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How to Play WCC Game Online

WCC is a popular online cricket game that brings an advanced 3D set-up available on your mobile screen with just a click. The game features a maximum number of cricket shots, such as Dil-scoop, Helicopter Shot, and Upper-Cut, along with customization of players and banners. With the exhilarating animations, numerous venues, and mindblowing camera angles, the WCC rules the hearts of cricket fans who love playing online games.

From personalised squads to celebrating your favourite players with exclusive banners, WCC is one such real cricket game that offers the best cricketing encounters. You also get a chance to join in the upcoming hot events, tournaments, and other championships. If you are wondering how to play the WCC game then continue reading to get essential information about the game!

Top 4 Features of World Cricket Championship

Whether you wish to form your squad and challenge the AI or show your immaculate manoeuvres to the real gamers, WCC gives you an interesting platform to portray your knowledge and love for the sport. Before understanding how to play WCC, you must know the prime features offered by the game:

1. Competitive Challenges

The game gives you a chance to indulge in the real-time encounters of competitive leagues, such as Blitz Tournament, World Cup, World T20, ODI series, Test Series, etc. You can enter these leagues by spending your game coins and rewards. These coins and rewards can be earned by playing the game.

2. Career Mode

After starting your journey in the game as a newcomer, you can advance further by improving your ranks and undertaking domestic leagues of different formats. Purvey your cricket skills and turn to be an online international cricketer by building up your career in the game.

3. Variety of Venues

The latest WCC gives you a chance to play at the iconic cricket stadiums virtually, where weather forecast and pitch conditions add a blend of the real world. Kindly note that many of these stadiums are free, whereas, some you need to unlock by spending your rewards earned while playing the game.

4. Setting your Team

You can create your team and decide on a captain, manager, coach, etc. This gives you a chance to build your dream team. You can also introduce changes by choosing new jerseys and accessories for your squad.

How to Play WCC Game Online

If you are a cricket fan then playing WCC game is not a big deal for you. You just need to put in your knowledge about the sport in the virtual arena and defeat the challengers. It can be played in a free mode as a practice game or you can pay an entry fee to indulge in cash-based games and win real cash for all your wins. The following are the tips to know how to play the WCC cricket game:

  • Choose whether you wish to bat or bowl first. Opt for different shots to spice up your game.
  • Try to score on every ball. The game, in general, has two overs and this makes it dangerous to miss out on any opportunity.
  • Keep a check on fielders to avoid run-outs. You may get knocked if the arrangement is in such a manner.
  • The team with maximum scores after completing the inning, wins the game.

4 Game Rules of World Cricket Championship

The next most important thing to know before proceeding with how to play world cricket championship is understanding the rules. The following are some basic rules that you must know before playing the game online:

  1. All the teams of WCC must comprise 11 players.
  2. Your fielding squad must possess a designated wicket keeper.
  3. The team that earns the maximum runs after the completion of the inning is declared to be the winner.
  4. A bowler must put at least 6 legal deliveries to complete an over.

Tips to Play WCC

After understanding how to play WCC, here are some tips that you need to know if you want to score well in the game:

  • Dare not to miss a ball – Make sure that you don’t miss out on any ball while batting as this is equivalent to missing an opportunity.
  • Watch the ball and ensure a correct shot timing – Understand the field and ball coming towards you and hit accordingly. You just need to understand the timing to hit shots.
  • Try the lofted shot – Rather than going for a safe play, try using high-rated shots to hit a six or four as you have limited overs. These shots fetch more runs.
  • Be cautious while attempting bigger shots – You must be knowing that a well-played lofted shot ensures a six. However, in case of inappropriate timings, you might even lose a wicket. So, you need to try bigger shots but remain attentive and focused on the ball.

Now, that you have learnt all the essential information on how to play WCC it’s time for you to get geared up for some exciting hours filled with your favourite game. You can download the Winzo app and indulge in a never-ending gaming experience. The Winzo also gives you a chance to play WCC and win real cash rewards for all your wins.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Play WCC

Can I create my team of WCC?

Yes, you can create your team and choose your captain, WC, wicket-keeper, etc. according to your preferences. However, you need to use your coins to form a team.

Where can I play WCC?

There are numerous gaming platforms where you can play WCC. If you wish to capture an amazing experience of the game then you can download the Winzo App and play WCC.

Can I earn real cash by playing WCC?

Yes, Winzo App gives you a chance to turn all your victories into cash-based rewards. However, you need to indulge in cash-based challenges for the same.



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