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How Many Coins are used in Carrom Board?

Introducing Carrom Game

The game of Carrom has its roots in India of the 20th century. The board game is currently one of the most well-liked ones on the Indian subcontinent and is referred to by several names in various languages. Apart from other social gatherings, friends, family, and even children frequently play it. Depending on where you play the game, different regulations and standards apply. How many coins are on the carrom board is a topic of interest to every player.

To begin with, it is played on a board known as the carrom board with a pocket and involves 2-4 players. Accordingly, players can take turns and try to pot the coloured carrom men (plus the queen) that are given to them. Before we begin playing, let’s learn more about the numerous currencies you can find in carrom.

What is included in a Carrom Set?

A typical carrom set consists of 19 pieces (or coins; the striker is not included) in three distinct colours, one for the queen and one for each player. Standard colours for the players are white (or unstained) and black, while the queen is designated in red. 

Carrom men, also known as CM, c/m, c.m, etc., are little wooden or plastic discs used in the game of Carrom. These black or white pieces, in addition to the particular queen, are sometimes known as pucks, coins, seeds, or pawns (as in chess). Carrom men have smoothed surfaces that make it easier to slide when they are set down flat on the board and are meant to move across the board when struck.

A Striker, which is often heavier and larger, is used to hit the carrom men. Carrom follows the same rules as other “strike & pocket” games like pool, with important roles played by angling, rebounding, and obstructing (the opponent’s carrom men). The aim here is to pocket the queen and then look to go for a cover (either of the two colours).


Striker pieces are used to hit all the coins including the queen and try to push them to the pockets. 

The Queen

The red coin, also called a queen, the most precious coin the game. It is placed in the middle of the circle when the board is set up. 

Following the pocketing of the queen, the player must pocket a carrom coin of their own colour. This is called – covering the queen.

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