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WinZO Collaborates with Carry Minati as Digital Brand Ambassador

Asia’s top content creator, gamer, and streamer has joined India’s fastest growing gaming platform. Ajey Nagar is well known on YouTube as CarryMinati. He has been the face of the Indian gaming community and was one of the first few youtubers to start gaming online. WinZO, an interactive social gaming platform, hopes to utilize its strong presence in the Indian gaming community through this strategic alliance.

The prominent youtuber will be seen making weird and entertaining material for the gaming behemoth to excite the Indian audience. The platform firmly thinks that the digital phenomenon, who has amassed a vast cumulative fan base of over 50 million for his distinctive humorous skits and rib-tickling roasting videos, will complement WinZO’s massive reach of 75 million users and its extensive offerings across 6+ formats in 12 vernacular languages.

और पढ़े.. पेनल्टी एरिया से गोल कितनी दूरी पर होता है

CarryMinati, a 22-year-old youtuber, is regarded as one of the primary innovators in the development of India’s internet community, with a combined digital following of more than 50 million. With an unrivaled talent in the roasting and live gaming genres, he has remained undefeated in his pursuit of the title of Asia and India’s most subscribed YouTuber.

This is an amazing cooperation for the brand, and we look forward to making the most of it, especially because India is the largest market for mobile games, accounting for roughly 40% of global downloads, demonstrating the untapped potential of the social gaming community.



  1. Whenever playing game in hard mode, my opponents always got favorable sheep in Hard mode. I was very frustrated, and when winzo brings back the game, i want them to look into this issue.


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