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How to Play Carrom

The primary objective of carrom is to use the striker with a flick of the finger in order to push the coins in any of the four corner pockets. Apart from this, the aim is to hit the coins and drive them to any of the four corner pockets. The primary aim of this game is to bag all the nine coins as well as the queen before your opponent.

Online Carrom is a skill-based game and it needs a lot concentration as well as practice to get a better understanding of the angles. Hence, it is very important to decipher rules so that you know how to play carrom board.

Fouls of Carrom Board Game

  1. If the striker ends up in the pocket
  2. If you hit and send an opponent’s coin in the pocket
  3. If your final coin has been pocketed before you cover the Queen
  4. The striker was incorrectly positioned before taking the shot

Easy Hacks on How to Play Carrom Board Game

Online carrom is played between two players or two teams (with two players on either side). The queen coin is in the centre of the board and it is surrounded by six coins all in a circle. With WinZO, never bother about setting up this perfect pattern as it will be available automatically once you start the game.

6 Simple Steps to Play Carrom

  1. There will be a game of 29 points.
  2. In every round, the queen has 5 points and all the other coins has 1 point each.
  3. Bear in mind that each time you pocket a queen, you will always have to take cover.
  4. In a game, there will be eight breaks, which are started by the person who wins the coin toss. (Then after the optional brake system).
  5. After 8 breaks, the person with the highest score after 29 points wins.
  6. If the points remain tied after 8 breaks, the 9th break will be to decide the winner.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Play Carrom

In carrom, the goal is to drive the coins into one of the four corner pockets using the striker along with the queen before your opponents.

As a first step, use your palm, thumb, or non-strike fingers to steady your striking hand on the board. This will make sure that the striker is always flicked. Always ensure that the striking finger is very close to the striker in order to improve the board aim.

Carrom can be played by four people just as easily as it can be played by 2 people. For the doubles game, partners are positioned opposite one another and the game flows in clockwise order.

When three players are involved, the goal is to score the most points. There are no pieces assigned to players, only points are assigned to pieces. While the black coins are worth 1 point, white coins are worth 2 points, and the queen is worth 5 points.

Each player are placed on opposite sides and take turns to pocket their respective coins using the all the rules. The rules are similar to how the game is played with 4 players.

Download the WinZO app, follow all the rules on how to play carrom board easily like a pro.

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