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Play Fantasy Cricket on WinZO

Play Fantasy Cricket on WinZO

Genres: Fantasy
Are you looking for a captivating and immersive gaming experience centred around cricket? Look no further than the fantasy league app, a premier destination for all cricket enthusiasts. With the cricket fantasy app, you can dive into the world of fantasy cricket and unleash your strategic prowess. Create your dream team, select the best players based on their real-life performances, and compete against fellow cricket fans in thrilling matches.
Fantasy Cricket is a virtual version of your favorite sport and you can form a virtual cricket team of 11 players from an upcoming or ongoing real-life match. Playing Fantasy Cricket League is an easy-to-play activity where you can create your own squad. Your aim must be to score maximum points and secure a position on the leadership board by virtually defeating your opponents over the online fantasy cricket hosted by Winzo. You receive 100 credit points, and all the players in the team will receive a different number of credits depending on the match.
The points will be based on the success of your chosen players in real-life games. The more points you gain, the more money you win. Fantasy Cricket gives you a chance to win real cash prizes, Paytm cash, and other similar prizes depending on the contest you are participating in.So, create your own fantasy cricket team by picking up the best 11 players from the two teams playing a match on a respective day. You also need to choose a captain and a vice-captain from the selected group and lock your team. Points are achieved by counting on how the chosen players are performing in the real match.
The fantasy game app offers a dynamic platform where you can showcase your cricketing knowledge and decision-making skills. Engage in head-to-head battles, join leagues, and climb the leaderboards as you earn points based on your team's performance. Experience the excitement of being a virtual team owner and relish the thrill of victory in the realm of fantasy cricket games.
Participate in the exciting world of fantasy sports through a dedicated fantasy app. Choose your favourite cricketers and create your virtual team based on their real-life performances in daily fantasy cricket. As you track their batting, bowling, and fielding performances, your team earns points based on their on-field achievements.

How to Play Fantasy Cricket?

How to play carrom game online

Select Match from the List

Step to play carrom game

Choose the Contest

How to play online carrom game

Make your team from the List!

  • Log in to your Winzo account on the app.

  • Select the match that you would like to play.

  • Create your own team of 11 members by using your 100 credit points. Kindly note that the credit cost of each player might vary and you can only choose 7 players from a team.

  • Choose your captain and vice-captain. The captain fetches 2x extra points whereas the vice-captain fetches 1.5x extra earnings.

  • Choose the contest in which you would like to participate. Check the price slab while selecting your preferred contest.

  • Keep tracking your score as the game starts. You can see your position in the championship on the leaderboard.

  • Within 2 hours of the completion of the match, the amount will be credited to your Winzo account, which can be later withdrawn as per your convenience.


Fantasy Cricket Rules


The score of the captain gets multiplied by 2 and hence, choosing a captain for your team is an important step. Once the game commences, you won’t be able to make changes in your chosen team.


You score is also massively impacted by the chosen vice-captain because it also helps in amplifying the score points by 1.5 times. Make sure that you have chosen the right player as your vice captain before saving and proceeding with your team.


The score of the captain gets multiplied by 2 and hence, choosing a captain for your team is an important step. Once the game commences, you won’t be able to make changes in your chosen team.


You score is also massively impacted by the chosen vice-captain because it also helps in amplifying the score points by 1.5 times. Make sure that you have chosen the right player as your vice captain before saving and proceeding with your team.


You can make as many changes to your team as you want before the match's deadline. As, the match commences, you can not edit your team. So, whatever changes you want, do it in advance.


Your players will be given points based on their performance in that particular match. Make sure that you add the expected best performers in your team, rather than going with your favourite ones.


Participants are usually provided with a virtual budget to build their fantasy cricket team. Each player is assigned a value, and participants must manage their budget efficiently to select the desired players within the given constraints.


Participants are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by the fantasy cricket platform. Violations such as cheating, manipulation, or unethical practices can result in disqualification from the contest or the platform altogether.

