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WinZO’s commitment to responsible gaming

Skill-based interactive entertainment is a formidable segment in the media and entertainment segment. Culturally relevant and vernacular online skill gaming has become an integral part of new-age entertainment in India, with millions of players enjoying various genres across different platforms. We at WinZO take our users’ safety seriously and encourage responsible gaming practices that ensure a healthy and safe gaming experience, free from addiction, harm, and negative consequences. We leverage cutting-edge technologies, and AI-ML solutions to improve products and promote responsible gaming among our users. At the platform level, we use the following approaches to ensure the safety of our users:

  • Age-gating: We allow only users above 18 years of age to sign up and play on the platform. Under-aged users are blocked/disallowed on the platform. This ensures that younger individuals are protected from undergoing gaming experiences which they don’t have the maturity to handle.
  • Game of Skill: At WinZO, we offer only skill-based games that challenge and reward the user’s abilities. All the games available on the platform undergo rigorous testing and are certified as games of skill by reputed national and international organizations. This means that the user can play with confidence, knowing that success is all about your skills, not luck.
  • Advertising restrictions: We also do not target underage players through our marketing and advertising and follow advisories issued by authorities from time to time. Instead, we follow strict guidelines to ensure that our marketing efforts are aimed at the right audience – users, who are old enough to make informed decisions.
  • Self-Exclusion: We empower users to take control of their  gaming habits. Set limits on their time and money spent on the platform, and we’ll even give the user a friendly nudge if they meet their limits. The users can independently set time limits and add limits to financial transactions on the platform. Where the user sets such limits, the platform will automatically nudge the player upon him/her exceeding the limit set by them.
  • Take A Break: In case the user wants to take a break from the platform we have them covered. The user can take a break from the app and the platform will disable their access to the app for the selected time duration.
  • Play Carefully Nudges: The platform leverages ML models to nudge the players to play carefully or recommend breaks when users exceed a certain threshold of financial transactions. In extreme cases of financial overconsumption, the platform will mandatorily require its users to take a break.
  • RNG Certificate: WinZO makes sure that every time a user plays with us, the game is fair and not rigged. WinZO’s platform is RNG certified following International standards and guidelines for RNG certification. Furthermore, we use state of art fraud and cheating detection techniques to prevent the hacking of games.
  • No-bot certificate: WinZO has also obtained a not-bot certification which means that only real players compete against each other. Users are matched with real players in real time, promoting fair competition.
  • ISO 27001:2022 Certified:  User’s privacy and security are our top priorities. WinZO ensures that it does not compromise on safety, security & privacy of its platform and its users. WinZO is ISO 27001:2022 signifying that it has put in place a system to manage risks related to the security of data owned or handled by the company and that this system respects all the best practices and principles enshrined in this International Standard.
  • Secure Payments: When it comes to financial transactions, WinZO has got its users covered. Partnering with trusted payment gateways like verified UPI handles, net banking, credit cards, debit cards etc ensures that the user’s transactions are secure and their sensitive information stays safe.

At WinZO, we understand the importance of responsible gaming, and we’re committed to ensuring that everyone’s gaming experience is not only enjoyable but also safe and healthy. By understanding the risks and benefits, and implementing responsible gaming habits, both players and platforms can ensure a positive and safe environment.



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