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Beginners Guide on How To Play Minecraft? 

Welcome to the world of limitless possibilities and experiences that never cease to amaze you. Minecraft is one such game where you create your own world and to ace the game- let us know how to play- seriously, no expertise required! 

Do you like to be in full control of the game you play? If yes, Minecraft is that game which gives you all the freedom. It is one of the easiest games that you can play online and if you have the skill, you can become a moderator and make changes to your game for yourself. 

Minecraft can be played as a single player or you can join other players online. We are sure that you’ll be thrilled while playing the game as you have the entire control of the world you create in the game. 

Are you looking for some Minecraft rules or how to play the game, then you’ve come to the right place: 

How to Play Minecraft? 

Minecraft is a virtual world game where you are allowed to build your own fantasy world. You can dig, mine, build, craft and enchant things in the world you build. Not only this, if you deem fit, you can change the entire look by changing the coding/modding by being a moderator as well. 

So, getting back to how to play Minecraft, to begin with, you need to launch it on your device or you can just play the game through your browser. Upon launching the game, enter your username and password to log in. After this, choose your language, and a mode (single player or multiplayer). 

Survival Mode 

This is the first game mode that you have to choose when you are new to the game. In this mode, you have to protect yourself as well as find resources to build your world. The hostile mobs would be attacking you yet you have to resource your world so that you can build it in the later stages. 

Creative Mode 

This game mode requires you to have all the resources, and you have the access to all of the necessary tools and items. Also, you have the ability to fly and are immune to death. Now with all these perks, you are ready to build your unique world. 

Adventure Mode 

This is an exciting game mode, here you have everything. From hostile mobs to different objects required to build your own world. It is sure that you are going to enjoy the adventure once you get the hang of it through the other modes of the game. 

Spectator Mode 

Through the spectator game mode, you get access to enter the world of other players where you can watch how they build their world. In this everything is blocked for you, no tools, no inventories, no entities, in short, you don’t have access to do anything. 

Hardcore Mode 

This is the hardest mode of the game and you can only play the game if you have played the game for a while. You are not allowed to respawn and once you die, your world is deleted from the map permanently, and you become a spectator.  

When You Start The Game In A Single Player Mode 

  • Click the single player mode option
  • You’ll see the list of worlds (if you are new to the game, you won’t see this list) 
  • Click on ‘Create New World’ 
  • You can name the world according to your choice 

PRO TIP: Turn on game cheats if you like a tab bit of adventure while playing the game. 

How Your First Day At The Game Looks Like – Minecraft First Day 

Thrilling, adventurous and scary, this is how your first day in the minecraft game looks like. In the single or the survivor mode, you have a world with little resources and you need to prepare yourself in such a way that you survive your first day and of course the night. Do not forget that you will get frequent attacks from the hostile mobs. 

Hence, you will have to look for shelter, build a house for yourself, cut wood from the jungle, kill animals for food, and gather food for the next day. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Minecraft Game

Q) How do you play Minecraft for the first time? 

A) You need to install the game on your computer and after installing the game, you need to run the launcher. You can also play the game from your browser. After the setup is done, log in, choose your mode by  navigating to the main menu. 

Q) Can Minecraft be played by kids? 

A) Yes, the game can be played by kids as it is educational and exciting at the same time. It helps a child to develop survival skills in any situation. 

Q) Can someone play Minecraft solo? 

A) Yes, anyone can choose to play the game Minecraft as a single player by selecting the single player mode at the beginning of the game. 

Final Words 

This was all about Minecraft and how you can play the game without any hassles. Though, it is a fun and exciting game, it requires a lot of skills from your end. But do not worry, you can play the game in the single player mode, learn the techniques and then move on to the Hardcore mode where you play with different players. 

We hope that you now know everything about Minecraft that you should know before playing the game. Let us know if we missed out on anything on Instagram.



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