Fantasy Cricket Tips and Tricks


Examine the Player's Performance

The first thing to look at is whether or not a player has been in good form in recent games. You should not select a player just on the basis of his recent performance. Because your pay will be based on your performance in a one-off encounter, recent results and form are more important than a player's career record. If you're picking a team for a league, though, go for class players because they'll likely do better in the long run.

Examine the weather and the pitch report

Most fantasy cricket players don't pay attention to the weather and pitch report, and as a result, they don't pick the best fantasy XI. If the surface is slow and dry, and the game is in the afternoon, you should select more spinners than swing bowlers. Power hitters and swing bowlers should also find a place in your team if the pitch is similar to the one in Wankhede. It's all about taking a horses for courses mentality.

Selecting Top-Order Batsmen

In a limited-overs game, the top-order batsmen are frequently the ones who get the most balls. They are the ones who will award you the most points here. As a result, select the in-form top-order batters to improve your ranking chances. You may use Indian fantasy league tips, Indian fantasy league 2020 regulations, and fantasy cricket tips and tactics to build a strong fantasy cricket team.

Selecting an Effective Captain and Vice-Captain

The captain and vice-captain of your fantasy squad are one of the most crucial things that will set you apart from your opponents. The captain that is chosen receives 2x points, while the vice-captain receives 1.5x points. Choosing an in-form all-rounder as your captain could be the finest plan.

Selecting the Right Combination

On the WinZO App, you may choose 11 players for your fantasy squad from a pool of wicket-keepers (1-4), batsmen (3-6), bowlers (3-6), and all-rounders (3-6). (1-4). To enhance your chances of winning, choose the finest possible combination.

Making Last-Minute Changes and Tossing

You only have a brief window to make any last-minute alterations based on the toss, so staying attentive to monitor the toss outcome is critical. As soon as the teams disclose their final XI, you may make any necessary adjustments and drop any players you may have chosen but are not in the playing XI.

Analyze Head-to-Head Records

When selecting players for your fantasy team, take into account their past performances against specific teams or bowlers. Analyzing head-to-head records can provide insights into how a player has historically performed against a particular opponent, helping you make informed decisions and select players who have a good track record against certain teams or bowlers.

Monitor Player Workload

Keep an eye on the workload of players, especially those who play across different formats or are part of multiple teams. Fatigue and excessive workload can impact a player's performance, so it's important to consider factors like recent matches played, rest periods, and overall workload management.

Pay Attention to Match Conditions

While weather and pitch reports are excluded, it's still crucial to consider match conditions beyond these factors. Factors like the size of the ground, the quality of the outfield, and the match venue can have an impact on player performances. Certain players may thrive in specific conditions, so understanding these nuances can help you make better player selections.

Follow Expert Analysis

Stay updated with expert opinions and analysis from cricket pundits and commentators. They often provide valuable insights into team compositions, player form, and match strategies. Paying attention to expert analysis can help you gain a different perspective and make informed decisions while selecting your fantasy team.

Interesting Facts about Fantasy Cricket

Fact 1

William Gilbert (W.G.) Grace is regarded as the father of cricket. He was an amateur cricket player in England.


Fact 2

Only 12 countries have qualified for Test status, despite the fact that there are 31 countries who play cricket internationally.


Fact 3

The cricket ball is 163 grams in weight. It has a cork core that is covered in multiple layers of yarn.


Fact 4

India won its first world cup in 1983 under the leadership of Kapil Dev


How to Download Fantasy Cricket App

WinZO is perhaps the best app to play Fantasy cricket online anytime and from anywhere. This is an extremely popular game that has grown in popularity rather exponentially over the years. For Fantasy Cricket download, go to the official WinZO website. Put in your number, and download the app. Enter your details, get yourself registered and start playing Fantasy cricket online without any hassle.

