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How To Play Call Break Rules, Tips & Tricks

Knowing all the rules of a game helps you ace the game. Likewise, Call Break is a simple card game that has certain rules which you should follow while playing the game. Let us take a look on how to play Call Break in detail.

Card games have been played for a long time and people from all age groups love to play the game with their friends and family. This multiplayer game provides unmatched entertainment and is played mostly in India and Nepal. The origin of the game is unknown, but it is said that the game is derived from a popular game, ‘Spades”.

What is Call Break? 

Call Break is a strategy card game where 4 (or more) players play the game at a time. It is a long-run game, usually played with 52 deck of cards where each player gets 13 cards. 

At the starting of the game, the seating arrangement and the dealer is decided. After this, each player has to select a call bid and then he has to win the score of the ‘call bid’ that he had committed to in the starting of the game. 

Being an exciting and fun game, Call Break is derived from ‘Spades’ which was called ‘Call Brake’. In this, the cards in each suit are ranked low to high starting with an Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen and King. 

Basic Call Break Rules That You Should Know 

  • Call Break is played between 4-6 players 
  • Dealer and the seating arrangement is decided when the game begins
  • Each player deals 13 cards 
  • A player needs to call the number of tricks he is going to score 
  • To win the game, a  player must score the number of tricks he called 
  • The game flows in anti-clockwise direction 
  • Spades are pre-defined trumps and players can’t call any other suit as trumps 

Objectives of Call Break Game 

Well, the main objective of the game is pretty simple yet a tough one to win: 

  • It is just to win the exact number of (or more) of tricks that is called by the player in the beginning of the game 
  • The bets that are called from numbers 2-8 

For example- If a player calls 5, then the player needs to win 5-6 tricks to win 5 points (points equal to what they called for in the beginning of the game). If somehow, if the player is unable to win 5 tricks, he loses 5 points from their total score. 

The Call

When the game begins and the seating arrangement is decided, the player sitting on the right side of the dealer calls first. The calling continues in the anti-clockwise direction. Each player has to call a number between 2-8 and the player has to win the number of tricks corresponding to the number he called at the beginning of the game round. Some variations of the game allow you to call 2-12 numbers. 

Evaluation of Points in Call Break 

When the cards are finished in each player’s hand, the game is considered complete. The score is evaluated on the basis of the call each player has made at the beginning of the game. 

The winning players get points equivalent to the number of calls they made. And, if a player loses, he loses the points equivalent to the number of points they called. 

How to Play Call Break Game

  • A 52 deck of cards is used and the cards are distributed in the counterclockwise direction 
  • As soon as all cards are distributed, each player has to declare their call (the number of tricks a player needs to score)
  • Each player needs to declare their call from 2-8. The person who calls 8 gets 13 points upon winning 
  • The player sitting right to the dealer leads for the first throw and after this, the winner of the each trick leads the throws
  • The player throws the same color card as the first thrower. Also, they must throw a card which is higher than the current winning card.
  • In cases, where you do not have the same color, spade or the trump card has to be thrown (this leads in winning the trick)
  • Each trick is won by the highest trump in this particular round

Note: Spades are predefined trumps and you can never declare any other suit as trump in a call break game.

Quick Tips on How to Win A Call Break Game 

  • A spade defeats other cards of any suit- no matter what rank. Always try to throw the spade card to win the trick. A spade card is your lifeline. 
  • The dealer always makes the last call in the game round. Use it to your advantage 
  • Never make a call that you aren’t confident to win 
  • Always keep a watchful eye on your cards 
  • Make sure that you have enough cards to make a strong suit (other than spades) 
  • If you achieve more tricks than the call, you score additional points 
  • A calculated risk when it comes to bidding is advisable 
  • Your bid decides your score. Hence, make a bid that you can achieve 

Frequently Asked Questions about Call Break Game 

Q) How do you win a Call Break game? 

A) Call break is a strategy card game where you need to understand the game rules clearly. In order to win the game, you need to bid in a way that you score. 

Q) Can I declare any other suit as trump in Call Break Game? 

A) Spades are trump cards in the game and you can never declare any other suit as a trump in a Call Break game. 

Q) Are there any winning techniques for Call Break Game?

A) Well, Call Break is won by concrete strategy. If you have a solid trick to win the game, you will definitely win the game. Practice bidding effectively and you are golden!

Final Words 

This was all about how you can play Call Break games. We know that it seemed a little overwhelming as a beginner, but our suggestion is to play for free until you become a pro. 

This will give you the much needed practice and in this you do not lose your hard-earned money. 

Let us know if we missed out on anything and also, we’ll love to hear exciting tips from you. Get in touch with us here.

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