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How to Play Bingo and Bingo Rules

Bingo, also known as the game of chance, was introduced decades ago and has gained love of people of almost all ages. The popularity of the classic bingo game has brought it to the online gaming platforms where you can indulge in a fast-paced game with an extra amount of fun and excitement. Bingo is an easy-to-play game that can be played by anyone. It is recreated on a scorecard that comprises 25 squares.

Despite its modern appeal, Bingo’s origins date back to the 1500s when it was known as Beano. Players would mark numbers off their cards as they were pulled from a sack. Over the years, the game has evolved while retaining its core principles and rules.

Learning of how to play bingo is simple, especially online where the computer manages most tasks. To start, select a bingo game on your preferred online casino, choose your bet, and if available, enable auto-daub to automatically mark called numbers on your card. Achieve five numbers in a line, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to win. After winning, reset and begin another round of excitement.

Bingo Game Rules

The bingo game entirely depends upon probability. All the participants are provided with a card having a random set of 15 numbers ranging between 1-90. These numbers are positioned on a card and some slots are left blank. Whenever a number is announced, the player is must match the numbers accordingly and slash it on the card. The following are the challenges that must be kept in mind while playing:

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1. Corners

Each number in the four corners of the ticket are required to be cut as early as possible. The first player to complete the corners, declares his achievement by pronouncing ‘corners’ while playing the game.

2. Line

There are three lines in the bingo game and these are the horizontal line each having five columns. These are known as the first, second, and third lines respectively. As soon as you complete any of these line, you need to declare it.

3. Two Lines

The bingo game gives a chance of two lines declaration. After completing the first line, either by you or by other player, the target it to complete any of the remaining two lines. The challengers who complete the next line is required to decalre it, to win the reward.

4. Full House

After cutting all the numbers on your card, you need to call out ‘bingo’. The one who completes the house in the first place wins the biggest reward.

5. X Pattern

In this variant, the player has to mark off all the numbers that form an X pattern on their card. The first player who manages to do so is declared the winner of the game.

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6. Blackout

In this particular Bingo Game rule, the player needs to mark off all the numbers on the bingo card. What this means is that every number of the card has to be called out and marked off before the rest of the competition.

7. Odd or Even

In this Bingo Rules, players need to mark off all the numbers on their bingo card that are either odd or even. When the game starts, the host announces whether it will be an “odd game” or an “even game.”.

8. Letters or shapes

In the letters or shapes variation of bingo game, the players need to mark off all the numbers on their bingo card that form a specific letter or shape. At the start of the game, the host announces which letter or shape will be the winning pattern and then, players have to mark off numbers on their card that form the announced letter or shape.

How to Play Bingo Online

Its quite easy to play online bingo and you just need to download a gaming app that features bingo. If you are playing the game on Winzo then you can opt between free boot and paid challenges. The following is the step by step process of playing bingo game online:

Start with First Number

The game starts with the announcement of the first number. If the number is on your ticket then cross it. The numbers will be called off in the same manner and you need to cross all of those that exists on your ticket or card.

Be Vigilant and Pay Attention

Always remain cautious about the number called and the status of your ticket. If you are the first one to complete the four corners then call it out to earn points. Similarly, you need to inform regarding lines, house, etc.

Choose a Reputable Online Bingo Site

In order to start playing Bingo online, do all your research that includes choosing a reputable online bingo site. You have to then look for sites that are licensed and regulated, offer secure payment options. WinZO ticks off all the bixes and it also has a good reputation for fair gameplay and customer service.

Register and Create an Account

Now that you have found an app or a website, you need to get yourself registered and create an account. This usually involves providing your personal information and creating a username and password.

Purchase Bingo Cards

The final step to play bingo game online is to purchase bingo cards. Then, choose the game that you want to play and also select the number of cards that you want to purchase.

Bingo Tips & Tricks

After knowing how to play bingo online, the following are the tips that helps in winning the game:

1. Remain attentive and keep a track of the numbers being called. Always cross the number as soon as it is called rather than focusing on something else.

2. Always cross the the correct number otherwise you may make a mistake and call a false call, resulting in deduction of points.

