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Best Alternative For Call Bridge Game That You Should Not Miss 

We know, Call bridge is an exciting game but don’t you think there should be a version of the game where you earn money while playing online. Here is the best alternative for Call Bridge game when you need to earn while having fun. 

Call Bridge is a popular game that you might have played if you have a knack for playing games that require strategy and skills where you can call the number of tricks you’re going to have in the game. Scoring in Call Bridge is a little tricky where the numbers called are added to the cumulative score otherwise they are subtracted. 

Now, when you know the difficulty you can choose to play a game called ‘Call Break’ which is on the similar lines. The catch here is that you score the number of tricks you called for in that game round. But while doing that, you earn money. 

Let’s dive a little deeper into ‘Call Break’ and know about its features in detail: 

Call Break – The Best Alternative for Call Bridge Game 

Call Break is more or less the same game as Call Bridge and the only difference is that while playing Call Break, you are going to earn leads of money. When you begin to play Call Break, you need to choose the boot amount you want to bet. Just in case, you are here to play for fun, you can still choose to ‘Play for free’. 

Key Features of Call Break | WinZO 

A game of cards, if you like, is the best ame if you like a pinch of strategy, Call Break is the best game you ever played. Obviously, once you start playing Call Break on the WinZO app, you are going to be glued on your mobile screens for hours. 

  • A 52 deck of cards is used and the cards are distributed in the counterclockwise direction 
  • As soon as all cards are distributed, each player has to declare their call (the number of tricks a player needs to score)
  • Each player needs to declare their call from 2-8. The person who calls 8 gets 13 points upon winning 
  • The player sitting right to the dealer leads for the first throw and after this, the winner of the each trick leads the throws
  • The player throws the same color card as the first thrower. Also, they must throw a card which is higher than the current winning card.
  • In cases, where you do not have the same color, spade or the trump card has to be thrown (this leads in winning the trick)
  • Each trick is won by the highest trump in this particular round

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Frequently Asked Questions about Call Break Game

Q) Where can I play Call Break?

A) You can play Call Break by downloading the WinZO app from Google. It is an absolutely safe application that is sure to make you win money as soon as you begin to play.

Q) Is there a free version of Call Break? 

A) Yes, Call Break can be played for free. You need to choose a boot before playing the game, and there you can choose to play for free. 

Q) How many players are needed to play Call Break?

A) Call Break can be played between 2-4 (or more) players at once. 

Final Words 

Call Break is the best alternative to Call Bridge as it provides the same thrill and excitement while giving you the opportunity to earn money. 

We hope that you download the WinZO app and play Call Break for once. Do let us know your views after playing on our Instagram.

All the best for your game! Cheers!



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