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Rolling to Victory: The Ultimate Guide to Winning at Ludo

Winning is the ultimate feeling of joy one can experience. And winning ludo can be more exciting for everyone as it’s a very strategic yet fun game to play. We all learned ludo from one of our family members or friends in our childhood, and winning at it makes their efforts worthwhile.

To always keep you on the winning side, India’s largest gaming platform WinZo suggests you some ultimate tips and tricks. It will help you nail the game and also enhance your game skills to earn some very exciting prizes at ludo cash game.


  • READ THE BOARD: – Reading board refers to understanding the board there are four quadrants with different colors, how safe spot works, and how to manage dice value among the number of blocks. Understanding the layout of the board and the position of your pieces is essential for making the right moves. 
  • CAPTURING DOESN’T WORK ALWAYS: – It is important to capture your opponent’s pieces, making the opponent’s pieces start all over again can make your game strong. But sometimes moving forward is the key to winning smartly and faster.
  • CREATE AN ILLUSION: – Try to confuse your opponent and do not let them have an idea about your next move or game strategy. Not giving any idea of what your plan for the game is, pushes you closer to winning.
  • TAKE RISKS WHEN NECESSARY: – While playing defensively is important, taking risks, when necessary, can also pay off. Sometimes, you’ll need to make a bold move to get ahead, such as moving a piece onto a slide or taking a shortcut. Just make sure you weigh the risks and rewards before making any moves.

Note: – Make sure you know the rules of the game, including how the pieces move, how to get out of your starting position, and how to win.

By following these you can increase your chances of winning and becoming a master of the board. Remember to balance luck and strategy, and always be on the lookout for opportunities to capture your opponent’s pieces and get your pieces home safely.



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