The steps to download fantasy cricket are extremely simple on the WinZO app. If you follow the game closely, you can enjoy this one immensely.

How to Create your Fantasy Cricket Team

You can create your own fantasy cricket team to participate in fantasy cricket Consider the following points while choosing your team:

  1. Each player is assigned credit scores based on their current form.
  2. Build a team within the available credit points.
  3. Select a maximum of 7 players from a team.
  4. Your team must consist of the following players: Wicket Keeper: 1 to 4 players, Batsman: 3 to 6 players, Allrounder: 1 to 4 players, Bowler: 3 to 6 players
  5. After selecting your 11 players, appoint a captain and vice-captain.
  6. The captain earns 2x the points, while the vice-captain earns 1.5x the points.
  7. Save your team once you've made your choices and move on.
  8. Choose players who are expected to score maximum points on the field.

How to Win Money in Fantasy Cricket

Here's a detailed explanation of how you can increase your chances of winning money in fantasy cricket:

Choose the Right Fantasy Cricket Platform

Start by selecting a reputable and trustworthy fantasy cricket platform that offers cash prizes. Research different platforms, read reviews, and consider factors like user experience, prize structure, and customer support.

Understand the Point System

Familiarise yourself with the point system of the fantasy cricket platform you're playing on. Each platform assigns points to players based on their performances in real-life matches. Understand how points are awarded for runs, wickets, catches, strike rates, economy rates, and other statistical categories.

Research and Analyze

Stay updated with the latest news, team formations, and player performances in real-life cricket. Analyze player statistics, recent form, pitch conditions, and past performances in specific match formats. This research will help you make informed decisions while selecting players for your fantasy team.

Select the Right Players

Build a balanced team by selecting players from different teams who have a high likelihood of performing well in upcoming matches. Consider factors like a player's batting order, recent form, pitch conditions, and historical performance against the opposition.

Manage Your Budget

Most fantasy cricket platforms provide a virtual budget to build your team. Allocate your budget wisely, focusing on a mix of star players and underrated performers who offer good value for their price. Avoid overspending on popular but expensive players, as it may restrict your options for selecting other quality players.

Use Captain and Vice-Captain Wisely

The captain and vice-captain selections carry extra weightage in terms of earning fantasy points. Consider choosing players who are consistent performers and have a higher chance of making a significant impact in the match. Optimize your captain and vice-captain choices to maximize your potential points.

Join Multiple Contests

Participate in multiple contests with different entry fee ranges and prize pools. This strategy allows you to diversify your chances of winning and increases the likelihood of securing cash prizes.

Remember, winning money in fantasy cricket involves a mix of skill, research, and a bit of luck. It's crucial to approach it as a long-term endeavour, constantly honing your skills and adapting your strategies based on new information and insights.

Benefits of Playing Fantasy Cricket

The following are the benefits of playing Fantasy Cricket League 2022:

  1. You get a chance to win real cash awards.
  2. You can win with your knowledge about cricket.
  3. You can choose your favorite players while creating your team.
  4. You get a chance to create your own fantasy cricket team.
  5. You get a reason to remain hooked to the live game.
  6. You can show off your cricket knowledge to others by creating a winning team.
  7. There is no limit to the cash withdrawals and you can play freely as Winzo is the safest platform to play fantasy cricket.

Why Play Fantasy Cricket on WinZO

Fantasy cricket offers a unique and engaging experience for cricket enthusiasts, making it an increasingly popular choice among fans worldwide.

Playing fantasy cricket provides an interactive, strategic, and enjoyable experience for cricket fans. It combines your passion for the sport with skill-based decision-making, social interaction, and the possibility of winning prizes.

Unmatchable Excitement

If you are a true cricket lover and love to keep the excitement on while the players are fighting for your team, fantasy cricket is the best choice! Here, you can exhibit your knowledge of the sport by creating the best team and rule the leaderboard.

