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WinZO Games is GLI Certified – Know about GLI Certificate (No Bot Certificate)

In the online gaming industry, it is very important to ensure the integrity and fairness of games is paramount. One key element that helps in maintaining these standards is the Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) certificate. This certification serves as a testament to a gaming system’s compliance with rigorous industry standards, ensuring that players can trust the fairness and security of the games they engage with.

WinZO Games is GLI Certified – and players can be rest assured that they can play on the app without any apprehensions since all the games are fair and secure. 

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What is a GLI Certificate?

The GLI certificate is awarded by Gaming Laboratories International, an independent testing and certification body. GLI specializes in providing testing, certification, and professional services to the gaming industry, encompassing both land-based and online gaming operations. The certification process involves thorough testing of gaming software and systems to ensure they meet the highest standards of integrity, fairness, and security.

The Certification Process

The GLI certification process includes several key steps:

Submission of Software

Gaming companies like WinZO Games have to first submit their software to GLI for evaluation. This includes a detailed description of the software’s functionality and structure.

Comprehensive Testing

GLI conducts extensive testing on the submitted software. This includes verifying the randomness of game outcomes, checking for any vulnerabilities, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Evaluation of Game Play

GLI evaluates the gameplay to ensure that it is conducted by registered and validated players. This step ensures that no unregistered players or bots are involved, maintaining the integrity of the gaming experience.


Detailed reports are generated that document the findings of the evaluation. This includes the identification of any issues and recommendations for improvement.


Once the software passes all tests, GLI issues a certification that confirms the software’s compliance with industry standards.

Importance of GLI Certification

Ensuring Fair Play

A GLI certificate guarantees that the games are fair and that the outcomes are genuinely random. This is crucial for maintaining player trust and ensuring that all participants have an equal chance of winning.

Regulatory Compliance

Many jurisdictions require gaming operators to have their systems certified by an independent body like GLI. This certification ensures that the gaming operations comply with local and international regulations, helping operators avoid legal issues and maintain their licenses.

Security Assurance

The certification process involves rigorous testing of the software’s security features. This ensures that player data is protected, and the system is safe from hacking and other security threats.

Enhancing Credibility

A GLI certificate enhances the credibility of a gaming platform. It serves as a mark of quality and reliability, helping operators attract and retain players who seek a trustworthy gaming environment.

Facilitating Market Access

For gaming operators looking to expand into new markets, having a GLI certification can be a significant advantage. Many markets recognize and trust GLI certification, making it easier for operators to gain approval and enter new regions.


In the competitive world of gaming, maintaining the highest standards of fairness, security, and regulatory compliance is essential. The GLI certificate serves as a valuable tool in achieving these goals.

By undergoing the rigorous testing and certification process, gaming operators can assure players and regulators of their commitment to providing a secure and fair gaming experience. This not only helps in building trust but also paves the way for successful market expansion and long-term success in the gaming industry.


What is the purpose of a GLI certificate?

The GLI certificate ensures that gaming software and systems meet industry standards of fairness, integrity, and security.

How does GLI certification benefit players?

It assures players that the games are fair, random, and secure, enhancing their trust in the gaming platform.

Is GLI certification mandatory for all gaming operators?

While not mandatory in all jurisdictions, many regulatory bodies require or highly recommend GLI certification for legal operation.

How often is GLI certification renewed?

GLI certification is typically renewed periodically, with ongoing testing to ensure continued compliance with standards.

What types of games can be GLI certified?

GLI certifies a wide range of games, including casino games, online games, lotteries, and skill-based games. Games on WinZO are skill-based and are all GLI certified.



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