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8 Best Online Card Games to Play with Friends

Card games have always been a popular activity to churn the brain and spend exciting hours with friends. Today, online platforms have emerged to be the perfect rescue for those who wish to play either with friends or world-class players. These online card games ensure fair plays and timeless hours. You don’t need to sit next to your friend now to play games, just download a trusted gaming app on your smartphone or laptop and share the link with your friends to join in and get ready for fun-filled hours. If you are amongst those who believe that card games are the perfect escape from the mundane then here are the best choices for you. 

Top 8 Card Games to Play Online

The following are the best card games online that you can start playing with your friends right away!

1. Rummy

One of the most popular card games to play with friends is rummy. This exciting game involves planning and strategy and even gives a chance to win real cash. The Winzo Rummy is India’s most trusted app to play this card game online. It is played with two decks and has two Jokers and players must create a valid declaration either by picking or discarding the cards. In this game, one pile is a closed deck, whereas the other pile is created by the discarded cards. 

How to play Rummy

In this game, each player is provided with 13 cards to make valid sets and sequences respectively. You must make at least 2 sequences, one of pure sequence and the remaining can be valid sequence or sets. 

2. Poker

Another popular card game is Poker which is easy to play, however a bit tricky to be an expert. This is a strategic game and you need to keep a careful look at others’ games to decide your next move. Poker has many variations and gives ample time to have exciting catch ups with mates. Each variation of the game has its unique rules, however, the basics remain unchanged. Once you understand the basics, start developing strategies and be unstoppable! This is a popular choice for those who wish to win real cash through online games

How to play Poker

Each game of poker has its own rules. It depends upon which game you wish to indulge in. You can catch the basic hold of the game by understanding the values of respective cards and choose the game according to your preference. 

3. Solitaire

Solitaire is a popular single-player card game, however, online platforms give you a chance to play this game with your friends too! You must be knowing that each deck has 4 types of cards and you need to arrange these cards in ascending order, by following the rules of the game. While completing the placements, you need to be cautious as it’s a time-based game. 

How to play Solitaire

Check for grouped cards, once the game starts, and plan your moves accordingly to place the cards of the same category in ascending order. Once you arrange all the cards in the required manner, the game completes. 

4. UNO

UNO is amongst the most popular card games across the world and has always been an interesting alternative to spend time with friends. In the past few years, UNO has been an ultimate savior for those who wish to escape boring hours and turn them into never-ending fun. You can also win real cash and participate in mega UNO championships. 

How to play UNO:

In this game, each player is provided with 7 cards and the one who discards all the cards at the earliest is the winner. However, you need to understand all the rules such as calling out ‘UNO’ while discarding the second last card and more. 

5. Call Break

Call break is a popular card game that you may have played in your childhood. It is generally a 4-player game, and numerous rounds of discarding and picking cards are done to attain the set target of 300. In this game, spades are treated as a trump card, with each card carrying the value written. 

How to play Call Break

As the game commences, all the participants must choose a call bid which must be later met, to avoid the penalty. Players start discarding the cards one by one, following the rules. You need to follow the suit while discarding these cards. In the end, the player with the maximum points will win.

6. Free Cell

Free Cell is one of the best choices for online card games with friends. This brainy game has a mix of puzzles and card games. It is alike the solitaire but played with a 52-card deck. The aim of the game is to organise the cards in the respective columns while keeping the suit unchanged. You can play Free Cell on the Winzo app and even win real cash with all your wins. 

How to play Free Cell

The game has 3 sections, the free cells to add unwanted cards, home cells where you arrange cards numerically, and respective rows. Try to keep your Free Cell empty as long as possible. As you reach the Ace cards transfer them to the Home Cells and build the same in ascending order, keeping the suit unchanged. Once you arrange the all home cells in the given time, you will win the game.

7. BlackJack Blitz

Black Jack Blitz ia another popular card game which is also believed to be a variety of solitaire. In this game, you can choose any of the four lanes to play a card and create a stack. Make sure that stacks do not add more than 21 otherwise the lane will bust. You need to keep a check on where you are keeping which card otherwise the game will end. You can play this game on the Winzo app and even win cash money. This is the best card game online.

How to play BlackJack Blitz

You will see four lanes on the screen and at the bottom there will be a deck, featuring a prime card. You need to cards in the respective lane and ensure that the addition of each row remains below 21. The row where the sum crosses the mentioned number gets busted. When all the four rows gets busted the game will end. 

8. Teen Patti

Teen Patti is another activity where you can play card games online. It is also known as flash and is an easy version of three-card Poker. Teen Patti is played between 3 to 6 players. The game involves 52-card pack except for jokers. In this the players are required to make a call. The one with the best call wins the game.  

How to play Teen Patti

You need to put bets in equal amounts while playing Teen Patti. As the game proceeds, the cash amount keeps growing and the player who stays in the game till end, wins the game. However, that player must possess the best or highest hand.

There are uncountable card games, however, your best choice depends upon your preferences. Don’t forget to indulge in the mentioned card games with your friends and have exciting hours like never before. Winzo is amongst the most trusting gaming platforms in India that ensure enthralling games, fair plays, and secured transactions. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Card Games

Q. How to play card games?

A) It depends upon the game which you are playing. If you wish to play card games online then you can download the Winzo app and enjoy unstoppable gaming experiences. 

Q. How to download card games?

A) You can download the gaming app from the play store. You can also visit the official website of Winzo and download the app either on your smartphone or laptop. 

Q. What are the fun card games?

A) There are numerous online cards games available these days. However, rummy, poker, solitaire, call break, UNO, etc. are the most popular card games that offer unlimited fun. 

Q. What are the top card games?

A) Rummy, poker, solitaire, call break, and UNO are the top card games. You can download these games on the Winzo app.



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