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WinZO is RNG Certified: What is an RNG Certificate?

In this article, we will take a look at why an RNG (Randon Number Generator)certificate is significant and why it is necessary in all online gaming. 

Now, if you love playing a dice, card, or casino game either online or offline, where real money is at stake, you have to feel secure about how the dice rolls or the cards are dusctributed. 

If the patterns are discernible, it increases the likelihood of someone discovering them, potentially exploiting them to win consistently. To prevent such scenarios, the software algorithm or hardware responsible for ensuring unpredictability is known as the Random Number Generator (RNG).

WinZO: RNG certified

WinZO strives to keep the games fun and engaging for all its users. It ensures that all the games at all time are fair and the playing field is level. WinZO proudly holds an RNG certificate, ensuring that every game played on the app is fair for all users.

Certification link: https://www.winzogames.com/certification

What is an RNG Certificate?

A Random Number Generator (RNG) Certificate is essentially a Software Algorithm or Hardware that is dedicated to maintaining statistical randomness in the numbers generated by computers, applications, or machines. It is important since it looks to eliminate any discernible pattern in the generated numbers, ensuring they are truly random at all times.

There is also a software variant of the Random Number Generator that is called a pseudo-random number generator, while the hardware version is known as the actual random number generator.

If any platform does obtain a Random Number Generator, it signifies an endorsement from a certified RNG testing body. This certificate validates a machine, application, or online platform’s adherence to RNG standards, which guarantee that the generated numbers are genuinely random and unpredictable. As such, all users will be able to take part in fair and unbiased gameplay.

iTech Labs is the provider of the RNG Certificate. This is a globally recognized RNG testing and certification company.

Why RNG Certificate is important?

For users and clients of gambling sites, casinos, or real-money games, an RNG Certificate is imperative. This certificate is one sure way of ensuring that the generated numbers are truly random and unchecked, affirming the honesty of the app, website, or machine.

If the RNG certificate is absent, there is a real possibility that the system lacks the capability to generate truly random numbers and instead follows a specific pattern. If this is the case, individuals can decipher the pattern, compromising the fairness of the game for other players.

Hence, the RNG Certificate serves as a credible assurance for users that they are engaging in an honest and fair gaming experience.



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