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List of All IPL Team Owners From 2008 to 2024

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has become one of the most lucrative business across and has also become a global cricketing festival. Fans from around the world eagerly travel across seven countries and seven continents to witness the excitement of IPL matches in India. This league has significantly impacted the lives of cricket enthusiasts – and IPL has become one of the biggest attractions in the world of cricket. IPL stands out as a premier money-making platform, drawing revenue from various streams such as advertisements, sponsorships, ticket sales, merchandise, TV rights, and media coverage.

The IPL is one of the most renowned cricket league globally. In 2014, it ranked sixth in average attendance among all sports leagues. The IPL made history in 2010 when it became the first sporting event to be broadcast live on YouTube. Its success has inspired the creation of other Indian sports leagues. By 2022, the IPL’s brand value had soared to ₹90,038 crore (US$11 billion). 

As per the BCCI, the 2015 IPL season contributed ₹1,150 crore (US$140 million) to India’s GDP. In December 2022, the IPL achieved a valuation of US$10.9 billion, making it a decacorn and showing a 75% growth in dollar terms since 2020, when it was valued at $6.2 billion, according to a report by the consulting firm D and P Advisory. The IPL’s 2024 final became the most streamed live event on the internet, with 32 million viewers.

List of All IPL Team Owners and Their Net Worth

TeamDebutOriginal Owner(s)Current Owner(s) in 2023Net Worth
Chennai Super Kings2008India CementsChennai Super Kings Cricket Limited₹732 crore
Delhi Capitals2008GMR GroupGMR Group and JSW Group₹550 crore
Punjab Kings2008Mohit Burman, Ness Wadia, Preity Zinta, and Saptarshi DeyMohit Burman, Ness Wadia, Preity Zinta and Karan Paul₹359 crore
Kolkata Knight Riders2008Red Chillies Entertainment and Mehta GroupRed Chillies Entertainment and Mehta Group₹629 crore
Mumbai Indians2008Reliance IndustriesReliance Industries₹809 crore
Rajasthan Royals2008Emerging MediaAmisha Hathiramani, Manoj Badale, Lachlan Murdoch, Ryan Tkalcevic, Shane Warne₹263 crore
Royal Challengers Bangalore2008United SpiritsUnited Spirits Limited₹595 crore
Sunrisers Hyderabad2013Deccan Chronicles (Deccan Chargers 2008-2012)Sun TV Network₹416 crore
Lucknow Super Giants2022RPSG Ventures Ltd.RPSG Ventures Ltd.
Gujarat Titans2022Irelia Company Pte Ltd. (CVC Capital)Irelia Company Pte Ltd. (CVC Capital)

India Cements (Chennai Super Kings)

Chennai Super Kings is owned by the Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited. On December 19, 2014, the Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited was established, and it purchased the team’s rights from India Cement.

The Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited, in addition to serving in managerial and administrative capacities for the team, also holds the rights to the team’s uniform and other memorabilia, including t-shirts, mugs, posters, footwear, wristbands, and other items. The non-governmental firm Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited is registered.

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JSW & GMR Group (Delhi Capitals)

The Delhi Capitals are owned equally by the GMR Group (Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao) and the JSW Group (Jindal South West). These businesses work in the steel and infrastructure industries, respectively. Parth Jindal, the director of JSW Sports, oversees team operations as well as serving as the franchise’s director.

Mohit Burman, Ness Wadia, Preity Zinta and Karan Paul (Punjab Kings)

The co-owners of Punjab Kings include Mohit Burman from Dabur, Ness Wadia from Wadia Group, Preity Zinta from PZNZ Media and Karan Paul from Apeejay Surrendra Group.

In 2008, the Kings XI Punjab was initially acquired by a consortium comprising Burman, Wadia, and Zinta in a ratio of 2:1:1. Saptarishi Dey of Dey & Dey Group held a smaller share. The consortium purchased the Punjab Kings for $76 million. As of 2024, the Punjab Kings are estimated to be worth $925 million, ranking them eighth among all IPL teams in terms of value. 

