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Pool Game Rules

Eight-ball (also spelt 8-ball or eightball, is also known as solids and stripes, spots and stripes or/and even highs and lows. It is essentially pool billiards that is played on a table that has six pockets, cue sticks and as many as sixteen brilliant balls. Here there are seven-coloured object balls that are numbered 1 through 7 along with striped balls that are numbered 9 through 15. There is also a black 8 ball.

Once you understand the rules of pool game, you can play this online. For this, you need to download the WinZO app and play the free Pool Game on both Android and iOS. A player has to understand and remember the polo game rules and try to pocket the balls before opponents. A player can learn the rules of polo by practicing the game on the WinZO app.

Here the Key Pool Game Rules

These are the main Pool Game rules that you should remember.

  1. Bear in mind that different types of pool games have their own unique way of stacking the rack as well as placement of balls. This will then determine where to pocket your respective ball. Before you start any game, understand this setup perfectly.
  2. The object balls should always be kept at the lower end and the apex ball should be set on the foot spot. The order will be random batting the black 8-ball that is always placed in the middle of the third row. Also, the white ball can be placed behind the service line.
  3. A player must pot the same category balls after potting an object ball, while the opponent will pot the other group.
  4. PIt is possible for a player to continue striking until he or she incurs a foul or fails to pot a respective ball. After a foul, the challenger can place the cue ball anywhere on the table.

8 Ball Pool Tips to Ace Every Challenge

  1. Always watch out for the common fouls.
  2. When taking a shot, learn how to add spin to the Cue Ball.
  3. Be focused when you take aim and try to use a single tap to aim.
  4. In order to shoot faster ensure that your hands are mot slippery.
  5. Aim for relatively easier targets.
  6. Take advantage of power break.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pool Game Rules

Pool Game is a skill-based game and you need to have a set strategy if you wish to be the winner.

    Pool is a strategic game and it needs a lot of skills to be successful. If you have read the rules and have practiced enough, you can be a winner in online Pool game.

      Pool game rules are fairly simple. You have to pocket your balls before your opponents and be extremely tactful while doing do.

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