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How to Play Dots and Boxes Online

Dots and Boxes, the famous pencil-and-paper game can be played in online mode. The game was introduced in the 19th century by famous French mathematician Édouard Lucas and has gone little transformation since then. The game commences with the empty grid of dots and players get turns to add a line which can be horizontal or vertical. The one who completes all four sides of a 1×1 box earns one additional point. Finally, the game finishes when no other lines can be joined. The player who gets the maximum boxes wins the game. If you wish to know how to play dots and boxes then continue reading to know all about the game.

Rules to Play Dots and Boxes

The following are the rules that you must know before learning how to play dots and boxes:

  • The game starts with an empty grid of dots and each player gets turns to add a single horizontal or vertical line. The player who completes the fourth side of a 1 × 1 box gets an additional point.
  • The game completes when there is no possibility of adding more lines. The one who forms the maximum boxes is declared to be the winner.
  • The grid might be of any size and you can only draw vertical and horizontal lines. Diagonal lines can not be formed in this game.
  • Each player gets a chance to draw a line and then it is your opponent’s chance. To earn an extra chance at a go, you need to earn it by completing a box.
  • You can never claim someone else’s box even if you have drawn three out of four lines for it. The box always belongs to the player who completes it by joining its last two dots.

How to Play Dots and Boxes

Dots and Boxes is one of the easiest games and involves mathematical analysis. The following is the step-by-step procedure to play this interesting game:

  1. As the game starts, the screen will comprise a massive grid carrying multiple dots.
  2. The game proceeds with each player joining any two dots at a time by forming a line.
  3. The aim is to form as many complete boxes as possible.
  4. The player who makes the maximum boxes by joining the respective dots by the end of the game wins the game.

Kindly note, that you need to involve mathematical analysis to ensure that you make the maximum number of boxes.

Strategies to Play Dots and Boxes Games

The following are the strategic tips to understand while learning how to play the dots and boxes game:

  • Rather than joining random dots, form a strategy in the inception.
  • Try to form patterns or formations that help in creating the maximum number of boxes by drawing a single line as the game proceeds towards the climax.
  • Make sure that you use the formations created by you before the other player takes advantage of it.
  • You must be knowing that you get an additional chance whenever you form a complete box, try to use this as a strategy as the game proceeds towards the end and try to give lesser chances to your opponents.

After learning how to play dots and boxes game, it’s time for you to indulge in this game and have exciting hours. You can also download the WinZO app to play this game and earn real cash rewards. WinZO is one of the leading platforms in India to play online games and get a chance to earn money.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Play Dots and Boxes

Can I play the Dots and Boxes online?

Yes, the classic game of Dots and Boxes can now be played online. There are multiple apps and gaming platforms that give you a chance to play this game. You can also download the WinZO app to play this game online.

Is the Dots and Boxes game an addictive game?

No, the game is one of the best brain-churning games and involves mathematical analysis. The game can be played by anyone, irrespective of their age. It is a kind of brain exercise, preferred by many players.

Can I earn money by playing Dots and Boxes?

Yes, if you wish to earn cash rewards by playing Dots and Boxes games then you can download the WinZO app and indulge in cash-based challenges.



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