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Red Chillies Entertainment and Mehta Group (Kolkata Knight Riders)

The Kolkata Knight Riders are owned by Shahrukh Khan (Red Chillies Entertainment) and Jay Mehta and Juhi Chawla (Mehta Group).

The Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) are a franchise cricket team in the Indian Premier League (IPL). They were among the original eight franchises that took part in the inaugural IPL season in 2008. Co-owned by Shah Rukh Khan, the team has won the IPL championship twice, in 2012 and 2014.

Reliance Industries (Mumbai Indians)

Nita Ambani and her son Akash Ambani from the Reliance Group own Mumbai Indians. The Mumbai Indians owner Nita Ambani has recently entered an elite list of influential women for managing the team well and is certainly at the top of the IPL owner list with her efforts.

Mukesh Ambani serves as the Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries. Additionally, he leads Indiawin Sports Private Limited. Mukesh married Nita Ambani in 1985. Nita has been actively involved in the management of the Mumbai Indians since the IPL’s inception. She regularly attends the team’s matches, player auctions, and franchise-related social events.

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Manoj Badale: Emerging Media (Rajasthan Royals)

There are a total of six co-owners of the Rajasthan Royals. They include Shane Warne from Spinners, Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty from Kuki Investments Ltd, Amisha Hathiramani from Tresco International Ltd, Manoj Badale from Emerging Media (IPL) Ltd, Lachlan Murdoch from Blue Water Estate Ltd, and Amisha Hathiramani from Tresco International Ltd.

United Spirits Limited (Royal Challengers Bangalore) 

The team is owned by United Spirits Limited, a subsidiary of Diageo, which is a British multinational alcoholic beverages company. The current chairman and director of the team is Sanjeev Churiwala, who is also the senior vice president of finance at Diageo India. Vijay Mallya of Kingfisher was forced to resign as team president after a string of controversies plagued his tenure. 

Sun TV Network (SunRisers Hyderabad)

Since the franchise’s name was changed from Deccan Chargers to Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2013, Sun Network’s Kalanithi Maran has owned the Hyderabad-based team.

Sun Network now reaches over 95 million people in India and 27 countries worldwide, including the US, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, and Australia. It stands as Asia’s most profitable media company and the largest TV network in the region. Exactly 10 years and 10 days after its launch on April 24, 2006, the company was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange after raising US$ 133 million.

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RPSG Ventures Ltd (Lucknow Super Giants)

The Lucknow franchise is now the most expensive team in IPL history. In 2021, the Sanjiv Goenka-owned RPSG group purchased the franchise for Rs 7090 Crores. This bid was over 250% higher than the BCCI’s base price of INR 2000 Crores for an IPL team.

Sanjiv Goenka, a prominent Indian businessman, is among the wealthiest individuals in the country. He is the chairman and founder of the RP Sanjiv Goenka Group. Sanjiv is the son of the renowned Indian entrepreneur Rama Prasad Goenka, who established and led the conglomerate giant RPG Group.

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CVC Capitals: Irelia Company Pte Ltd (Gujarat Titans)

The Board of Control for Cricket in India permitted a consortium of three entities to bid for each franchise. In October 2021, CVC Capital Partners secured the rights to operate the Ahmedabad franchise with a bid of ₹5,625 crore (US$700 million). Prior to the IPL 2022 auctions, the franchise selected Hardik Pandya as their captain. In February 2022, the team was formally named Gujarat Titans.

FAQs about IPL Team Owners

Q) Who owns the Chennai Super Kings?

A) The Chennai Super Kings are owned by the Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited, which purchased the team’s rights from India Cement.

Q) Who are the owners of Delhi Capitals?

A) The Delhi Capitals are jointly owned by the GMR Group and the JSW Group.

Q) Who owns the Mumbai Indians?

A) Nita Ambani and her son Akash Ambani from Reliance Industries own the Mumbai Indians.

Q) Who are the owners of the Rajasthan Royals?

A) The Rajasthan Royals have six co-owners, including Manoj Badale from Emerging Media (IPL) Ltd and Shane Warne from Spinners.

Q) Who owns the Royal Challengers Bangalore?

A) The Royal Challengers Bangalore are owned by United Spirits Limited, a subsidiary of Diageo.



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