Win Real Cash

Winning real cash with your fantasy team is quite a mindblowing reason that make these games popular among fans. As your chosen team perform well, the winning amount keeps increasing. This is the best and safest way to bid on a cricket match, as you are making your own team.

Owning a Team

Searching for the best performers, creating your team of 11, choosing a captain and vice captain, evaluating their performances, etc. are the elements of creating your own team and the ownership brings in a lot of satisfaction with itself. This will totally change your way of analysing a match.

Leads to Strategic Decision-Making

Building a winning fantasy cricket team demands strategic decision-making. You need to carefully select players based on their skills, recent form, and upcoming match scenarios. The ability to make astute decisions while managing a virtual budget and team composition adds an exciting layer of challenge and strategy to the game.

Inculcates Social Interactions

Fantasy cricket creates opportunities for social interaction and friendly competition. You can join leagues with friends, colleagues, or fellow cricket enthusiasts, and engage in healthy rivalries, discussions, and debates about team selections, player performances, and match outcomes.

Fantasy Cricket Point System

The fantasy cricket point system is a crucial aspect of the game, determining the scores and rankings of players in a fantasy cricket contest. Here's a breakdown of the key elements of the fantasy cricket point system:

  1. Batting Points: Players earn points for their batting performance, such as runs scored, boundaries hit, sixes, and strike rate. Bonus points may be awarded for achieving milestones like half-centuries or centuries.
  2. Bowling Points: Bowlers accumulate points based on wickets taken, maidens bowled, economy rate, and the number of dot balls. Bonus points may be awarded for taking a specific number of wickets or achieving a five-wicket haul.
  3. Fielding Points: Fielding contributions are also rewarded, with points given for catches, run-outs, stumpings, and direct hits. Outstanding fielding performances may earn bonus points.
  4. Captain and Vice-Captain Multiplier: The captain and vice-captain selections carry additional weightage, with the captain typically earning double the points scored by them, while the vice-captain earns 1.5 times the points.
  5. Negative Points: Poor performances or negative actions like conceding boundaries, bowling no-balls, or getting dismissed for a duck may result in deductions of points.
  6. Powerplay and Death Overs: Some fantasy cricket platforms may award extra points for batting or bowling during the powerplay or death overs, recognizing the significance of these phases in the game.
  7. Bonus Points: Additional bonus points may be given for exceptional performances like winning the Player of the Match award, achieving a high individual score, or taking a certain number of catches or wickets.
  8. Penalty Points: Fantasy cricket point systems may also include penalties for code of conduct violations, such as on-field misconduct or disciplinary issues.
  9. Live Updates: The fantasy cricket platform provides real-time updates on players' performances and points earned during a live match, allowing participants to track their team's progress and make strategic decisions accordingly.

Play 6 Popular Fantasy Cricket League in the World

There are many leagues that give you a chance to make your own fantasy cricket teams. However, if you are looking for the best leagues then continue reading to know the most popular fantasy cricket leagues:

1. Indian Premier League (IPL)

Popularly known as the Indian Premier League and Tata IPL 2022 organized its fifteenth season recently. The championship features professional Twenty20 cricket matches and this time, 10 teams participated in it. The championship featured 74 matches that were played between Chennai Super Kings, Gujarat Titans, Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, Punjab Kings, Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Delhi Capitals, Lucknow Super Giants, and Sunrisers Hyderabad. The Gujarat Titans led by Hardik Pandya won the championship.Batsmen (3 to 6)

2. Big Bash League (BBL)

The Big Bash League also called the KFC BBL is an Australian professional Twenty20 cricket championship that dates back to 2011. The League comprises eight city-based teams, including Adelaide Strikers, Brisbane Heat, Hobart Hurricanes, Melbourne Renegades, Melbourne Stars, Perth Scorchers, Sydney Sixers, and Sydney Thunder. The popularity of this league ranks alongside the Indian Premier League. This year the championship is expected to commence on 13th December 2022.

