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All You Need to Know about Fantasy Games

Fantasy Game is an online prediction game where you form a virtual team with real sports players. It gives you an opportunity to virtually play your favourite games, especially Cricket, Kabaddi, Football, and Basketball. While creating a team, you need to choose players from an upcoming match and you will earn points based on their performance in the respective match, for which you have formed the team. You must involve your analytical skills, research, and knowledge about the sport while forming your virtual team to build a winning strategy and win cash prizes.

You earn points based on real-life statistics that are converted into fantasy points. The better your player performs in real life, the higher your fantasy points get and this increase your chance to get rewards.

How to Play Fantasy Game

Fantasy Games are exclusive games where you create your own team in the virtual arena by choosing real players for the particular game. Once you enter the team choosing criteria, you will notice that each player is assigned a virtual value and you need to create a winning team. You have chance of making a few alterations to your chosen team before the game starts. The following are the steps to play fantasy games:

  • Download the Winzo App or visit the Winzo website and after completing the registration process proceed further by clicking on the Fantasy Game icon.
  • Select a match for which you wish to create a team and you will get a credit amount of 100 to create your team.
  • Choose the players according to the criteria of the game, and proceed further by choosing a Captain and Vice-captain.
  • Enter the contest in which you wish to participate and keep a track of your player while the game is being played in real-time. You can also check the position of your team on the scoreboard.
  • Make sure that you rank as high as possible to win the cash rewards.

Type of Fantasy Games

In general, there are four types of Fantasy Games –

1. Fantasy Cricket Game

You create your virtual cricket team of 11 players by choosing real cricketers from an upcoming match.

2. Fantasy Kabaddi Game

A virtual team of 7 players is created, out of which 5 players need to be from any one team in an upcoming match.

3. Fantasy Football Game

In Football Fantasy You can create a virtual team of 11 from the players participating in a league and score points according to the actual performances in an upcoming match.

4. Fantasy Basketball Game

In fantasy basketball, a virtual team of 13 members from the participants in a league is created. You score according to the actual performance of the chosen players.

Why Fantasy Games?

Whether it is fantasy cricket, football or other fantasy games, the one thing that everyone loves about them is that they bring a spree of excitement. You not only get a chance to use your knowledge about sports but also helps in building strategies and creating a winning team that makes you win real cash.

If you are new to the fantasy game then you can initially start with Cricket or Kabaddi matches as it’s quite easy to get started with. You need to register yourself and start playing by choosing challenges and creating your own teams. The game also turns your passion for the sport into money as you can use your experience in forming a winning team.

Best App to Play Fantasy Game

There are many platforms that give an option of playing Fantasy Games, however, Winzo is among the most trusted gaming app that ensures fair play for all the participants. The cash reward gets transferred to your Winzo account within 30-40 minutes of completion of the match and the real-time scoreboard helps you understand your position in the game while players are portraying their manoeuvres on the field. You can transfer the winning amount to your preferred mode of payment at your convenience.

Benefits of Playing Fantasy Games on Winzo

Experience – The visual interface provided by Winzo is quite smooth and made dedicatedly for sports lovers to make them have real encounters.
Gameplay – You get quite a simple way of creating your fantasy team. You can also see the individual ratings and scores of the player that may help in choosing the correct players for your team.
Offers – The offers by Winzo are unmatchable. By spending a minimal amount you get a chance of winning mega jackpots.
Updates – You keep getting real-time updates of the match and this keeps you informed about the ongoing challenge even if you are not watching it.
Transactions – Winzo ensures the safest cash transactions. As soon as you win the real cash reward, the amount gets transferred to your Winzo account within 30-40 minutes and you can withdraw this amount by using your preferred alternative.

Fantasy Game is emerging to be a trending way to escape the mundane. You also get a chance to turn your knowledge about sports into money by creating virtual teams and winning reach cash rewards. If you wish to have the best fantasy game experiences then download the Winzo app now and get ready for a never-ending gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fantasy Game

How to participate in a fantasy premier game?

You just need to download the Winzo app and register yourself. After completing the registration process, proceed further by choosing a challenge and form a winning team by choosing players who are expected to perform the best in an upcoming match. Also, choose a captain and vice-captain and keep tracking the performance of your virtual team while the live match is going on. The participant whose team gets maximum points will win the jackpot.

Is a fantasy game a stroke of luck or does it need skill?

Whichever type of fantasy game you are playing, it needs skill, knowledge, research, and attentiveness. You need to use all of these while creating your virtual team.

How to earn money in fantasy cricket?

Earning money depends upon two factors, that are, the fantasy cricket challenge that you have chosen and your rank on the scoreboard. While choosing the challenge you can check the reward money slab which is based on the respective ranks. After the match ends, the final score of your team is calculated which determines its position on the scoreboard. If you wish to get a good rank then always be wise while selecting your captain and vice-captain because their respective scores are multiplied by 2 and 1.5 and they can truly be the game-changer.




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