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WinZO Has Hit It Out of The Park, WinZO Collaborates with Mahendra Singh Dhoni as Brand Ambassador

The online social and interactive game platform has grown rapidly and has established itself as a reliable household name. MSD will be included in WinZO’s next multi-channel and multi-modal marketing and branding efforts, which are presently in the works. MSD rose to notoriety in World Cricket after leading the Indian cricket team to three ICC titles and numerous more prized successes. He came from humble beginnings in the little town of Ranchi in Jharkhand. MSD’s life experience immediately connects to WinZO’s fundamental value proposition of instilling the principles of reletable, performance, and winning. Along with a gaming behemoth in the form of WinZO, the ‘Captain Cool’ will be seen beginning on a voyage to the top of the Global Gaming Industry by breaking down boundaries and changing views with relevant, inclusive, and targeted advertisements.

Within just 36 months, WinZO has amassed a vast and dedicated user community of over 75 million gamers and a library of 100+ games, cementing its position as India’s Social Gaming pioneer. As a brand that aspires to establish India as the world’s Gaming Powerhouse, WinZO’s collaboration with a household name and revered star in MSD is bound to raise awareness and engagement in the country’s social gaming community to new heights, paving the way for social/interactive gaming to become the most preferred form of entertainment.

With this one-of-a-kind cooperation, the brand hopes to inspire the entire nation and be a part of the gaming revolution that India is currently experiencing.



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