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Top 9 Racing Games to Play with Your Friends in 2022

Speedy motors, Hitech gears, and never ending vrooms are the prime attractions of the racing games that allures adventure junkies to join in enthralling chases. The popularity of online racing games is unmatchable and the games like Mario Kart or Gran Turismo have always remained in the hearts of the fans. 

Today, the gaming arenas feature countless such chases that involve excitement and fun. If you are looking for the best racing games to spend an amazing time with your friends then continue reading! 

9 Best Online Racing Games in 2022

The following are the most popular chases amongst players and you can download these racing games to have fun-filled gaming hours with your friends and colleagues:

1. Mario Kart

Mario was everyone’s favorite racing game when we were kids but hold on, you can still play this epic game with your friends! The game features refined arcade handling, intricate routes,  along with the famous character of Mario. This is undoubtedly one of the best racing games of all time with Mario Kart 8, the latest version winning the hearts of players from across the world. 

2. Subway Surfers

In the Subway Surfers game, you need to save yourself from the grumpy Inspector and his dog by unraveling the routes while enjoying hoverboard surfing. You will be crossing grind trains and numerous challenging obstacles to eventually reach the end. There are numerous elements that make this chase a wonderful experience for gamers. 

3. Crash Team Racing

Crash Team Racing is another exciting choice for those who love online racing games. Known for its exciting ends, the game doesn’t deviate far from the source material. The game comprises fur-throttle with an authentic racing experience. With Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled you can also play the classic game made with slick innovative visuals that features high-end gears.

4. CSR Racing

CSR Racing is a popular drag racing game where you don’t need to worry about handling the steering. Just upgrade your gears and try to reach the finish line as early as possible and of course before the opponents cross it. Here, you can buy luxury cars, and even upgrade specific parts, including gearbox, engine, and body.

5. Dirt Trackin 2

Dirt Trackin 2 is the sequel of the popular Dirt Trackin and features an innovative outlook offering solid gameplay with a variety of exciting elements. The game showcases a bountiful of customizations and has 5 models out of which you can choose your favorite one. Whether you wish to play in a career mode or are interested in a PvP, there are a variety of experiences to indulge in with the revised Dirt Trackin 2.

6. Inertial Drift

With an amalgamation of modern arcade races, this game is an iconic predecessor, where you can indulge in Ridge Racer type 4. The game features an exquisite twin-stick drift mechanic that requires a slight acclimatization before trying your hands on the game. This high speed racing game is an exciting experience for the racing fans. You can re-imagine the real driving mechanics and apply fierce moves with your respective cars in the virtual racing arena.

7. Art of Rally

The Art of Rally is an exclusive retro racing game that gives you a chance to undertake the golden age of rallying. From unlicensed car designs to unusual top-down cameras, there are numerous elements that make this game an enthralling experience for gamers. This stylish rally racing encounter by the creator of Absolute Drift is amongst the top racing games that can be played with friends. 

8. Wreckfest

The Wreckfest is another popular racing game which is similar to the Art of Rally. The game features numerous iconic and unlicensed cars, including the Destruction Derby and Flatout. The game purveys almost everything that makes your racing expedition a memorable experience and you can take old and fashioned cars, wallow control lurch, and smash the opponent’s bodywork. It is described as the successor to the FlatOut series and also a transition between FlatOut and Destruction Derby.

9. Mr. Racer

Mr. Racer is another driving game that has gained popularity in recent years. Here, you can hop into big and hitech cars and step on the gas pedal, meticulously maneuvering towards undefeatable victories. The game features over 100 challenges, where you can chase your opponents while traversing through various modes and locations. The night mode of the game exhibits fireworks and upbeat background music truly add thrills to your gaming vistas. You can also optimize this 3D racing game according to your preferences.

Racing games are certainly exhilarating encounters to invest your time and interest. Don’t forget to undertake the mentioned online racing games with your friends if you are amongst those who love speed. You can download Winzo App if you wish to have an unstoppable gaming experience and indulge in a never ending gameplay. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Racing Games

Q) What are Racing Games?

A) Racing games are those games that involve prolonged moments of exciting chases on a hi-tech vehicle along with upgraded gadgets. There are numerous racing games such as Mr. Racer, Wreckfest, Art of Rally, Mario Kart, etc.

Q) What are the best racing games?

A) The following are the best online racing games – Mario Kart, Subway Surfers, Crash Team Racing, CSR Racing, Dirt Trackin 2, Inertial Drift, Art of Rally, Wreckfest, Mr. Racer, etc.

Q) How to get good at racing games?

A) If you wish to be a good racer in racing games then you can initially start by challenging yourself with faster cars. You can even take more difficult tracks with limitless hurdles.

Q) How to download the best racing games?

A) If you wish the have the best racing game experience then download the Winzo App in your smartphone and proceed further with your favourite racing expedition. 

Q) How many racing games are there?

A) The are innumerable racing games over the online arena, however, Mario Kart, Subway Surfers, Crash Team Racing, CSR Racing, Dirt Trackin 2, Inertial Drift, Art of Rally, Wreckfest, and Mr. Racer are the most trending choices.



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