3. Don’t forget to call out as if you miss announcing the achievement within time and the next numbers is announced then you loose your points. The number on which you complete your house must be the winning number.

4. Playing with more cards is a well-known strategy in Bingo to enhance winning chances. While seemingly more straightforward than other methods, managing multiple cards simultaneously can be challenging.

Players need to keep track across cards and pay attention to patterns. Although beginners might find this approach overwhelming, those accustomed to making quick decisions in Bingo often discover that playing with multiple cards can be highly effective.

If you wish to play Bingo online then you can download the Winzo App and indulge in a never-ending gaming experience. Don’t forget to involve the mentioned tips and strategies on how to play bingo to score more points.

5 Types of Bingo You Can Play

There are many different types of bingo games that can be played. Some of the most popular variations include:

75-Ball Bingo

This is one of the most common and popular form of Bingo. It is especially popular in North America. It is played with a 5×5 grid of numbers, and the objective is to mark off a specific pattern on the card, such as a straight line, a diagonal line, or a specific shape.

90-Ball Bingo

This particular type is one of the most popular form of Bingo that is played across the UK and Europe. It is played with a 9×3 grid of numbers, and the objective is to mark off one line, two lines, or a full house.

Speed Bingo

This particular version of Bingo is one of the most fast-paced version of the game. Here, the numbers are called out rather quickly and the players have to be quick in ticking off numbers from their card. 

Bonanza Bingo

This variation of the game, there is a progressive jackpot that is offered to players. The need here is to mark off all the numbers on their card within a certain number of calls. The jackpot grows with each game played until someone wins.

Team Bingo

In this Bingo game variation, players are divided into teams. The objective here is to score the most points by marking off numbers on their card. Points are awarded for completing specific patterns, and the team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

How to Setup Your Bingo Game

Choose a Platform

Decide how do you play bingo in a traditional setting with physical cards and a caller or opt for the convenience of an online platform.

Gather Materials

For Physical Bingo: Obtain bingo cards, markers, and a bingo cage with numbered balls.
For Online Bingo: Select a reliable online bingo platform or app.

Create Bingo Cards

Physical Bingo: If you’re playing at home, use bingo card templates or purchase pre-made cards. Ensure each card is unique.
Online Bingo: Log in to your chosen online bingo platform, and the system will typically generate cards for you.

Determine the Rules

Clearly define the bingo rules, including the winning patterns (e.g., a straight line, four corners, blackout).

Set the Game Duration

Decide on the number of rounds or the time frame for your bingo game. This ensures that the game doesn’t go on indefinitely.

Mark Numbers

Physical Bingo: Players mark called numbers on their cards.
Online Bingo: If playing manually, participants mark called numbers on their virtual cards. Many online platforms also offer auto-daub features.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Play Bingo

Q) Can I play bingo online?

A) Yes, bingo game can be played online on various gaming platforms. You can download the Winzo app and enjoy exciting hours while playing your favourite games, including bingo.

Q) Is there any strategy to win bingo?

A) The main strategy to win bingo is to remain focused. This helps in missing out numbers along with keeping you informed regarding the ongoing status of the game. You must know the numbers you need to complete the house and keep a close check on the announcements.

Q) Can I play bingo online for real money?

A) Yes, many online bingo platforms like WinZO offer the option to play for real money. To do so, you’ll typically need to deposit funds into your account. 

Q) Are online bingo games fair?

A) Reputable online bingo platforms like WinZO use random number generators (RNGs) to ensure fair play. These RNGs generate random sequences of numbers, providing a fair and unbiased chance for every player. 

Q) What are the different variations of online bingo?

A) Online bingo offers various game variations, including 75-ball bingo, 90-ball bingo, and themed bingo games. Each variant has its own rules and winning patterns. 

Q) Can I play online bingo on my mobile device?

A) Yes, many online bingo platforms viz., WinZO are optimized for mobile play. You can access these platforms through your mobile browser or by downloading their dedicated apps. This allows you to enjoy bingo on the go, whether you’re using a smartphone or tablet.



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