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UPI Online games – Play on WinZO, Earn, Withdraw Money

Creating a side hustle income becomes mandatory these days with prices of everything in the world for everything, causing day-to-day stresses in our life. Undoubtedly, having fun with our friends or playing upi games helps us fight our stress. But in our e-gaming industry, with the increasing number of digital payments via UPI (Unified Payment Interface) now we can do both things together, yes now it is possible to earn while playing your favourite games online.

WinZO, one of India’s largest online gaming platforms, offers dynamic UPI online games where you can play and earn money and other exciting prizes. Online game cash withdrawal has become very popular in the recent years.

Digital transactions become very common in all our lives and hence, it has become easy to play upi withdrawal games online and win real money. At the same time, cash withdrawal games have also gained popularity. These UPI withdrawal games provide an opportunity to win cash prizes by playing simple online games that involve withdrawing cash through UPI transactions.

It is extremely easy as it comes with just a few clicks and with this, players will also be able to earn money with online game money withdrawal and have fun at the same time. There are several other online gaming platforms that have a dedicated UPI withdrawal game app for seamless transactions.

These games are highly immersive as it allows players to be involved in multiple rounds, with some games allowing up to three times cash withdrawals. For those looking to earn an extra income while enjoying themselves, cash withdrawal games are a great way to do so.

What is UPI?

UPI is transforming the online gaming industry in India by making payments easier, cheaper and safer. It allows users to link their bank to the UPI app on their smartphone for easy deposits and withdrawals. UPI is a secure payment method for online gaming. Multi-factor authentication makes UPI transactions very secure as they are encrypted and confirmed. UPI also has a dispute resolution mechanism that can help solve problems that may arise during transactions.

How UPI Payment Works with WinZO

WinZO has made UPI available as a payment option for its users, so players can easily deposit money into their WinZO accounts and use it to play on the platform. Thank you to the safe and convenient UPI payment system. WinZO users can enjoy the platform’s games without worrying about payment problems.

  • There is an integrated wallet on the WinZo platform.
  • You can add and withdraw cash from the WinZo wallet while keeping track of your bonuses and exciting offers.
  • You can also track your transactions for the purchases you have made
  • Along with you get the support of WinZo to resolve your disputes if at all arise.

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Top 18 Cash withdrawal UPI Online Games

1. Chess Game

Chess Online is a game in which two players battle each other on a board with WinZo online chess, you choose the cash battle intelligently based on your chess skills and expertise. Once this is done, you have a great chance to earn real money and prizes.

2. Fantasy Cricket

WinZo Fantasy Cricket lets you build your virtual team from 11 real players and set a strategy to get to the top of the leaderboard. WinZo Fantasy Cricket gives you the chance to win real cash prizes while reliving all your interesting memories and trying out your best shots with friends.

3. Fantasy Football

Football has always been a widespread activity all over the world. WinZo Fantasy Football is an online game that gives you the opportunity to create your exclusive virtual team of 11 top players and win rewards for their performance in the real game. Besides, you’ll have a chance to win a real cash reward if your team is crowned the top scorer.

4. Mr Racer

WinZo app offers different types of online money-winning games but their Mr Racer game is an exciting game to gain real experience of different sports cars, locations and high speed with available options to win existing champions worldwide or friends with the interesting advantage of voice chat to increase the fun rush.

5. Snakes and Ladders

To play Snakes and Ladders Game, a player must first download the game. They need to then follow the rules, look for ladders and try to avoid snakes and get to the finish line.

The game’s layout sees a series of squares, each numbered, with some squares featuring “ladders” that allow players to climb closer to the finish, and others featuring “snakes” that see players to slip back down the board, lengthening their journey to the end.

6. Ludo

Ludo is one of the most famous board games that has become extremely popular for many players. This game can be played between two or four players and involves get gameplay. Ludo is a great way to spend time and bond with friends and family. It is a skill-based game and well, you can win money as well.

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7. Metro Surfer

Metro Surfer is a cool endless runner game where you get to be a young graffiti artist trying to escape from an inspector and his dog in a metro railway site. As you run, you can also collect diamonds, power-ups, and other cool accessories.

8. Carrom

After you download Carrom, you can then pocket all the assigned pieces (either black or white) followed by the queen. Once the queen is pocketed, there needs to be a cover in the form of a last assigned coin.

Online Carrom games is very similar to the real-life Carrom – and hence, the experience of online carrom is very close to the physical game as possible. They also often include features like leaderboards, achievements, as well as customization options to enhance the gaming experience.

9. Poker

Poker is a classic card game known for its strategic gameplay. It offers the chance to win money through skill and decision-making. Many online poker platforms allow players to participate in various poker variants and tournaments. The winnings can be conveniently withdrawn using UPI, ensuring a hassle-free cashout process.

10. Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is a popular puzzle game that combines strategy and precision. Players aim to match and pop bubbles to earn points. Some versions of the game offer cash rewards, allowing players to win money and conveniently withdraw their earnings using UPI.

11. Pool 3D

Pool 3D is an immersive virtual billiards game that simulates the real-world experience of playing pool. Players can compete against others and even participate in tournaments for cash prizes. The winnings can be withdrawn seamlessly using UPI, making it an enticing option for billiards enthusiasts.

