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How to Win 8-Ball Pool Every Time You Play | Tips & Tricks 

8-ball is an exciting game and it becomes more exciting when you win! Isn’t it? So, here are some tips and tricks on how you can win an 8-ball pool every time you play. 

We understand that an 8-ball pool is a tricky and skill based game. It takes time to hone your skills and it happens when you play the game several times. But, losing the game over and over, makes you lose the game spirit. 

8 ball pool is an exciting and entertaining game played with cue sticks, balls and a table top on which the balls are placed. You have to pocket these balls on any corner holes of the table. In a call shot game, you need to call the pocket before you shoot which makes the game even more interesting. Now, it is really difficult to win the game if you are a beginner as it is a skill-based game. 

Hence, we’ve come up with some tips and tricks that help you win the game every time you play. These tricks are going to be of help even when you’ve played the game several times. 

Top 9 Tips & Tricks to Win 8-Ball Pool Game

Winning a game online is like winning a game offline. As a beginner, you first try to learn some cool shots and the basic rules of the game. Practicing the game several times makes you develop your own set of skills. While you play, a few tricks come automatically to you and it becomes your unique specialty as a player. 

But, there are few tips and tricks which you have to keep in mind as a beginner. These tips will surely help you start a game where you make fewer mistakes and develop your skills towards perfection. Let us talk about on how you can nail the game as a beginner in detail: 

1. Choose Your Game Mode Before Playing The Game 

It is true that choosing a game mode that has higher rewards seems thrilling but as a beginner, if you choose a hard mode, you’ll end up losing the coins you have. 

Hence, it is advisable to choose an easy mode in the beginning and gradually move towards tougher levels. This will help you hone your skills and make you hone your shooting skills without losing much. 

The difficult modes generally require higher bet money or coins and you have to call the pocket before shooting. And, for this, you need to have a better aim, better cue, better knowledge of ball spins and have better shooting angles. 

This is why you need to choose an easy mode in the beginning and once you are confident that now you have all the skills you need, you are free to move to difficult levels of the game. 

2. Know all 8-Ball Pool Game Rules

We know that you have an urge to play the game right now. But, sometimes, knowing all the game rules doesn’t hurt. This will only help you understand the game better and make way for you to win the game easily. 

Game rules makes you understand: 

  • How to score in the game 
  • How to save yourself from committing a foul 
  • How to start the game in a way that you pocket a least one your group ball
  • About certain common terms in the game
  • About every equipment of the game 

3. Breaking The Triangular Rack Effectively 

There are several kinds of breaks that pro gamers use which turns the whole game in their favour. This largely depends on the skill you have developed with hours and hours of practice. 

As a beginner, you can: 

  • Hit the first ball of the triangle straight on. Here you can use the top spin to make the shot more accurate and in your favour 
  • Hit the second end ball using a full back spin. This makes the cue ball hit the cushion and go back in the rack again 

4. Choosing Your Group of Balls 

After breaking, you have to choose your group of balls (solid or striped). 

It is not mandatory that you choose a group ball according to what you have pocketed while breaking. 

Instead, you should look at the table and see the balls that are on the potable position. You should also notice how well scattered the balls are on the table and how likely it is for the opponent to pocket them before you. 

Choose your group of balls wisely, this might become the sole reason for your win in the future. 

5. Choosing Your Cue Stick 

Before you choose your cue stick, just remember, it is your skill that makes you win the game, not your cue stick. 

According to the winnings, you are allowed to change or buy new cue sticks as you move towards different levels. These cue sticks have a better spin, better force, better aim and a little more time to take your shot. 

However, you should stick to one cue stick with which you feel comfortable. The cue stick makes a drastic change in your game play, it changes the force and the aim on the table. And sometimes changing the cue stick changes the whole physics of your game. 

Hence, it is recommended that you shouldn’t change your cue stick way too often. 

6. Spin Your Cue Ball Often 

The contact point of your cue stick makes the cue ball spin differently. These spins can help you pocket your ball or move your opponent’s group of balls away from the line of aim. 

If you push the cue ball at a calculated speed and a calculated angle, the game can turn into your favour. During this course, always remember that you shouldn’t spin the ball in such a manner, that you end up pocketing the cue ball itself. 

Generally, players use back spin (with a calculated force) to avoid the ball falling into any one of the pockets. 

You are free to experiment with the spin and understand what spins work for you in which situation. 

7. Watch Out For Your Power 

The power with which you take the shot is equally important if you need to pocket the balls and win the game. 

In many cases, a soft touch helps in pocketing the ball and in some cases, a straightforward full force shot helps in pocketing the ball. 

The use of power or force while pushing the cue ball with a cue stick comes with practice and there is no sure shot way to tell what force will work for you. 

The only golden rule is to practice! 

8. Extend Your Aim 

Extending your aim gives you a clear picture on your target and how your cue ball is going to move. 

Whenever you aim, you see a short imaginary line that guides you on what direction the ball will roll on the table. It is always advisable to see the imaginary line, understand it and then push your cue stick so as to move your cue ball in the desired direction. 

9. Don’t take Much Time To Shoot 

Whenever you aim and try to perfect your aim, just remember that there is a clock which is ticking. If you do not shoot at the stipulated time, your turn is passed to the other player. 

So, keep a watchful eye on the clock. You have a limited time to aim, extend and shoot. 

Note: Different cue stick gives different time line for the shooting 

Frequently Asked Questions about 8-Ball Pool Game

Q) How can I get better at an 8-ball pool game? 

A) 8-ball pool is a skill based game and the more you practice to hone your skills, the better you get time. 

Q) Is there any cheat sheet for an 8-ball pool game? 

A) Yes, there is a cheat sheet for the game but to understand and perform them, you should know various tips and tricks of the 8-ball pool game

Q) How can you break in an 8-ball pool? 

A) Breaking perfectly in an 8-ball pool is a skill that you need to master. If you have played the game for a significant amount of time, you can hit the lead squarely. 

Final Words 

The 8-ball pool is an entertaining game and has a lot of thrill while the ball rolls on the table. And, you need certain skills to roll the ball perfectly on the table. 

Apart from skills, an 8-ball pool requires tips and tricks that make you win the game. 

We are not saying that the tips and tricks mentioned above are the sure shot methods. A player develops his skills, his tricks and tips as he plays regularly. 

Okay, that was all we wanted to tell you, do let us know if we missed out on anything, Get in Touch.




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