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5 Popular Online Games To Play With Friends In 2022

With smartphones becoming an inseparable part of our day-to-day life, there is an array of online games to play with friends. From interesting board games to never-ending card games and even running challenges and a lot more, the internet is flooded with countless activities that make you have an amazing time with your friends. There are brain-churning games like chess where you can challenge your friends and indulge in a powerful experience by checkmating each other, or spend some hours, playing your favourite childhood games like ludo, snake & ladder etc. on online mode.

Indulging in never-ending adventures where you and your gang are stuck on an island and you all perform thrilling manoeuvres to reach the end of the game or prolonged chases that showers the adrenaline rush, you have a variety of the best games to play with friends online. If you wish to know which game you should choose while you are with your friends the next time, then continue reading to know some of the most interesting choices for you!

5 Online Games To Play With Friends

Whether you wish to have interesting gaming hours with your friends or planning to defeat or challenge them in your favourite game, the following are the best online games to play with friends:

1. Ludo

Ludo, one of the most popular board games is now available online and can be played with friends too. You just need to share a link with them and then you and your gang can play ludo online. You must have certainly played Ludo in your childhood and if you missed it out then don’t worry. It is among the easiest games on the internet and you just need to roll the dice by tapping on the screen and moving your pieces according to the numbers displayed on the dice.

Usually, you need to wait for a six on the dice to make your piece available in the game but while playing on the WinZO, you don’t need to worry about it. From the start of the game, all four pieces of your colour are placed on the first step and you can move according to the number displayed on the dice during your chance. This is one of the best online games to play with friends.

2. Carrom

Carrom is another popular game to play with your friends in the online arena. Do you remember the classic board game with white and black tokens and the queen being the prime attraction? The carrom game comprises a board having four corners, each with a pocket. The game is played between two players and a sticker is used to hit the tokens and put them in the assigned pocket.

As the game commences, the players are informed about their respective colours, that is, whether they need to hit black or white tokens. Suppose, a player is assigned white tokens and if he/she pockets the black one then it is counted in the opponent’s collection.

3. Chess

Chess game is undoubtedly among the best games to play with friends online and involves patience and the churning of the brain to an utmost level. It is among the oldest of its kind and gives a chance to understand the thinking process of the opponent. However, the online version of the game is more interesting as you get a limited time to plan your move and each move comes with a dedicated score.

The game can be played between two players and involves a strategy. Pawns, Bishops, Knights, Rooks, Queen, and King are the members of each time denoted with either white or black. The chess board has white and black squares and the members move on the board according to the set rules.

4. Connect 4

Connect 4 is among the easiest games that you can play with your friends and you just need to join four tokens of your respective colour. You must have played this game in your childhood or college. The game comprises a standing structure, which has hollow circles. Respective colour tokens, that is, either red or yellow are assigned to the players who are supposed to connect four tokens of their colours.

Suppose, you and one of your friends are playing this game. You are assigned a red colour, whereas your friend got the yellow colour tokens. As the game starts, you will tap a spot on the standing blue structure to ensure that your token lands there. In the subsequent chance, your friend will do the same. The main idea while doing this is to connect four tokens and whoever achieves it first is declared the winner of the game.

5. Rummy

According to the latest gaming trends, rummy is counted as a popular choice when it comes to online games to play with friends. It is a famous card game in which you are supposed to form sequences and sets. It has been a favourite pass time for friends who like playing cards, and its online version has lured all those players who wish to have those interesting moments with their mates again.

The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards and comprises printed and wild jokers, which are generally used as the game changers. While playing rummy, you need to form sequences and sets while following the rules of rummy. The game also gives you a chance to win real cash rewards with all your wins.

Poker, Metro Surfer, UNO, Solitaire, Battleground, etc. are other popular online games to play with friends. If you love playing online games and looking for the best experiences then download the WinZO app and indulge in never-ending gaming expeditions. The platform also gives you a chance to win real cash rewards with all your wins.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Games to Play With Friends

Q) What games can u play online with friends?

A) Ludo, rummy, poker, chess, connect 4, carrom, etc. are some of the best online games to play with friends.

Q) Can I play online ludo with my friends?

A) Yes, online ludo games can be played with friends. You just need to share the common gaming platform with your mates.

Q) Where can I play online games with friends?

A) You can download the WinZO app to play online games. The app also gives you a chance to win real cash rewards by indulging in paid boots and ensures prize money with all your wins.



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