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How to Play 29 Card Games, Rules, Tips & Tricks

Twenty-Nine is a popular card game that involves tricks and is counted as one of the best indulgences to churn your brain. The game originated in south Asia, however, descended from the Jass games of Europe. This is a four-player game and is generally played in partnerships of two. It is played with 32 cards and comprises 8 cards of each suit. The ranks of these cards proceed in the following chronology – J (highest), 9, A, 10, K, Q, 8, 7 (lowest). The main aim of the Twenty-Nine game is to win tricks that possess valuable cards. If you are wondering how to play 29 card game then continue reading to know all about it!

Cards Values are as Follows:

Before moving ahead, it is important to understand the values of the cards used while playing 29 card games online:

  • Jacks: 3 points
  • Nines: 2 points
  • Aces: 1 point
  • Tens: 1 point
  • K, Q, 8, 7: 0 points

This makes the total of 28 points, and an additional point is for the last trick. The game was originally played with 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s as trump indicators, and at times, the 6s are kept to count score.

How to Play 29 Card Game

The following are the ways of playing 29 card game:

  • The game starts with the person sitting right side of the dealer.
  • After the distribution of cards, players make bids. The player with the highest bid gets a chance the pick the trump card.
  • After bids, players are given 4 more cards making a total of 8 cards.
  • The person on the left of the dealer plays the first card and the following players maintain the same suit.
  • When a player is unable to follow the same suit, he/she announces the same and if posses they have a trump card, this is the time to declare which card it is.
  • Whenever a player throws in a trump card, they proceed to get other players’ cards and points.
  • The player who plays the last card earns an extra point for making the possibility of 29.
  • Points are counted at the end of each round and the player who reaches 29 points is declared to be the winner.

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Rules of 29 card game

The rules of the 29-card game are similar to the same of 28 card game. Before knowing how to play 29 card game, here are some of the rules that must be kept in mind to be an expert in the game:

  • The roles are set before the game begins. So, the players who will get the role of the dealer are decided in the beginning.
  • The dealer distributes 8 cards to all the participants.
  • The player sitting over the right side of the dealer starts the bidding.
  • The bid by the first person must be higher than 15. All the challengers get a chance to raise the bid. The player who bids the highest gets a chance to choose the trump card. This card is kept secret, not shown to other players.
  • As it is a 29-card game, the bid must not exceed 29.
  • The consecutive players must discard cards of the same suit as played by the previous challenger. Suppose a player before you discard an 8 of clubs, then you must play 8 of any of the other 3 suits. In case, if don’t have the required card then you need to declare that to other players.
  • In the above situation, if you have a trump card then you can declare it instead.
  • In the 29-card game, the points are summed at the end of each round, and the challenger with the maximum points is declared to be the winner at the end of the game.

Tips and Tricks of 29 Card Game

While understanding how to play 29 card games online, an important aspect is to know the tips and tricks because of these help in winning a challenge. The following are the important tips that you can use while playing 29 card game:

  • Try to get the Trump cards of your opponents discarded whenever possible.
  • Once your opponents have no trump cards, play a card that makes your partner win.
  • Always remember throwing lower value cards, and later move to higher ones.
  • Keep a check on the cards thrown by all the participants.
  • Keep your moves deceptive to confuse your opponents.
  • Always avoid using trump whenever your partner calls.
  • You can call if you have 3 trump cards in your hand.
  • Develop your own strategies with your experiences.

There are also some other tricks in the 29 cards game but might be a bit difficult to use during the initial stage. As you gradually become an expert in the game, you will learn some more tricks that will help you in winning the game.

Scoring in 29 Card Game

Whenever the bidding alliance completes the requirement by taking the said number of tricks, they earn a single game point and if they fail to do it, they lose a game point. The score of the opponents remains unchanged.

While playing the game, the red and black sixes are kept for scoring. The red six reveals the gaining point, whereas the same black indicated the negative score. Initially, no pips are displayed. They are revealed only when players lose or gain while proceeding further with the game. It ends either when a team has +6 points or -6 points.

Now, as you understand how to play 29 card games, you can try to indulge in this card-based activity that involves excitement and makes you learn the other’s way of thinking and planning their moves simultaneously. If you wish to have the best experience of 29 card games along with other unlimited online games then download the Winzo App and have an unstoppable gaming experience. The Winzo is one of the leading gaming platforms in India and ensures fair play for millions of its users. The platform also gives a chance to win real cash with all your wins.



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