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List of 100 Centuries By Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar, widely regarded as one of the greatest cricketers of all time, achieved a monumental feat that no other player has matched: scoring 100 international centuries. No other cricketer has scored a greater number of centuries in international cricket than Tendulkar. 

The master blaster achieved several records in both the Test and ODI formats. Although a few of his records were later broken, especially by Virat Kohli, most of Tendulkar’s records still stand tall. 

In this article, we look into the extraordinary career of Sachin Tendulkar, and his list of centuries in both ODI and Test cricket.

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ODI Centuries Scored by Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar’s ODI career began on December 18, 1989, against Pakistan. Despite a modest start, Tendulkar soon established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the 50-over format. Over the years, he amassed a total of 49 ODI centuries, each one adding to his legend.

1110Australia9 September 1994
2115New Zealand28 October 1994
3105West Indies11 November 1994
4112*Sri Lanka9 April 1995
5127*Kenya18 February 1996
6137Sri Lanka2 March 1996
7100Pakistan5 April 1996
8118Pakistan15 April 1996
9110Sri Lanka28 August 1996
10114South Africa14 December 1996
11104Zimbabwe9 February 1997
12117New Zealand14 May 1997
13100Australia7 April 1998
14143Australia22 April 1998
15134Australia24 April 1998
16100*Kenya31 May 1998
17128Sri Lanka7 July 1998
18127*Zimbabwe26 September 1998
19141Australia28 October 1998
20118*Zimbabwe8 November 1998
21124*Zimbabwe13 November 1998
22140*Kenya23 May 1999
23120Sri Lanka29 August 1999
24186*New Zealand8 November 1999
25122South Africa17 March 2000
26101Sri Lanka20 October 2000
27146Zimbabwe8 December 2000
28139Australia31 March 2001
29122*West Indies4 July 2001
30101South Africa5 October 2001
31146Kenya24 October 2001
32105*England4 July 2002
33113Sri Lanka11 July 2002
34152Namibia23 February 2003
35100Australia26 October 2003
36102New Zealand15 November 2003
37141Pakistan16 March 2004
38123Pakistan12 April 2005
39100Pakistan6 February 2006
40141*West Indies14 September 2006
41100*West Indies31 January 2007
42117*Australia2 March 2008
43163*New Zealand8 March 2009
44138Sri Lanka14 September 2009
45175Australia5 November 2009
46200*South Africa24 February 2010
47120England27 February 2011
48111South Africa12 March 2011
49114Bangladesh16 March 2012

First ODI Century by Sachin Tendulkar

Tendulkar’s first ODI century came on September 9, 1994, against Australia in Colombo. After five years of striving for that elusive three-figure score, Tendulkar finally reached the landmark with a scintillating 110, setting the stage for many more to come. This innings was crucial as it signalled the arrival of Tendulkar as a premier batsman in the shorter format of the game.

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Notable ODI Centuries by Sachin

One of Tendulkar’s most memorable ODI centuries was his 143 against Australia in the 1998 Coca-Cola Cup in Sharjah, often referred to as the “Desert Storm” innings. Battling extreme desert heat and a formidable Australian attack, Tendulkar’s knock not only secured a win for India but also helped them reach the finals of the tournament.

Another historic moment came on February 24, 2010, when Tendulkar became the first player to score a double century in ODIs. He scored 200 not out off 147 balls against South Africa at the Captain Roop Singh Stadium in Gwalior. He finished with an unbeaten scored 200 off 147 balls.

Final ODI Century by Tendulkar

Tendulkar’s 49th and final ODI century came against Bangladesh on March 16, 2012, in the Asia Cup. This was also his 100th and final century in international cricket. His 114 in this match was a poignant knock, as it marked the culmination of a journey that spanned over two decades. Despite his century, India lost the match, but Tendulkar achieved the record for most centuries in ODI cricket. This record, however, was broken when Kohli brought up his 50th ODI century during the 2023 ODI World Cup. 

