experiences. The app offers 100+ easy-to-play games where you can win real cash rewards.



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