12. Rummy

Rummy is a skill-based card game that tests players’ ability to form valid card combinations. Numerous online rummy platforms host cash games and tournaments, where players can compete for monetary rewards. UPI facilitates easy and secure withdrawals, making it a popular choice for those who enjoy this traditional card game with a modern twist.

13. Archery

In Archery, it is important to pay attention to the concentric rings on the target. You have to hold and drag and take careful aim at the target. Ensure your focus is sharp since the targets in these games can be both stable and moving in different directions. Now, once you have aligned your sights with the target, press the release button for best aim. 

Keep in mind the direction of the wind since it plays a big role in determining arrow trajectory. Also, be mindful of the wind’s direction since it is important if you have to make adjustments to your shot. The points in the game are calculated based on where the arrow lands on the target. 

14. Candy Battle 

In Candy Battke, players have to strategic and try to match three of more candies vertically or horizontally by swiping them. Players have to analyze the grid’s candy placement and strategize accordingly in order maximize the points. 

Each player that takes part in this game has a 25-second time limit for their turn, during which they must plan their moves carefully. Hence, players need to have two opportunities to play in each turn, adding an element of strategy and timing to the game.

15. Crowd City

Crowd City is another exciting online game that sees players taking on in a fast-paced and competitive world. The objective of crowd city game is to build a crowd by recruiting as many people as possible. The player has to start as a single character in a lively cityscape, players must navigate streets, alleys, and parks. Hence, players have to strategic as they have to also attract other NPCs (non-player characters) to join their growing tribe.

16. Bricky Blitz

Bricky Blitz is another skill-based game available on WinZO. It comes up with an engaging and challenging experience. In this game, players have to be strategic when they place shapes on a grid and look to clear rows and columns in order to get high scores. Success in the game is very dependent on the ability of a player to clear rows and columns effectively. 

As each row or column gets completed, it automatically clears and then there is more space created on the grid for additional shapes. Strategic placement is very important since it needs players to plan ahead to fit shapes closely and leave room for future shapes.

17. Snake Rush

Snake Rush is an exciting, skill-based game where players need to navigate their snakes and collect points even as they maintain the length owhile managing their increasing length. The biggest challenge here is to avoid blocks since it can shorten the snake, jeopardizing the player’s chances of winning.

Bear in mind, this game lasts just one minute and hence, the players have to be precise in order to hone their skills and accumulate the highest number of points during this timeframe. Snake Rush is a game that offers a perfect blend of strategy, precision, and quick thinking, providing an exciting gaming experience.

18. Space Hunter

Space Hunter is a high-intensity, skill-based game that powers players to the role of a captain defending their planet against attacking spaceships. The objective of the game is clear – shoot down as many enemies as possible – but not hit any of them. 

This is a fast-paced game and it needs strategic thinking as well as precise finger tapping. Players in this game should also protect their planet to emerge victorious. Space Hunter gives an immersive and challenging gaming experience – hence, precision and strategy are paramount in this game.

Benefits of UPI Withdrawal Games

Convenience and Speed

With UPI, players can easily withdraw money with just a few taps on their mobile devices. This has offered unmatched convenience. Processing is also extremely quick in upi withdrawal games and this ensures that funds are deposited into their bank accounts instantly – this saves time and effort. 

Secure Transactions

UPI transactions are known for their strong security features. In these games, players can withdraw money confidently – there are multiple layers of verification and end-to-end encryption in place to prevent unauthorized access or data breaches in upi withdrawal game app.

No Additional Charges

One of the major benefits of UPI withdrawal games is there are minimal or no withdrawal fees. It’s a cost-effective option and players can easily withdraw their earnings without any additional charges. However, this could vary from platform to platform.

With WinZo’s exciting offers users get the dynamic and thrilling experience of playing exciting games along with earning easy side hustle income for them. They can easily withdraw from the WinZo online wallet through UPI and can also make a deposit through the same.

Frquently Asked Questions about UPI Online Games

Q) What are UPI online games, and how do they work?

A) UPI online games are digital games that allow players to participate in various activities and competitions, including gaming, with the option to win real money. Players can join these games, compete, and withdraw their winnings through UPI.

Q)Is it safe to play UPI online games and make transactions through UPI?

A) UPI online games are generally secure, but it’s crucial to choose reputable platforms. UPI transactions are encrypted and follow stringent security protocols, ensuring the safety of your financial transactions. 

Q) What types of games can I play with UPI integration?

A) UPI online games cover a wide range of genres, including card games, puzzle games, strategy games, and even sports simulations. These games offer diverse experiences and opportunities to win real money, enhancing the gaming experience.

Q) How do I withdraw my winnings from UPI online games?

A) Withdrawing your winnings from UPI online games is typically a straightforward process. You need to link your UPI ID or bank account to the gaming platform, and then you can request a withdrawal. 

Q) Are there any fees or charges associated with UPI transactions in these games?

A) The fees or charges for UPI transactions in online games can vary depending on the platform and the specific transaction. Some platforms may offer free withdrawals, while others might have nominal fees.



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