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Call Break Tips & Tricks That You Might Not Know About 

A Call Break game is fun to play with family and friends but if you want to win the game, Call Break tips and tricks are surely going to make you nail the game as a beginner- seriously, no expertise needed! 

Call Break is derived from the game ‘Spades’ and has been the talk of the town for the last few years. If you love strategy card games, we bet that Call Break is surely going to keep you engaged for hours. 

Card games always come in handy when you can’t have a game setup. Whether you are at a party, or having a railway trip, you will find people playing card games. Easy to learn and fun to play, these card games have paved their way to online gaming as well. Besides Rummy and Poker, Call Break is gaining popularity gradually in the online gaming arena. 

Without much further ado, let’s talk about Call Break game at length: 

How to Win Call Break Game Consistently

Well, winning a call break game is like winning any other card game. If you are a beginner, you should know all Call Break game rules and little tricks on how you can be better at bidding. 

Note: Perfecting the game can only come through persistence and a zeal to learn the game and there is no sure-shot method to make you win the game. 

Top 5 Tips & Tricks to Win Call Break Game

Practicing the game helps you develop a unique skill set but knowing a few game tips and tricks won’t hurt. This will come in handy while you are playing the game for the first time and help you make fewer mistakes. 

1. Use The Trump Wisely 

A spade suit or a spade is a predefined trump in a call break game. A trump makes you score or win your bid, hence, using it when you need the most is absolutely necessary. 

You should know that you can’t use a trump when you hold the suit played by other players. It is always that one trick that is already yours but only if you know how to use it. 

2. Always Take A Calculated Risk 

Before bidding, you should take a look at your cards in hand. Based on the cards you have, you have to determine how many tricks you can make. There is always a winner whenever there is a card discarded by the players on their turns. 

Usually, the winner uses a trump or the highest card in the suit (or highest trump) on the table. The game starts when you bid. Hence, a strong determination of the cards you have and the number of tricks you can score with them will always make you the winner. 

PRO TIP: You can have this observation when you’ve played the game for a substantial amount of time. 

3. Do Not Bid Considering A Queen of A Jack 

No doubt, a queen and a jack are the high cards in the game of cards. But, if you decide the number of tricks you’re going to make on the basis of a queen or a jack, it won’t always make you win the game. 

4. Always Keep A Watchful Eye On The Game 

A card game is all about prediction. You need to predict the card each player might have based on the previous round (do not forget what cards you have in the course). 

For example- A player starts with a heart suit and another player plays the trump, this means this player does not have a heart suit. This makes you aware that you have to secure your higher trumps in order to beat the guy in the round of heart suit cards. 

5. Dealer in the Call Break Game 

In a call break game, dealers change with each round. However, a dealer is chosen randomly when the game begins. As the game proceeds, the player to the right of the dealer (first round) becomes the dealer in the next round. For the third round, the player that sits right of the dealer (second round) becomes the dealer in this round. This goes on until the game ends. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Call Break Game

Q) Which card is high in a call break game?

A) In a Call Break game, a trump card is always high. And a trump card is always a ‘spade’. 

Q) What is the rule of a Call Break Game?

A) The main rule of a call break game is to make minimum hands similar to the call you’ve made at the beginning of the game. Usually, you can call between 1-13 numbers but in some variations, it is 1-8. 

Q) How are call break points calculated?

A) You get equivalent points if you make more or equal amounts of bids than you  made at the beginning of the game. 

Final Words

We know Call Break is a game based on strategies and there isn’t much room for tricks. But, practising the game makes you a pro! 

You might find newer tricks while you play the game and can enlighten amateurs who are new to the game. We are sure that the aforementioned Call Break tips and tricks are going to help you as a beginner and you avoid making common mistakes while playing the game. 

Although, we would love it if you could tell us some more tricks on our Instagram.

Until then, All the Best! 



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