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Top 12 Popular Puzzle Games You Must Play in 2022

A puzzle game is an indulgence that checks the knowledge of players. You are expected to put pieces together by using logic, to solve the puzzle. Hence, these games emphasize brain churning, resulting in more meaningful hours. The online puzzle games with an enormous variety, including crossword, word searches, number games, and a lot more. 

Puzzle games are known for offering the best entertainment and involve mathematical or logical hardships. The solution to these games is always simple and interesting as it revolves around logic, making you have a fruitful time while playing. 

If you are looking for free puzzle games to have the best time on the internet then here are some of the best choices for you! 

12 Best Puzzle Games 2022

From mind-gobbling word games to never-ending mathematical journeys, read on to know the most popular puzzle games for android:

1. Crossworld

The CrossWorlds Escape is among the best puzzle games and features a hardcore competition where you need to apply your skills to survive through an enormous world creating everything from scratch, such as supplying food, tools, clothing, shelter, and more. Securing yourself from opponents and preparing for winter and summer are part of the game. 

2. Jigsaw

The jigsaw is another popular puzzle game that resides in the hearts of those who love to churn their brains and indulge in brainy activities. This game involves the assembly of oddly shaped interlocking pieces, which when assembled complete the ultimate picture. Most of the jigsaw puzzle games revolve around scenes from nature, buildings, designs—castles, atlas, maps, etc. However, when you plan it online, any image displayed on the screen can be used. This may also include a sort of optical illusions, rare art, and personalized photographs. 

3. Sudoku

Sudoku is one of the known types of puzzle games and feature a 9×9 grid with numbers distributed amongst rows and columns. Each one of the 3×3 sections contains all of the digits between 1 and 9. As the game commences, the 9×9 grid showcases some unfilled boxes and the task is to use logic to fill them and ultimately complete the grid. It is an excellent brain game and helps in improving concentration and a wholesome approach. 

4. Find the Differences

Finding the difference is a game that checks your concentration. In this game, you are provided with a minimum of two pictures showcasing the same scenes, however, there are a few unmatching elements. The challenge is to observe those elements within the given time. It’s an interesting game and tests your focus. At times, you may rarely find the differences but as you become a regular player of this game, it’s a relaxing experience. 

5. Construct a Bridge

Construct a bridge is a brain-churning game that involves physics-based challenges. In this game, you are required to create numerous elaborated bridges over uncountable levels. You also get a chance to choose the preferred building materials, and you use your logic to remain within the budget and create portable bridges.

6. Mine Sweeper

Mine Sweeper is a popular puzzle game that can be played by solo players. The challenge is to clear the ultimate rectangular board by protecting yourself from the hidden mines comprising bombs. The game requires mathematical calculations and revolves around basic logical approaches. 

7. Casino Royale

Casino Royale is a real-time strategy game that offers an amalgam of collectible card games, a multiplayer online battle arena, and more. This is amongst the best puzzle game for card lovers features Royales that can be played with favorite Clash characters. In this game, the rewards come in the form of trophies, crowns, and more. If you are playing the Casino Royale on Winzo then you can also win real cash. 

8. Solitaire

Solitaire is amongst the free online puzzle games and is known as Klondike on some gaming platforms. The game requires concentration and aptitude to complete the game within the given time. There are a few tricks set within the game rules that help you in arranging the cards in the required numerical order. Make sure that the suit remains unchanged. You can also play this game on Winzo App by downloading it on your mobile phone.

9. Free Cell

Free Cell features an amalgam of puzzle and card games. It is an exquisite solitaire game that is played with the standard 52-card deck. However, the game is fundamentally distinct from solitaire and you are required to arrange them in the respective columns by following the suit. You can also play exclusive free cell games on Winzo and win real cash anytime and anywhere on your smartphone.

10. Candy Crush

Candy Crush is a game where you need to churn your brain and make the matches of three. You can move the respective candy by swapping two adjacent placements and once you place at least three candies of the same match together, there is a crush which gives you points. You can also create combinations of more than three candies, like five, six, or nine and earn additional points. The aim of the game is to crush all the candies displayed on the screen as early as possible. Each stage features a different and intriguing placement of candies.

11. Two Dots

In the two dots game, you have to connect the identical dots to form a connection. Here, the identical dots refer to the dots with the same colour and pattern. The game can be said to be a bit similar to the candy crush game and you get additional points for joining over two dots and more. This is one of the best free online puzzle games and can be easily played for hours to escape the mundane.

12. Chess

Chess is among the challenging brain games and can be played between two players. The game features a checkerboard with white and black squares. There are two sides, each reflecting the challenger’s side, which is black and white. Both the team has a team of defenders, consisting of a king, queen, and team of soldiers. The aim is to seize the opponent’s king before they capture yours. In chess, each type of defender has a unique way of moving and grabbing and you must have knowledge of all such related rules before playing chess.

Puzzle games are undoubtedly an ideal option to improve your concentration as they provide a kind of exercise for the brain. If you wish to have an unstoppable gaming experience then download the Winzo App and enjoy fun-filled hours on your smartphone. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Puzzle Games 2022

Q) What is the best online puzzle game?

A) The following are the best options to play puzzle games online – Crossworld, Jigsaw, Sudoku, Find the Differences, Construct a Bridge, Mine Sweeper, Casino Royale, Solitaire, Free Cell, etc. 

Q) Do puzzle games help the brain?

A) Yes, puzzle games definitely help in churning your brain. These games involve logic and mind-based strategies and help in improving your focus. However, make sure that you indulge yourself in the games for a specific period of time.  

Q) What are word puzzle games?

A) Word games are those indulgences that come in the form of spoken, board, or video games. These games are often designed to test your ability of language or to explore its properties. They are the source of entertainment as well as education.

Q) Are puzzle games kids-friendly?

A) Yes, puzzle games are kids-friendly, however, you need to restrict the time spent on these games. 

Q) How can I play puzzle games online?

A) You can download the Winzo App to play online puzzle games. You can choose your favorite game and navigate through different options. You can also win real cash rewards for your wins and challenge expert players in the online arena.

Q) Is chess a puzzle game?

A) Yes, chess is a type of puzzle game and is among the best brain churning games across the world. There are also numerous honourable chess championships which reward the best players.

Q) Can I play casino royale for free?

A) Yes, you can download the Winzo App to play the casino royale for free. You can also win real cash money for all your wins by indulging yourself in the paid challenges.




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