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Best Alternative For Fruit Ninja | Similar Games

We’ve been playing Fruit Ninja for a long time. Owing to the popularity of the game, various game developers have come out with newer and better versions of the game. Currently, Fruit Samurai is the best alternative game and let us know why further in this article.

Fruit Ninja has been a popular game and we know that you’ve played it while traveling in a metro, cab or during the lunch hours at your workplace. A game where you don’t have to use a strategy is what you require when you just have to play for a short period of time. 

The popularity of the game was so high that game developers were bound to create a version that helps you earn money while playing it. This is how Fruit Samurai came into picture. 

Fruit Samurai is one of the best alternative games for Fruit Ninja providing you a similar yet a better experience. Let us take a look on Fruit Samurai and some of its features:

Fruit Samurai – The Best Alternative Game For Fruit Ninja  

Fruit Samurai is a similar game just like Fruit Ninja & fruit cutting game only difference is that you can earn loads of money while playing it. It offers to call the boot at the beginning of the game where you choose the amount you want to bet. You can also try the game without booting any amount of money by choosing the option ‘Play for free’. 

Note: If it is your first time at Fruit Samurai, you get a 2rs free pass that you can bet and earn more money while playing the game. 

Key Features of Fruit Samurai

Shredding, cutting and slicing the fruits have never been so satisfying. Fruit Samurai has numerous features that makes a person glued to the screen for hours and they are: 

  • If you shred more than 3 fruits in one swipe, you get a combo. 
  • A combo adds the number of fruits sliced in one swipe to your normal score 
  • Sound cues helps determine if there is a bomb nearby 
  • You get 3 chances even if you accidently shred the bomb (this minuses 10 points from your score) 
  • The game makes you earn money (only if you are playing for money) 
  • Shredding, slicing and cutting fruits has never been more rewarding 

Frequently Asked Questions about Fruit Samurai Game

Q) Where can I play Fruit Samurai?

A) You can play Fruit Samurai by downloading the WinZO app from Google. It is an absolutely safe application that is sure to make you win money as soon as you begin to play. 

Q) Is there a free version of Fruit Samurai? 

A) Yes, Fruit Samurai can be played for free. You need to choose a boot before playing Fruit Samurai, and there you can choose to play for free. 

Q) How many players are needed to play Fruit Samurai?

A) Fruit Samurai can be played individually or with other players simultaneously.

Final Words 

Fruit Samurai is the best alternative to Fruit Ninja as it is much simpler and exciting. Shredding, cutting and slicing the fruits did not have been this thrilling, ever…

We hope that you download the WinZO app and play Fruit Samurai for once. Do let us know your views after playing on our Instagram.

All the best for your game! Cheers! 



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