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How to Play Carrom

The primary objective of carrom is to use the striker with a flick of the finger in order to push the coins in any of the four corner pockets. The aim here is to hit the coins and try to pocket them in any one of the four corners. The primary aim of this game is to bag all the nine coins as well as the queen before your opponent.

Online Carrom is a skill-based game and in order to play this game, a player needs to concentrate hard and practice to get a better understanding of the angles.

Sneak Peak into the Dynamics of the Game

Before we take a dive into the game rules, let's take a quick look to understand how the strike moves among the four players.

  1. Let's consider there are two teams, each consisting of two players. The team that wins the toss has the opportunity to make the opening strike, and the two players can decide between themselves who will take the first strike.
  2. The player who takes the first strike uses the white carrom men and tries to pocket them.
  3. If the player successfully pockets a carrom man, they get another chance to strike.
  4. If the player fails to pocket a carrom man, the strike passes to the opponent player sitting immediately to their right in an anti-clockwise direction.
  5. In the opponent player's turn, they attempt to pocket the black carrom men, and the game continues as the players take turns striking alternate white and black carrom men.

What is Striking in Carrom

In carrom, striking refers to the action of hitting the striker disc with the aim of striking and pocketing the carrom men.

  1. During the strike, players must ensure that only their playing arm rests on the board.
  2. The player who strikes first should place the striker on the base line and make the strike in a single motion.
  3. In a singles game, the opportunity to break alternates between players. In doubles, the break moves in an anti-clockwise direction.
  4. The opponent does not get a strike until the player who breaks or strikes fails to pocket a carrom man.
  5. When positioning the striker on the base circle, it must not touch the imaginary line at any point during the play.
  6. After a player's strike or turn is over, the referee is responsible for passing the striker to the opponent if necessary. Players are allowed to use their own personal strikers as long as they adhere to the carrom laws.

Importance of Covering the Queen

Covering the queen in carrom is of utmost importance and can significantly impact the outcome of the game. The queen holds a special status as the most valuable carrom piece. When a player covers the queen, it means they pocket their own carrom man immediately after pocketing the queen.

  1. The queen can be pocketed after the player pockets at least one of their carrom men.
  2. To cover the queen, the player must pocket their carrom men. If successful, the player earns the points for the queen, which are awarded if they win the board.
  3. Each black and white carrom man is worth one point, while the queen is worth three points.
  4. If the player covers the queen and wins the board, they receive the points for the queen.
  5. A board ends when the opponent's carrom men are pocketed, leaving only the winner's carrom men on the board. The winner earns points equal to the number of opponent's carrom men left, plus the points for the queen if they pocketed it. If the winner didn't pocket the queen, they receive points equal to the number of carrom men left on the board. In this case, the opponent does not receive points for the queen.
  6. If a player has a due without pocketing any of their carrom men, the first carrom man they pocket will return to the board, and the player continues their strike. In this case, the player can now pocket the queen first and cover it.
  7. If a player pockets the queen and a carrom man in a single strike, the queen is considered to be covered.

How is Scoring Done in Carrom

  1. The total points in a board game are 25, and players cannot rely on the queen for 21 points and above.
  2. The player who reaches 25 points first is declared the winner of the game.
  3. Each player is given 10 seconds to strike or break, after which the opponent gets their turn.
  4. A maximum of eight boards are played in a game.
  5. The player who reaches 25 points first within these eight boards will be the winner, or if no player reaches 25 points, the winner will be determined based on the maximum points accumulated by the end of the eighth board.
  6. All eight boards must be completed within 25 minutes from the start of play. If unfinished, the player with the maximum points at the end of the last board will be declared the winner.

Creating and Tackling Foul in Carrom

Fouls in carrom result in penalties or dues. Here are some common instances of fouls:

  1. Disturbing or touching the board or carrom men while idle or playing is a foul, resulting in a due of one carrom man.
  2. If a carrom man is bumped out of the board during a strike or play, the striking player loses their turn.
  3. Pushing the striker to hit the carrom men is a foul, resulting in a penalty of one carrom man or the player losing their turn.
  4. Pocketing only the striker or the striker with a carrom man is a foul. As a penalty, the carromman is returned to the board, and the player loses their turn. The opponent then has a chance to place the carrom man anywhere inside the circle. Additionally, the striking player loses their turn.
  5. Pocketing the queen first during a strike or turn is a foul.

Getting Ready to Play Carrom

Place the carrom board on a flat and stable surface. A player needs to make sure that there is enough space around the board for players to be comfortable while taking their shots. The striker has to be placed in the middle.

  1. In singles, the players sit opposite to each other.
  2. In doubles, partners sit opposite to each other and opponents sit on either side.
  3. The players are not allowed to lift and move the chair or table to reposition themselves for a strike. However, players can change their positions without moving the seat.
  4. A player is not allowed to take support of objects around and play the game.
  5. The game begins with a toss where a referee hides either a white or black carrom men in his hands. The player who calls it correctly wins.
  6. The player who wins the toss gets the choice to either strike or change sides. If she/he chooses to change sides, then the strike automatically goes to the opponent.
  7. The referee then arranges the carrom men at the centre of the board with the queen in the middle of the arrangement. Nine black and nine white carrom men are used for this arrangement.
  8. The black and white carrom men are placed alternately in a circular formation around the queen. The arrangement should not cross the outer circle.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Play Carrom

In carrom, the goal is to drive the coins into one of the four corner pockets using the striker along with the queen before your opponents.

As a first step, use your palm, thumb, or non-strike fingers to steady your striking hand on the board. This will make sure that the striker is always flicked. Always ensure that the striking finger is very close to the striker in order to improve the board aim.

Carrom can be played by four people just as easily as it can be played by 2 people. For the doubles game, partners are positioned opposite one another and the game flows in clockwise order.

When three players are involved, the goal is to score the most points. There are no pieces assigned to players, only points are assigned to pieces. While the black coins are worth 1 point, white coins are worth 2 points, and the queen is worth 5 points.

Each player are placed on opposite sides and take turns to pocket their respective coins using the all the rules. The rules are similar to how the game is played with 4 players.

Download the WinZO app, follow all the rules on how to play carrom board easily like a pro.


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