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WinZO is no-bot certified – What does this mean?

For a platform to demonstrate that they are from bots or automated processes, they must obtain a “no bot certificate” from a reputable certification organization. These requirements are particularly relevant for websites offering card games.

What is a Bot?

A “bot” is derived from the term “robot.” It is primarily an automated software program that has been designed to execute repetitive and predefined tasks on the internet. Bots excel at performing these tasks at a significantly faster pace than human beings.

WinZO is No-Bot certified – What does this mean?

WinZO is India’s biggest social gaming platform and has more than 100 skill-based games. The aim of the platform is to build a community where competition is real and the adrenaline to win games is high. Hence, WinZO has been certified by a third-party independent agency as a no-bot platform. This is part of the Fair Play Policy that underscores WinZO’s commitment to sportsmanship, fair play, transparency, and integrity.

WinZO is dedicated to authentic gaming involving real players. Verified by iTech Labs, a globally recognized authority with ISO 17025 certification for UKGC standards, WinZO’s no-bot policy and peer-to-peer (P2P) gameplay ensures that the platform is free from any such systems that could allow bots to manipulate or influence real player actions.

Certification link: https://www.winzogames.com/certification

Here we take a look at the key pointers of WinZO’s Fair Play Policy:

Real Players Only: WinZO is a platfor where only genuine users can play. Stringent protocols detect and prevent any violations, ensuring a level playing field.

No Cheating Allowed: Cheating, in any form, from hacking to exploiting bugs, is strictly prohibited. Violation leads to immediate user suspension.

No Collusion Tolerated: Users engaged in collusion during real money games face suspension, promoting fair competition based on skills.

Security & Privacy Ensured: Industry-standard security practices safeguard user data, with regular testing ensuring top-tier privacy protection.

Secure Payments: Collaboration with trusted payment gateways like Paytm and verified UPI handles ensures the safety of financial transactions, with no storage of users’ credit/debit card details.

Instant Withdrawals: Utilize your skills to win games and enjoy a seamless withdrawal process for hassle-free access to your earnings.

Game Fraud Detection: Automated systems identify and prevent fraudulent behavior during games.

Real-time Matchmaking With Real Players: Users are matched with real players in real-time, promoting fair competition.

Game Abandonment Upon Disconnection: Games are considered abandoned in case of internet issues, preventing unfair advantages.

WinZO staunchly advocates for fair and transparent gaming experiences, laying the foundation for a thriving gaming community. We are committed to upholding these policies to ensure users trust the platform and enjoy a secure gaming experience.



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