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Sachin Tedulkar’s Retirement from ODIs

On December 23, 2012, Tendulkar announced his retirement from ODIs, ending a glorious chapter in cricket history. He left the format as the highest run-scorer with 18,426 runs, a record that still stands.

Test Centuries Scored by Sachin Tendulkar

Tendulkar’s Test career is equally illustrious, marked by 51 centuries that exhibit his dominance. His Test journey began on November 15, 1989, against Pakistan, when a 16-year-old Tendulkar faced the likes of Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis with remarkable composure.

1119*England9 August 1990
2148*Australia2 January 1992
3114Australia1 February 1992
4111South Africa26 November 1992
5165England11 February 1993
6104*Sri Lanka27 July 1993
7142Sri Lanka18 January 1994
8179West Indies1 December 1994
9122England6 June 1996
10177England4 July 1996
11169South Africa2 January 1997
12143Sri Lanka2 August 1997
13139Sri Lanka9 August 1997
14148Sri Lanka3 December 1997
15155*Australia6 March 1998
16177Australia25 March 1998
17113New Zealand26 December 1998
18136Pakistan28 January 1999
19124*Sri Lanka24 February 1999
20126*New Zealand10 October 1999
21217New Zealand29 October 1999
22116Australia26 December 1999
23122Zimbabwe18 November 2000
24201*Zimbabwe25 November 2000
25126Australia18 March 2001
26155South Africa3 November 2001
27103England11 December 2001
28176Zimbabwe21 February 2002
29117West Indies19 April 2002
30193England22 August 2002
31176West Indies30 October 2002
32241*Australia2 January 2004
33194*Pakistan28 March 2004
34248*Bangladesh10 December 2004
35109Sri Lanka10 December 2005
36101Bangladesh18 May 2007
37122*Bangladesh25 May 2007
38154*Australia2 January 2008
39153Australia24 January 2008
40109Australia6 November 2008
41103*England11 December 2008
42160New Zealand18 March 2009
43100*Sri Lanka16 November 2009
44105*Bangladesh17 January 2010
45143Bangladesh24 January 2010
46100South Africa6 February 2010
47106South Africa14 February 2010
48203Sri Lanka26 July 2010
49214Australia9 October 2010
50111*South Africa16 December 2010
51146South Africa2 January 2011

First Test Century by Sachin

Tendulkar’s first Test century came against England at Old Trafford on August 14, 1990. At just 17, he scored an unbeaten 119, helping India salvage a draw. This innings was a clear indication of Tendulkar’s prodigious talent and his potential to become one of the game’s greats.

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Notable Test Centuries by Sachin Tendulkar

One of Tendulkar’s most celebrated Test centuries was his 136 against Pakistan in Chennai in 1999. Battling severe back pain and a potent bowling attack, Tendulkar’s valiant effort nearly won the match for India. Despite falling short, this innings is remembered for its grit and determination.

Another iconic century came at the Sydney Cricket Ground in 2004, where Tendulkar scored an unbeaten 241 against Australia. This knock remains his second-highest score in Test cricket. This innings is also remembered as the one in which Tendulkar consciously avoided playing the cover drive to eliminate the risk of getting out. His double century helped India post a massive total of 705 declared. 

Final Test Century by Sachin

Tendulkar’s 51st and final Test century came against South Africa in Cape Town on January 2, 2011. His 146 in this match was a masterclass in technique. Tendulkar reached his 50 runs in 109 balls, while his century came off 213 balls, including 12 fours and one six.

Sachin’s Retirement from Tests

Tendulkar announced his retirement from Test cricket in November 2013, with his final match played at his home ground, Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. This match against the West Indies was an emotional affair, culminating in a heartfelt farewell speech that left many in tears. Tendulkar ended his Test career with 15,921 runs, the most by any player in the format.

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Tendulkar’s contributions to Indian cricket are monumental. He was the backbone of the Indian batting line-up for over two decades, and his performances often lifted the spirits of a cricket-loving nation. His role in India’s victory in the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup was a fitting culmination to his illustrious career, fulfilling his long-cherished dream of winning the World Cup for his country.



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