3. Bangladesh Premier League (BPL)

With the growing popularity of cricket in Bangladesh, the country hosts the electrifying Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). This is also a professional Twenty20 cricket championship that comprises six franchises, namely Comilla Victorians, Fortune Barishal, Chattogram Challengers, Khulna Tigers, Minister Dhaka, and Sylhet Sunrisers. Comilla Victorians led by Imrul Kayes turned out to be victorious in the 2022 league.

4. Caribbean Premier League (CPL)

Also known as the CPLT20, the Caribbean Premier League is a yearly T20 cricket championship held in the Caribbean. The tournament feature six teams, including, Barbados Royals, Guyana Amazon Warriors, Jamaica Tallawahs, St Kitts & Nevis Patriots, Saint Lucia Kings, and Trinbago Knight Riders. The championship is currently ongoing and you can create your own fantasy team.

5. Pakistan Super League

The Pakistan Super League is another popular professional T20 cricket league conducted annually between six teams, including, Islamabad United, Karachi Kings, Lahore Qalandars, Multan Sultans, Peshawar Zalmi, and Quetta Gladiators. Lahore Qalandars led by Shaheen Afridi were unbeatable this season.

6. Tamil Nadu Premier League

The Tamil Nadu Premier League, also known as TNPL is a professional and regional T20 cricket championship organized in Tamil Nadu. It was started in 2016 by the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association and is played annually between July and August by eight teams that represent eight districts in Tamil Nadu.

History of Fantasy Cricket in India

The concept of fantasy sports, including fantasy cricket, originated in the United States in the 1950s. It gained traction globally with the rise of the internet and digital platforms in the late 20th century.

Fantasy cricket made its entry into India in the early 2000s. It started with a few small-scale platforms offering fantasy games based on international cricket tournaments like the ICC World Cup and bilateral series.

The popularity of fantasy cricket soared in India with the advent of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2008. The IPL, with its combination of high-quality cricket, star players, and innovative formats, provided an ideal platform for fantasy cricket enthusiasts to participate and engage in the game.

The widespread availability of smartphones and the increasing internet penetration in India led to the development of user-friendly fantasy cricket mobile apps. These apps allowed cricket fans to conveniently access and play fantasy cricket anytime, anywhere.

The history of fantasy cricket in India is relatively recent but has experienced tremendous growth and popularity in a short span of time.



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Frequently Asked Questions About Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy Cricket is an online fantasy game that gives you a chance to create your virtual cricket team by choosing 11 players from both teams participating in the real-life match. It is quite simple to play. The objective of the game is to score maximum points and secure a position on the leadership board by beating your opponents.

Yes, WinZO’s platform and its offerings are safe and secure for its users. There are multiple fraud detection tools available which enables WinZO to ensure the safety and security of its users.

No, WinZO Fantasy is open to residents of India.

Yes, there are multiple Court rulings that state that fantasy sports is legal in India. That said, there are some states that do not allow online games, including fantasy sports for money, therefore playing such games in those specific states is not allowed.

You must be knowing that the fantasy cricket game involves real cash. You bid an amount to form your team and winning real cash depends upon the performance of your team. While choosing the challenge, you must check the details regarding cash winning. Like, how much amount top 100 players will get, or what's the bracket of the next reward money, etc. If your team performs well on the leadership board and you rank between the mentioned brackets then you will win real cash rewards by playing the fantasy cricket games. Hence, you can play fantasy cricket and win cash daily.

Yes, you can win money by playing fantasy cricket. All you have to do is pick your team basis all the tricks and tips.

Yes, you can certainly play fantasy in other sports like football, kabaddi, etc.

Fantasy cricket is more about skills and how well you understand the game of cricket. There is just a little bit of luck.

Currently, WinZO is believed to be the best fantasy cricket app. The following are the reasons that make WinZO the best choice for cricket lovers:

Reliable Application

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User friendly interface

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