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10 Best Strategy Games You Can Play with Your Friends and Family 2024

Strategy games are the activities that churn your brains. Earlier, these games were played offline but now players get unmatchable 3D and animated set-ups to indulge in favourite choices. Setting a game plan, keeping eyes on the opponent’s move, changing strategies as per the unexpected turns in the game, etc. are important parts of these games. With countless such games available on gaming platforms, choosing the best one for yourself might be challenging. It depends upon your preferences, whether you wish to play board based, card game, etc. as there are endless gaming options available. If you wish to know the best strategy game then continue reading to know the amazing choices available in the online arena.

In essence, strategy games are ones that need careful planning and deductive reasoning to attain a goal.

Top 10 Strategy Games You Must Play in 2024

1. Carrom

Carrom is one of India’s most popular social games. It’s a multiplayer game in which the goal is to fill the pocket with the most coins possible. A Carrom board is a square-shaped, four-pocketed board with a set of black and white coins. It’s a sport that can be practiced professionally or casually. It’s thought to have begun under the rule of the Maharajas of India. It was once thought to be a royal game, but as time went on, it gained appeal among the ordinary population.

2. Pool

Pool is an eight-ball pool variation played on a six-pocket pool table with a complete rack of 15 balls and a cue ball. Your goal is to pocket all seven coloured balls that have been allotted to you, then pocket the eight balls before your opponent. WinZO Pool is the best way to show off your gaming abilities and earn cash prizes on WinZO, thanks to its simple and seamless gameplay. By creating private rooms, you can play Pool with your friends and family.

3. Crusader Kings III

What a monstrous travesty of a strategy game. While only time will tell if this successor can take the throne of its predecessor Crusader Kings 2, it is off to a regal start.

Crusader Kings 3 has completely revamped the series’ once befuddling interface, making it a welcoming option for newcomers while preserving much of the series’ depth. While Crusader Kings 3 may appear to be a classic grand strategy map-painter, and while it does have in-depth mechanisms for conducting war, the game’s heart rests in its personal, often funny storylines.

4. XCOM 2

In our XCOM 2 review, we gave it a very high rating since it is one of the best turn-based strategy games. It takes the greatest parts of the series so far — the ferocious struggle, the motley gang of heroes, the crafty aliens, the tight tactical skirmishes – and builds on them.

It’s a toss-up whether the War of the Chosen expansion is objectively superior, but there are many fantastic XCOM 2 mods that can improve the base game. Both provide unique but equally enjoyable experiences. Other XCOM 2 DLC is also available.

5. Chess

Chess is a strategic board game played on a square board with abstract rules (known as chess board). The board features a total of 64 squares arranged in 8X8 grids, as well as 32 game pieces. A player controls sixteen pieces, including one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns, and can choose between two color game pieces (white and black).

The main goal of the game is to ‘check and mate’ the king of the opponent. There should be no way for the monarch to flee here. If the king has a chance of escaping, the game will continue until you ‘check and mate’ the king.

6. Total War: Three Kingdoms

The most recent historical installment in the series borrows a few elements from Warhammer, which you’ll find elsewhere on this list, to create a massive Chinese civil war fueled by the game’s unique characters both on and off the battlefield. Each is part of a complex network of ties that influences everything from diplomacy to battle performance, and they’re all superhuman warriors like their Warhammer counterparts.

7. Civilization 6

A list of the top strategy games would be incomplete without a mention of Civilization. Right now, Civilization 6 is our favorite game in the series, especially now that it’s had a couple of expansions. The district system, which unstacks cities in the same way that its predecessor unstacked armies, is the most significant modification this time around. Cities have become these huge things full of specialized sections that push you to consider the future while designing tiles.

8. StarCraft II

StarCraft II is one of the best strategy games and this micro-heavy multiplayer RTS game, focuses on the clicks per minute rise and the game takes you to unusual and even unreadable patterns. As per the analysis, an experienced player can earn about 150 productive actions per minute. This strategy game features an aggressive variety of tasks with an amalgam of never-ending thrills. It is an action game that involves planning along with giving you a chance to purvey your presence of mind and unmatchable manoeuvres in an online arena.

9. Solitaire

If you are looking for online strategy games then Solitaire is one such experience that won’t disappoint you. This game is an exciting mind stirring indulgence which makes you practice patience and seek hidden opportunities within the limited cards. It is a single-player game and you need to organise cards in a methodical order while ensuring that they are set in an ascending order. There are a set of rules to play this game like you can move a single card at a time but is you are dragging a set sequence then you just need a suitable card. Always remember that the stockpile serves to be a gateway to the missing cards and you need to keep on checking it in order to complete your sequences.

10. 29 Card Games

29 Card Game is one of the best mobile strategy games and involves tricks and tactics. The game is quite popular in South Asia and requires at least four players. Rather than the complete deck, the game is played with 32 cards and features 8 cards of all four suits. In this game, J is counted as the highest, followed by 9, A, 10, K, Q, 8, and 7 tend to be the lowest cards. You need to win tricks by possessing combinations of valuable cards. The trump card plays an important role in this game as it can be used to substitute the missing number. At the end of respective rounds, points are calculated and the player who attains 29 points wins the game.

Between the strategy and tactics genres, there is a thin line. In most strategy games, you are tasked with managing all facets of the war, such as gathering energy sources and constructing bases or troops. The StarCraft games are a good example of this. Tactics games, on the other hand, usually concentrate on unit manoeuvring and other combat features. Gears Tactics is an excellent representation of the genre. Games in either category can be played in either turn-based or real-time modes.

Strategy games require you to make a number of decisions in order to achieve a specific goal. They range from chess to military games.

All strategy games are difficult to master since they require a lot of thought and planning to achieve the game’s goals and win. Real-time strategy games are among the most sophisticated of all strategy game genres.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Strategy Games

Q) Where can I play strategy games?

A) If you wish to play these games online then there are countless gaming platforms to indulge yourself in strategic-based games. However, if you are looking for a reliable platform that ensures a safe gaming experience then you can download the Winzo App. You can also win real cash by participating in money-based challenges.

Q) Can kids play strategy games?

A) Yes, kids can play strategy games as these help in churning brains and are designed in a way to perceive an idea or understanding. However, you need to be aware about which game your kid is playing and restrict a specific time for such activities.

Q) Which is the best strategy game?

A) There are numerous online strategy games available to make your boring hours of the day interesting. Solitaire, freecell, 29 card game, carrom, ludo, pool, chess, etc.are some of the best strategy games.



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